Board Meeting Notes for September 2013

Board Notes from 9/3

General Manager: Ben

President: Mary
Vice President: Virgil
Program Manager: Rick
Public Affairs: Daniel
Music Director: Ethan and Reta
Public Relations: Danielle
Personnel: Eliza
Production: Hanna
Program: Hannah
Events Coordinator: Isabelle
Tech: Nate

Meetings will be held Tuesday at 5pm

Next year is our 75th year, start brainstorming ideas!

  • Start Brainstorming!


  • EKM: Try and listen to all of the shows, and getting to know all of the staff members
  • HR: Peer review program?
  • DP: Up our PR get the word out, 75th!
  • Isabelle: Big event, 75th!

Board hours (4-6pm except when noted)

  • Monday: Virgil & Isabelle
  • Tuesday: Mary & Daniel (3-5pm)
  • Wednesday: Hanna & Danielle
  • Thursday: Reta, Ethan & Nate
  • Friday: Eliza (2-4pm) & Hannah
  • Check messages on phone board AND studio
  • Check email, everyone should chip in!
  • Empty trash/recycling
  • Download Free Speech Radio News
  • go online to or posted by 5pm
  • make sure it is today’s broadcast
  • right-click, save link as, use correct location, name as “FSRN~0” and do replace
  • make sure it downloads completely
  • check the logs in studio a
  • check the inconsistencies so we can be on top of what’s happening in the studio
  • let eliza know about the logs
  • check the Facebook
  • check on the studio reservation boards
  • email board with staff meeting items

Program Updates

  • Fall Program Starts 9/9 @ 4pm (remind in email too)
  • program done! thanks hannah!
  • program guide is being designed, should be at printer soon
  • need to get online program @ spinitron/streamrewind updates by 9/9:
  • who will update?:
  • stream/rewind needs weekly maintenance
  • nate will do it!
  • spinitron policed by MDs
  • Hannah will send final updates of program, email vote TONIGHT, then email the staff

Update website contact info

  • VT will
  • will also update board cellphones

Ben’s overview

  • Year will be over before you know it
  • in order to accomplish all on our plate, we need to work efficiently and use our (staff) resources wisely.
  • share your goals!
  • Read your job description get familiar with your responsibilities.
  • make an appt with Ben, learn about the station/your position, encouraged

Work study position (may help with some board hrs stuff)

  • administrative tasks!
  • mailings!
  • automated spinitron entry!
  • pledge processing!
  • 2 candidates – One clearly had more admin experience on resume.
  • ben spoke with both, recommends the more experienced one, both are good candidates
  • must still do service hours in addition to paid work

delegate, get your work done

Upcoming events:

  • staff Recruitment?
  • student activities fair
  • next friday
  • homecoming
  • open house is in program
  • cupcakes?
  • Record fair 10/12/13
  • wheels are beginning to turn

Station goals:

  • Update online history
  • 75th anniversary (starts 2nd semester thru end of 2014, map out timeline)
  • logo competition
  • Get Film project rolling, for our 81st anniversary
  • concerts, gala event, Press?
  • our college radio legacy!

Board Notes from 9/10


Board Notes from 9/17

  • Attendance Problems
  • CGO
  • Warned
  • Will get a task, calendaring
  • HB
  • Warned
  • Will get a task, an hour shelving
  • TM just late
  • VBGT will watch
  • MK no email, no response so far
  • Suspension of one week
  • Responsible for finding a replacement
  • Training

start in two weeks, 0ctober 6th

Ping will email, come up with cirriculum

Facebook post, no ads

  • Rec fair poster is designed now we need to get it up and around both physically and online. Also need recorded promos with the same quickness!!
  • who will copy posters? (Izzy)
  • who will send them to special Middletown guy?
  • who will email asking for volunteers to poster?
  • who will put them up online? (Danielle…..FB post/webpage)
  • who will record promos? (Hanna)
  • Nov. 1–homecoming event, Mary will order cupcakes
  • Promos for shows – we still need them!
  • send a staff reminder?
  • voted to make it a service hour, none opposed, passed!
  • Budget planning to get request together to present for Monday 9/30 if not too late. Otherwise next Monday (Virgil)
  • who needs to go to the SBC? What time?
  • will sign up for next week
  • 75th advertising
  • will send out recruitment email
  • Shirt Design
  • DP will take the lead!
  • Fall design?
  • Program
  • Any issues? Any update on Program? If no word from Brenna we need to go to plan B.
  • Hannah will text Brenna
  • ANR
  • need temp staff status – to produce the show (Dan update on this)
  • they need our help, come into our fold
  • will go through training
  • precedent for associate status
  • Board reluctantly approves unanimously
  • Adding Harper to the list
  • tweeting
  • Not 75th Anniversary until 2014 Ben M removed posts on FB saying we are currently in our 75th year.
  • Promotions: need a web and FB post about new season schedule. (Danielle)
  • Middletown Day
  • Change studio code?
  • Nate and ben will look into it
  • College Radio Day is 10/1/13 – how to participate? or not?
  • CMJ – We get an additional (3rd) pass who’s going?
  • absence/automation policy – clear up in code
  • music money from last year
  • $70 at Redscroll for the taking! MD field trip?
  • @wesu emails – let BM know if you want them forwarded – should we create gmail accounts for all? Can they be sent from Gmail to look like our accounts?
  • Nate is on it
  • CT Food not bombs leader to campus? Via mike DeRosa

Board Notes from 9/24 by DPOPE

  • Download FSRN
  • Shout-outs! Thank you everyone for doing board hour duties!!
  • Make sure you’re keeping up with things we discussed at meetings!
  • Will follow up specifically via email
  • No VT today he is at SBC repping WESU for preliminary meeting. Someone else needs to take notes.
    • Thanks DP!
  • Record fair promo is great – thanks to HB- Ben M converted it to mp3 (was Wav) and saved to proper promo locations in air studio and for Rick. To do: She should send an all staff email asking every DJ to play the promo during every show through the event.
    • Whey Station coming!!
  • Flyer Need to print flyers and get them around campus, downtown, and mail record fair mailing list
    • Isabelle: start flyer-ing? Enlist flyer-ers (service hours!)
    • Downtown Flyerman!
  • Other Record Fair stuff:
    • Need more volunteers. Isabelle will follow up. Also, DJs.
    • Anyone can email Izzy to volunteer
  • Program guide design thanks VT for picking up slack. He and Ben M are working details outs
  • Any other programming issues?  Recent no shows JB and MK – both sent all staff emails less than 24 hrs in advance… can we follow up with them?
    • MK has been emailed/warned by Eliza with details on procedure.
    • She then sent all-staff email to find fill-in for show she was suspended for
    • Maybe have her come in and explain? Not obligatory, assess situation next week
    • JB has been emailed.
    • Also, get rid of Al Jazeera promos and other old show promos.
    • Money issues. May pick up other Pacifica show.
    • Perhaps a podcast show??
  • CMJ who’s the 3rd person that is going? Send info to Ben so he can register
    • Possibly DW. Perhaps we should have emailed all staff… but we need to register soon, and Ben M. seems on board
  • Ben M had great conversation with Call from Howard Williams Owner of WES AM from 1946-1948 (AM predecessor to WESU). Howard is going to mail us a written narrative of WES during that period.
  • Training – EKM proposed schedule?
    • -also, updated section on automation?
    • No schedule yet, because of issues with scheduling meetings.
    • But WILL START Sunday, Oct. 6th
    • Break for Fall Break (Sunday 20th wouldn’t happen, otherwise weekly)
    • Two options? Option for Thursday as well? (6-7pm?)
    • Training people to use the phone coupler?
  • Automation discrepancy in training manual online?
  • Emails, forwarding them to Wesleyan email?
    • General idea: set up WESU gmails, have, but CAN have them routed to your other email
  • Other discipline issues/updates? -did we follow up with everyone from last week?
    • Never got a response from CGO, HM. It was recent, so we will give them a bit more time.
    • People getting back to EKM about missing WESU board meeting.
  • college radio day 10/1/13 – any more info on this? Mary registered us, will email staff/Hanna/Rick if/when they send “College Radio Day sweepers and IDs” 

Did anyone have a food not bombs contact that might want to bring speaker to Wesleyan? (follow up from last week)
    • Supposedly will cause increased listenership!
    • Is there a promo?
    • Food Not Bombs—perhaps one Josh Krugman can help to spearhead this efforts
  • Argus News Radio problem (DP)
    • -Did someone let Aaron know of the conditions we voted on last week?
    • Perhaps HF? She has done Argus News Radio.
  • HF’s involvement at the station? (is posting playlists to Tumblr against station rules….also most productive way for her to get involved in the station?)
    • She has done it before. CONTACT HF? (Daniel)
  • Some stragglers not logging Spinitron?
    • Perhaps get some volunteers, logging volunteer hours, helping them figure it out
    • Also ask H about this?
  • Hard Nips at Wesleyan-do we want them to come? When? Any updates about what happened last year with them?
    • *any other updates?
    • They are supposedly to get back to Izzy
    • Show on campus?
  • Board info in Studio A is outdated!
    • HB will get that taken care of tomorrow!

Intervew with Count Bass D for Deluxe Edition of Dwight Spitz

On August 25, Count Bass D released the tenth-anniversary deluxe edition of his little known, but nevertheless classic album Dwight Spitz. The album is available streaming and for download on his Bandcamp. Count Bass D first showed up on my radar when I heard his guest verse on MF DOOM‘s “Potholderz” (which the Count also produced) off 2004 record Mm..Food? The collaboration between the two idiosyncratic hip-hop artists dates back to Dwight Spitz, on which DOOM appears on the tracks “Quite Buttery” and “Make a Buck.”

Music writer Dart Adams introduces the deluxe edition by writing, “I’m just glad we have cats like Count Bass D in this current time to help us in the constant war between real music & bu11$#!+.” That isn’t self-censorship, but rather a reference to Bass D’s song “Real Music vs. BULL$#!+.” The sequel to that track is one of six new songs included on the deluxe edition. The original track samples someone declaring, “Real music’s gonna last. All that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow.” Dwight Spitz is a testament to that statement.

Though he had previously recorded hip-hop with live instrumentation, Count lost his major label deal with Sony long before 2002 and, as he put it, “I didn’t have the money to record traditional instruments correctly.” Instead, he used the AKAI S-3000 and MPC-2000 to create an entirely sample-based sound that is as engrossing and smoothly connected as other well loved sample-based records like Endtroducing….., Since I Left You and Donuts.

The following is an interview I conducted with Count Bass D over the telephone:

WESU: So, are you in Tennessee right now?

Count Bass D: No. Actually, I’ve lived in Atlanta, Georgia since the end of 2009.

W: Oh, OK. Because on Wikipedia it still says Tennessee. But that’s often pretty inaccurate.

C: Exactly. I didn’t do many interviews for a long time, so my Wikipedia page didn’t have information updated. That’s a reason why I started doing more interviews lately. There’s a lot of inaccurate information that I hear sometimes. So, I’d like to clear the air, and it’s a good idea to do interviews again.

W: I watched the documentary about you last night. One of the things I learned from that was that you were born August 25, 1973, around the time that hip-hop was invented by DJ Kool Herc. I actually got to see him perform recently. There was a concert in Central Park for the 40th anniversary of hip-hop. He was there. Rakim, Big Daddy Kane were also there, and a bunch of other people. It was really cool. So I was wondering, when did you first realize that connection?

C: Honestly, I started to realize it every day as I grew up. I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago. Every day of my life I would see more and more things that were centered around hip-hop. It became my race, more than just my culture. Hip-hop was everything to me. My favorite art was graffiti art. My favorite dancing was break dancing. Any time I saw anything on television or any magazine or anything that had to do with it, automatically, I was drawn to it. It’s always been that way, even up to now. I gravitate to and am automatically drawn toward things that have a heavy concentration of the culture and the art form of hip-hop.

W: Another thing you were talking about was this preacher stage persona that you have– that you based on ministers that you saw when you were growing up. Do you see a parallel between gospel and hip-hop?

C: I guess in some ways. Preachers speak what they’re saying and rappers speak what they’re saying. And a lot of times you have a microphone and an audience in front of you, and it’s your job to speak the words. And there’s music. As far as accompanying, preachers will have an organ behind them, you know, a drummer– a certain type of backing band behind them. And we have DJs behind us. It’s the same sort of dynamic so far as bringing motion out of people, and making them feel things, a call-and-response. Preachers will say, “Turn to your neighbor and do this.” And you might say, “Say ho, and throw your hands in the air.” A lot of soul musicians and black performers borrow from preachers that we saw growing up because that was a concert that we saw every week. A lot of people who don’t go to church now still have a foundation of that from when they were younger– from when they were in grade school up until junior high, and then at that point maybe they stopped going. But most people that are my age have some semblance of going to a traditional church, and by that I mean a real church, not a mega-church– the ones with the big productions and the slick pastors that we see today. People were more sincere about the religious aspect. Now, the religion has gotten a little away from the spirituality. So there are a lot of parallels that I see, at least for myself.

W: You say that you are making music for yourself. And one of the funnier parts of the documentary, I thought, was when you were saying that you have the snobbiest, most bourgeois taste of anyone out there (laughter). When you’re making music, do you have something in mind that you’re aiming for, or are you just creating, and as you go along you say, “Yeah, I like that”?

C: It’s all about feeling and personal opinion. You know, when people go shopping, they say, “I like this shirt. I don’t like that shirt.” For me, musically, it’s the same way. It’s just a feeling that I’m looking for that the music gives me. That’s what I mean by snobby taste. If I can tell that it’s been put together just for the sole purpose of selling a lot or if it’s just for the sole purpose of sounding good in a strip club, a lot of the time that music doesn’t do much for me. Sometimes it does, though. It depends. It’s just a feeling. I’m looking for a loop that goes back to that essence of original hip-hop music. With my music, it’s really just a personal preference. That’s why I’m surprised when people tell me how much they like my music because I’m not making it with other people in mind. When you make yourself a mixtape and you say, “I’m gonna put these songs on here to go on the road. Because I’ve got a long trip, I’m gonna make myself a cool playlist to put into my iPod,” right? That’s your personal preference, you know. So now imagine if someone got a hold of that personal playlist, and a whole bunch of people were like, “Yeah, yeah. I want that mix. I want that mix. I want that mix.” You’d be pretty shocked, too because you just put down some songs that would entertain you. It’s your personal preference on your trip, you know. And so that’s kind of how I make the music. It’s something that would entertain me, that I really would like to hear. And I guess because I’ve listened to so much music, and have critiqued music for so long, there’s a common bond with other listeners out there. The music translates. So that’s the good part. I tell you, doing this interview is a great thing for me because one of my best friends just got in contact with me again last week from high school. He went to Wesleyan. And my spiritual adviser from when I was in Nashville, Reverend Edwin C. Sanders— he went to Wesleyan. And I remember when I was in high school, probably in 1990, I visited the college. I went there for a weekend, and, I’m telling you, it was the best weekend. I’ve been on tour, I’ve been all over the place, I’ve been everywhere, but still, that weekend was one of the greatest weekends of my entire life. Any time that school comes up in conversation, I tell people that’s one of my favorite colleges. That’s my dream college to go to if I could have, but, you know, when I was in high school, even though I was going to a great high school, my mind was elsewhere– really just on music and the background I had just come from. I didn’t really understand what it took to get into a university, and I didn’t have the discipline. I wouldn’t have lasted anyway. But I think it’s a great institution, and so when I was asked, “Would you do the interview?” I heard it was Wesleyan, no question about it. That’s why I did it.

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