09-04-12 Board Meeting

WESU Board Meeting Notes 9/4/12


Avery begins; doesn’t care about anyone’s summer

  • She is our president
  • 2 big things:

o   MTVu

§  5 in the archive; 5 whatever

o   Speaker Series

  • Go around

Rick is still Program Manager

  • Will help with automation

Adrien D is Program Director

  • Adrien is putting together the program

Dan N is the Tech Director

Adam I is still Music director

  • Has talked to Jesse this summer
  • Is going to a music festival

David Bauer is Public Affairs

Mickey  is Events Coordinator

Isabelle  is Production Direction

Adam W is here

Virgil T is Public Relations Director

  • Going to make WESU a thing in Facebook as opposed to a person

Jesse Brent is the brand new music director


-Ben’s updates:


– WESU is now in the Center for Community Partnerships! Should be a super positive   change.

-2 campus projects we’ve been asked to be involved in:

1) Music and Social Life (campus-wide program hosted by the CFA). We’ll help promote it; coordinate with specific DJs of different genres (sort of like we did with Midnight on Main).

2) Middletown Remix Project (commissioned project with an online interactive application; clearinghouse online with audio samples; public records sounds and artists are encouraged to turn them into music). Ben is on the steering committee but cannot attend the meetings on Monday at 6:30. We can help them spread the word.

-2014: 75th Anniversary!!!!! Get our projects together NOW. Video documentary anyone?!?!?!

-Ben’s working on developing an Alumni Advisory Council.


-Speaker series:

-4 speakers who are game: Anthony Fantano (On the radio and also has a YouTube channel where he reviews albums), Ilya Maritz, Lynn Levy, Doug Berman

-Name?? WESU Lecture Series, There’s Something in the Air, Radio Ain’t Dead, Not Your Typical College Radio Lecture Series, WESU Broadcasts, WESU Presents a Conversation with _____ and _______

-Virgil: Timeline, figure out branding, name, flyer and info on the website, email the staff, make a pitch for it at the meeting Sunday etc.

-Location: CFA Hall

-Live streaming? Mickey got IMS to record Fantano for us (for 30 dollars more we could have IMS live stream for us), WESU laptop?, Dan’s on it.

-We need to make a promo and promote this live

-Date for Fantano: September 13th

-Mickey likes Thursday evenings for this series (October 11th=Lynn Levy? November 8th=Ilya)

-Structure of event: 45 minutes of talking, 30 minutes of Q&A, 15 of buffer zone

-Q&A: open to the audience/a board member moderating/have people write down questions beforehand

-Task force meeting: Virgil, Isabelle, Adam, Mickey, Avery, Mary, Ben(?)

-Format? Speech versus question-answering. Mission for the series? Three questions we ask everyone to tie the series together (value of their work, value of radio, value of WESU), Amy B being a moderator? Prof. Kauanui? Susan C? Barbara R?



-Board discusses postmodern possibilities for the video we’re submitting. Adrien and Will F are producing the video (due October 20th, script due October 10th)

-Which videos do we want?

-Task force: Avery, Virgil, Adam, Mickey, Dan, Adrien

-Don’t want to over-promote MTVU too much. Wesleying post, Wesleyan Connection post, Michael Roth blog??

-Artsy instagram photos!

-In email about staff meeting, possibly alert staff to the MTVU


-Personnel????? Put this on the agenda for the staff meeting. Avery will send out a staff-wide email.


-Could be on air on Saturday but didn’t meet requirements (missed meetings and possibly shows) Can we make an exception? To be discussed later.

-Keep in mind possibly developing a new protocol for this situation?


-Ben has awesome vinyl of a Wesleyan Glee Club and some other awesome things.

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