2/21 Board Meeting

Board Updates

-went into the SBC, waiting to hear from them
-working on premiums

-found a world music sub md
-wesleying wants to know if we want our own account or to designate a
blogger to post updates
–suggestion for weekly blog post on both wesleying and west home page
-a job for PR director!

-new promos for morning news and 4 pm blocks

-training: d.b. volunteered to help on thursdays
–AT volunteers for thursday
–MC and DD volunteer for sundays

5 pm March 4th
1st training, we can drop in and help out

staff meeting troubles:
2 members have yet to provide suitable reason for missing meetings
-personnel is on the case!

someone in station cursing, not in good standing, and claiming to
record a nonexistent show
-time to change the code!
-email forthcoming

will be posting an updated staff list shortly

-applied for SALD
–will know soon about funds for record fair
-also working on food trucks
-remember: public safety
need to get flyers out (for middletown specifically)
carribean week?
-asked to do promo
-is it available to public?
sound for record fair? ours or theirs?

Vinnie’s jump and jive
-still on the table, further discussion forthcoming
–station bonding experience
–perhaps more for staff

CD aka the phantom caller
-will be handled by our GM

Key Requests
-submitted, sans tech director
–its being handled RIGHT NOW

IBS Conference
-still waiting on SBC
–believe we can put up the money the SBC doesn’t fund
-get back in touch, see where they’re out

Program Guide
-sent out to printer, will be here soon

Spring T-shirt design
-could also have baseball caps/castro caps for $5 each
coordinate a call for tshirt design for spring drive
-announce at next staff meeting
–could be opened up to listeners
need to be specific about limitations
perhaps in a post on our website

Webpage update
-board of directors list needs updating
-Need to customize and utilize (word press blogs that Bryan set up on
WESU server for public file and meeting minutes blogs for website.

get production on staff list!

finalize spring pledge drive dates?
-after record fair
April 15th
April 23-30

send out an email now about elections!
-focus less on specific positions and more on the fact that they’re happening
-emphasize that we NEED people in these positions

possibility for board positions becoming internships
-still in initial exploration

viewing of documentary at next staff meeting

next staff meeting: working session on diversity
-MEI, making excellence inclusive