11/19: This Weeks and Last Weeks Board Notes

Hard Nips Report (Mickey says is went great! ) Good work Izzy!!!!! – thanks to all who helped
—It was amazing!
—Izzy feels good about it
—Great Learning
—Yamantaka/Sonic, in the spring!, having it in the chapel
—making it more WESUy in the future
—reggae show? oldies show? fundraising…, further planning is awesome

Thanks giving break programming (Hannah)
—HAAAANUH how’s it going?
—Sent email out, respond if you’re there
—Sign up sheet, notifying the staff about available slots

Recycling – Danielle
—Emailed Bill Nelligan
—Awaiting his response
—Moving forward
—in house envelope reuse plans
—paper recycling is the biggest question (ever)

Fundraising video – Danielle
—an alumni was interested in making a video
—a fundraising video of our own!!!!!
—mary is down
—send danielle ideas for planning for the spring
—virgil will be drunk (pretend????)

6pm news – FSN / WSWS ??
—WSWS is a well established site
—IS there a risk to replacing the news block with a music block
—board will listen to https://www.wsws.org/en/special/podcast.html before thursday

—6 (staff) comps
—10 more giveaways. (early donation incentive?)
—all donations before 12/2 get entered to win MGMT tix?
—promoting a contest for people who give donation to the station
—danielle and hannah will make promos/facebook

Thanksgiving programming
— Rob wants to know if he can prerecord.
—Good, fine, awesome

Service hours: lots of rock room cd filing and LPS to be files, plus pledge mailing this week (finally!), program guide distribution(?)
—Ben: Thursday and Friday this week and ongoing,
—directing people towards board hours,

Program Guide Distribution
—finding places to leave a stack
—folding them down
—Exley and all these building
—Bulletin Boards

Meeting next week?
no meeting
, responsive to emails and one opposed, passed

Pledge Drive update and needs
—mandate staff playing promos
—get people to record more promos before mandate
—diversify your styles, board members will record by 12/8, incentivized by mary’s chocolate treat
—casual mentions
hardcore pledge zone is post break

Training (Eliza)
—Tips and Tricks as well as written tests
—worked out awesome! thanks to everyone who was there
—if they can’t make the retake, then come to board hours
—practical scheduling–in order to take you need have your internships done!
—email the board for scheduling the practical/eliza will send out form after we match board hours to spots, firm up the confirmation process, scheduling them for blocks of time
—trainees will be told to bring completed log, written tests will be in folder and on google docs
—GROUP the log, test and contract—going into separate folder


Selling airtime updates? (Ben)

Board agenda 11/12/13

FRN Free service ending 11/18? What to do if no new option from Pacifica…
***FSN, Ben
FRN about to end and Pacifica doesn’t know what’s up yet—still waiting on FSRN
Essentially there is no future alternative
Speak directly with FSN and discuss getting service straight from them?
Rebroadcast a public affairs show from earlier in the day?
Give the slot to drive time music?
Socialists @ World Socialist Web Site Daily Podcast?

IBS Boston? Virgil, anyone?
This weekend Nov 16th, a radio conference… does someone want to go?
Mary will send a reminder email to Virgil…maybe also to the staff (first come first served)

Ben m dental work Thursday hoping to be home Friday
Ben gone on Thurs and probably also Friday
He will keep us posted if that changes

Shirt Design:
Do we want WESU call letters, frequency, website on the back?
If it’s more than $1 more a shirt, we don’t do it—if it’s cheap enough why not
Mary motions to use Version 2 Grey on Black tee
We are in favour unanimously
Mary will email Kyle

Service hour revamp? Ben pitches an idea…
So many people and so few jobs… do we need a new model?
A more structured service hour requirement that is self-serving
Ideas like: 1 hour making a promo for your show; 1 doing administrative work; 1 working in your favorite music genre; 1 category open/free; 1 for covering another’s show or making an evergreen show
Trainees: structure board work/mock show into hours?’
Not necessarily a mandate but a model to use that makes things easier, if they’d like

Selling air time? Ben M has been approached by an organization wanting to purchase airtime…
Someone wants to buy airtime to produce some health related content
We are not so down
On one hand: fair amount of income from offering space to people who fit our mission is not so bad
But if it does compromise our integrity, we don’t want to go there
If we get them the normal training way, then they’re promoting themselves with no benefit to us
Other ideas like this coming at us…do we want to prepare for them or ignore them?
No decisions yet
We are open to discussion but have serious reservations about doing this without compromising our station’s mission
Could be high quality program in keeping with our mission that brings in revenue
We will tell them we’re not ready to decide but would like to keep discussing

Concert update? How are we doing with Hard Nips etc…make a schedule! (Izzy)
poster is done, facebook group is there—invite yo friends
problem: the event is not exactly free and open to the public as was advertised
We got no money from the SBC
ID cards at the door are a thing but you need to be with someone
Izzy will talk to Elisa and Chelsie soon
Is event staff on strike? Do they man the door or do we? Shifts of board members?
Make trainees who need service hours man the door? Send out an email
Izzy get your info to Mary by Thursday
1) Schedule
2) Funding?
3) Needs (transportation, dinner, etc.)

Pledge drive: Ben M finishing up letter and pledge form
hoping to proof and print for tomorrow
Maria and Adam to proofread

Elections: looking good, final steps
Print out all letters for staff positions (Hanna and Danielle)

Thanksgiving programming – signups etc
Hannah will tell people to get coverage
Email those with shows during the break and ask them if they will be there
We will find way to fill up any missing spots, though it is the DJ’s responsibility

Distributing program guides – let’s get rid of them around town and campus! Perhaps an email
reminding folks they can distribute for service hours.

Cathy – Maternity leave FYI
due date ~12/10, she is Ben’s boss

Dr. Perrin-Medical Minute (Ben)
campus doc wants to do small informational medical moments
we recorded some and will air Wednesdays at 1 pm after democracy now; ~90 sec each
Hanna should make a promo in that spot that promotes health shows later on in Wednesdays
Another spot on Saturday mornings ~6:55 am

Board Pregame?? Nov. 15th at 9 pm, so much fun will be had with the alcohol Izzy buys

75th Update and programming question about community involvement 5 minutes? Start in Spring