10-07-12 Staff Meeting

10/07/12 Staff Meeting Notes



-BM’s updates

-Program Guides are here! Thanks to T and DB

-Middletown Remix (Part of Music in Public Life): explore the sounds of Middletown, download an application for smart phones to record “sonic events” and upload them onto the website. Middletown remix.org (has a lot of interactive possibilities). Themed sounds. Look for some bass sounds. WESU is inviting DJs and “sound artists” to work with the recorded samples. Culminate in a big event in May (flashmob!). Let Ben know if you’re interested in working with these samples or if you know someone who might be.

            –December 3rd-December 10th: PLEDGE DRIVE (more details to come at the December staff meeting)

-Service hours: get on ‘em! General stuff around the station, Record Fair, Pledge Drive

-Pet peeve: take a breath before you press the mic on



-Music in Public Life Forum (EO)

-EO has a show on WESU for Music in Public Life: trying to locate where music is happening

-wesleyan.edu/cfa: can go there to see what artists are being featured in the forum, see if you’re interested in having artists on the show.

-a good way for WESU to interact with the university


-Budget- we gaht it!

-SBC came to the board meeting and were impressed with what WESU is doing

-money for more music, transmitter costs, CD shelving unit, music archiving system (computer in the lounge now has ability to mp3 record but soon we will have a server that will record every show and will have a public face on the internet so listeners can stream any show at any time for roughly 2 weeks. Also a possibility in the air of developing an app for easy WESU listening OR we could see if the streaming website would be have options)



-Ustream won’t work because there’s a copyright infringement. Other ideas?



-Code of conduct- Revised! If anyone on the staff has a suggestion, email AT (atrufelman@wes). It will be presented



-Record fair- Sunday, October 28th  (11 am to 4 pm. Load in starts at 9; clean up goes from 4 to 6)

If you know anyone that would be interested in selling records or other things, email lberman@wesleyan.edu       

-MC is looking for volunteers (putting up flyers now, setting up and breaking down WESU table, people to DJ, tabling at the event)-sign-up sheet is being passed around. Email MC at mcapper@wes or events@wesufm if you’re interested.  Have music to donate? Email LB (lberman@wes) or MC (mcapper@wes) or drop them off at the station and notify BM (generalmanager@wesufm.org)

-There’s a link to the Facebook event on the WESU homepage on Facebook tonight. Invite your friends! The official address of the Facebook: facebook.com/WESUMiddletown (tag this entity!). If you’re interested in posting through our Facebook page, talk to/email Virgil. If you have questions, email VT (vtaylor@wes).


-Lecture series update:

-First one: Anthony Fan

-Ilya Marritz: THIS THURSDAY (October 11th) 8-9:30-Invite your friends to this event on Facebook as well.

-Radio Lab Contributed

-Doug B!




-starts tomorrow (info session at 5 pm, Thursday at 7 pm) in PAC 001

-Hosting interns: help trainees get hands-on experience, let AW know if you’re interested at aweschler@wesleyan.edu or personnel@wesufm.org



-Open House/Interest Meeting

-offering an associated path for people who don’t want to train to be a DJ, but want to help out around the station or help as assistant producers on Public Affairs show

-October 20th  (Saturday) at the station-time to be determined

-put flyers at places where people are studying production

-meant to open up opportunities at the station for people who don’t actually want their own show

-remember that our training isn’t that big of a commitment as is so training should still be emphasized for people who want a show



-T-shirts/Hoodies?/Tote Bags

-if you have a design, email board@wesufm.org or atrufelman@wes (also reach out to people who you know are design-savvy)



-Homelessness Marathon

-Bring attention via radio to issues surrounding homelessness (homelessnessmarathon.org) and promote advocacy surrounding this issue.

-5 hour broadcast on Sunday, October 21st (10 am to 4 pm), better production quality, everyone on Sunday is on board! Still need people in the studio while the broadcast is running to monitor levels and trouble-shoot if needed. Will give first dibs to DJs whose shows are affected by this-they will get service hours. If not, anyone else is welcome!





-made a script, has been approved

-walking forward, pointing at the camera, saying the script loudly in unison, people running around in the background

If you’re interested in being involved, email AT at atrufelman@wes or president@wesufm.org

            –Strong note of sarcasm in being involved with mtvU




-Reorganization of files: one folder on the desktop called “PSAs, Promos and Station IDs”

-Will be three upcoming events to highlight (Record Fair, Music in Public Life, Lecture Series)-play these promos (play 1 of those 3 during every show that you have)

-Thanks to everyone who has talked about the Record Fair on air

-If you want to volunteer, you can create a promo for the Record Fair yourself



-Open space tomorrow night: 1:30 to 2:30! Let Ben know if you’re interested in DJing!



-Program Guides:  A box in the shelf to the left of Ben’s door-grab a couple and distribute them in a place where they will be appreciated (put 10-12 in a stack)



-Next meeting November 4th (6 pm) in PAC 001