10-30-12 Board Meeting Notes

Board Notes 10/30/12


-DB will tell blogs that he knows

-VT will make a post on the website tonight

-play PSA

-EVERYONE: hang up posters, invite people on facebook, check email during the day

-AI looks like Ashitaka

-AI will post on Wesleying

-office: in Albo

-reserved seats?

-Mickey: email the staff (including the PDF)

-Dinner: somewhere? Some time? Invite non-board members potentially.

-money from SALD for food??


-Lynn Levy

-VT makes a weird noise.

-Isabelle: make a PSA for Lynn

-Promote! Promote!


-TuneIn is sending us hoodies!


-MTVU-next semester??


-Record Fair: YAY MICKEY! Whey Station came last minute. Mamouns came instead (upset with the amount of people buying falafel)

-schedule DJs


-Concert series: can stream via tunein? Feel weird promoting listening something other than what’s playing over the WESU airwaves. Link it on our website (not make it obvious that it’s via TuneIn) Talk about it later.

-when talking to a band’s agent, don’t rattle off any specific numbers because a verbal contract is binding in CT (talk to MC before)


-Next semester’s board???


-Next year’s board:

-EH (freshman-Music Director); MF (transfer sophomore-Music Director); AG (junior-Music Director); EKM


-Promoting Atlas Sound? It’s in the Chapel so it’s open to the public. MC possibly recording it.


-Training Manual: everyone take a serious gander!!! Use it starting next season for training.

-Staff meeting on Sunday:

-updates about the record fair, training, Lynn Levy, Ilya and Doug, concert series taskforce announcement, remind people to sign up to host interns, service hours for recording shows

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