11-04-12 Staff Meeting Notes

11/04/12 Staff Meeting Notes

-Quick meeting! Yay!

-Congrats! Record Fair went pretty well, especially considering the Sandy storm warnings.

-Congrats on WESU lecture series! Doug B interview was filmed.

-hang up posters for Lynn Levy (this Thursday at 8pm); feel free to think of questions related to RadioLab

-PSA and Promo folder-click promo-then priority and play the Lynn Levy promotion!

-Concert series in the spring:

-CMJ: J and A talked to some acts about coming here in the spring. Talking with concert committee to get money.

-Keep checking out middletownremix.org

-Play promos for Music in Public Life

-Thanks to everyone who participated in the homelessness marathon

-MTVU video-delayed because director is working on a senior film thesis (talking with MTV tomorrow to see if we can extend the deadline)

-Training: email AW if you have a service hour idea (have a trainee help you with spinitron); look out for interns soon.

-Spinitron! We are required to report the music we are playing. Please keep your playlists updated.

-required to update your playlist within an hour after the show (unless computer is down at the station, you then have 24 hrs)

-TuneIn: new streaming service. Mobile app. Search any song and find a college radio station that has played it. We potentially have thousands of listeners in Japan every 90 days.

-spinitron only updates if you’re recording the spinitron info while live on air. Work with spinitron to adjust this, fine tune our settings to make sure everything (i.e. playlists made before show, streaming talks, etc.) entered in spinitron is displayed (in general and in terms of TuneIn)

-Audio archiving system should be delivered this week. Up and running soon!

-MB is leaving to go abroad so need a new VP (email mtbarrett@wesleyan.edu with questions. board@wesufm.org is interested) VP works with budget and takes notes. Must be a student.
-Updating the Code of Conduct-email atrufelman@wesleyan.edu or president@wesufm.org if interested in contributing to this process.

-White board where people schedule studio time: marker color change system established (use the appropriate color for the appropriate week as labeled by VT on the white board).

-Let us know if you feel the new system doesn’t work.

-Pledge drive: December 3rd-December 10th  (good service hour opportunity-answering phones)

-Next meeting (December 2nd)

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