10/02/12 Board Meeting Notes


Agenda WESU Board of Directors


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Old business & updates


-EP will host How to Dress Well (show on Saturday)

-AD listened to everyone

-AI, MC and VT are late. Ben is gone. What has become of the board?

-Way to go MB and AT on Budget! Woohoo!

Rec Fair: Where we at? radio promo, fb event, print flyers?

-MC made a flyer! It looks great!

-VT: promotion? Aggressively invite friends. VT will make facebook event tonight

-poster printed by the board members and we will bring them to the staff meeting

-Need to send flyers to dealers/shops mailing list and Malcom’s 10/21 Rec expo (Mary will do this tomorrow-list should be in gmail account-google drive) Put up flyers in studios so people will talk about it on air

-Facebook pages?

-VT will figure out a solution tonight (VT votes the old WESU place page); VT will look into consolidating them soon.

-VT drinks Virgil Root beer. AT drinks Avery’s ginger ale. They both have soda names!!!!!

-Application: doable according to Adam’s housemates but Dan says maybe not because of some nerdy stuff x code html crap tool sets to utilize……other words that I don’t know

-press a button and play a stream

-should app be developed with archiving service in mind

-list of a programs? Whatever’s possible.

-meeting after the meeting next week? (come at 6) YES APP MEETING NEXT WEEK.

-unnecessary but fun.

-T-shirts: emailed Wesleyan type club and asked if they’d be down to design a shirt. AT called gorilla graphics to see what they print

-Contact J!!!! He says yes. Then type club can do something with the words.

-hoodie ($15 each??)

-tote bag ($4)-possibly not sturdy? But definitely not made out of bottle caps.

-if we know anyone else that wants to design a t-shirt ask them!

-JB spilt a beer. MC cries.

Speaker series – (what’s next?)

-Ilya-COMING SOON-October 11th

-JB can pick him up in New Haven and drive him back

-No live stream or video.

-CRC is also promoting the event (Mickey will email)

-VT is making a poster, AT is making a FB event.

-Talk to English department for promotion


-AI will do Wesleying stuff

-Need someone to interview Lynn!!!!! GG (Avery will email him. “They can talk about Brooklyn and some shit”) JB (teaches documentary film-Isabelle is contacting her); MJR (Mickey’s sending the email); Susan Can help the moderator with all of the preparation

-this preparation calls for a separate meeting

            –DB is still up in the air……


Homelessness marathon

-AD had one response. K asked if he could get service hours if he didn’t show up and Adrien said no.

-AD said that if no response, he’s assuming yes. Right now it’s a go.

 Training dates?? 

            -Thursday after Fall Break (October 18th)

-Pledge dates Dec 3-10 (right?) just a reminder, any further thoughts before we set in stone?


 Fall program is at printer Will need to get mailing going ASAP

-have them at the staff meeting

-AW is now on the Middletown Relations Committee (Cue sarcastic cheers from everyone but Mickey)

-VT is now on the board of the Davidson Arts Center (Synergy!)

-$$$$$$$$$$ (and cent$)

TM-never found coverage for his show!!!!!!!!

-invite him to come to the board meeting next week (Adam W. email him!!!!)-follow up

-discuss the consequences next week

Discussion about separate MD blog vs update on WESU main page? And FB accounts?

-weekly updates on the main page

-update the WESU homepage with AF videos (MB will do this)

-JB and AW whisper about “purely directorial concerns”

Music and Public Life

-AW is meeting to record some stuff with E on Sunday

-Play PSAs on people’s shows about Music and Public Life

-There has to be a board member in the studio each week

-Isabelle will make a poster to tell people which PSAs to use


-AT reads the script. Everyone likes it.

-We will film this on a week day (week after next?)

Theme Party people-late Sunday night time slot issue…..to be discussed later.

-VT and AD pointed at each other for a really really long time.