05-08-12 Board Meeting

First meeting with new board!


New members or new roles:

David B(Public Affairs)

Virgil T (PR)

Mickey C (Events Coordinator)

Isabelle (Production)

Adam I (MD)

Alex (Personnel Director)

Jesse B (MD)

Avery T (President)

Mary  (VP)

Rick (Program Manager)

Ben M (General Manager)

Adrien (Program Director)
Dan N (Tech Director)


Outgoing board members determined to be the best.


No board meeting next week. Stick around and do board hours for as long as you can this week. No board hours next week.


Rick and Dave start filling out operating logs so they can be put in the studio. Staples or no staples? Debate to be continued (without BS).


Training/testing issues:

-SZ, Sam is following up with her

-Ben willing to work with anyone to help complete service hours

-MC passed practical (before completing service hours)

-Don’t let people test without doing service hours and internships in the future

-NM didn’t complete his practical test last semester, didn’t follow through this semester, missed practical testing dates

-PJ couldn’t finish training but can work with him for the summer, BS said he didn’t reach out throughout the process but BM heard from him


JL issues:

-couldn’t play a CD, she was nervous

-policy where new DJs can’t cover until they’ve had their own show so they’re not playing during drive time?

*BS says no because he wants people to volunteer who aren’t necessarily guaranteed a show

*an exception for drive time shows only?

*theoretically ready for air after passing their exams (need to give more practical prep during training)

*people choosing replacements should choose subs responsibly (encourage DJs to acknowledge risks of letting a new DJ cover show, board communicate with DJ about this matter)

*general consensus is no to this suggestion

-passed in terms of criteria but transitions not so great, tentative, maybe should’ve been retested?, restructuring of practical passing criteria

*take away points for bad transitions

*include post-practical pointers

*post-exam ask if trainees felt comfortable

-more practical experience given during training-how to do this

*do the first show with a staff member in the room-problematic because staff would have to go with them to their 3 am show

*let the interns on shows run boards completely during healthy portion of show


*anyone who hosts an intern signs off on a checklist after hosting (but acknowledge risk that more paperwork might deter people from hosting)


*come up with mission statement: quality vs. quantity


AG and JE eligible for next semester on air if they did service hours last semester while they were on air. We would welcome them back. AW fails as a trainer…


Music in Public Life Forum-had a meeting with Ben:

-too late for training so can’t have own show

-possibly have spotlights/features on other shows next year (5 to 15 minute spots on other shows, need to make a timeline)-work with J Cherry and Rob D

-benefits for WESU as a sponsor


25th of May from set up at 1:30 (Mickey), 2 to 5 WESU Open House, who can be there? Send an email! Food????

-Talk to Rob, underwriting for Red and Black in exchange for catering (drinks, finger food)

-Typhoon lady supportive



Good to know official HPH DJs (send board a list next season)


Summer programming

-Josh has a decent idea of who wants to do their shows during the interim period

-someone needs to deal with music that’s coming in (Bryan volunteered to post charts over the summer but Jesse’s being nice so they will figure it out via email, most sub MDs will be here)


2 CMJ Passes=500 dollars

-if room in the budget, Ben might be able to make it happen


Access to board room

-people have ability to be in the board room that maybe shouldn’t have the right to