4-17-12 Board Meeting

Do people want to be on the board next year?




MC wants to run for Events

JS wants to direct Music again

AW will run for Public Relations

MB will run for VP

AT will run for president and so will AD…Contest!

(J and D would love to run but alas they cannot)



J walked across the williamsburg bridge

AW got an email from someone who is trying to organize a “wesleyan mix tape”. we are not really sure what this has to do with WESU.

run roh- this mix features “pumped up kicks”. Maaaain streaaam


J announces that White Suns, a wes band from 2009, is coming out with an album and will be the next MGMT. We should support them!


Next year’s Program director should watch out for C.C.


THIS Sunday will be tips n tricks (we have enough people) and the final exam, in PAC 004.

Trainees are excited to learn about pledge drive hours.


MC announces that we are putting in a new computer! yaaaay! to replace the b computer, which in turn will replace the A computer, which in turn will replace the lounge computer. (which in turn will replace us)


we have the money and the budget for a new version of Adobe audition. Good job, AD!



DN made more promos, many of which involved little kids.


DN and AW had a great time showing around little boy scouts.


Pledge drive is next week. SL made a google doc for the phone schedule last year, which he will update.

AD will update the binders and change the season and the premiums.


Franco is retiring! (awww)


BM will take care of pledge drive mailing, but this means a lot of stickers and envelopes for us boardmen. We want to get these out before the pledge drive!



BS proposes that we email phone schedule to the trainees, who in turn will be able to email the board to sign up for times to man phones. DJs should let in the trainee DJs, who won’t have door codes.


We need to update the BLOG for the pledge drive- BEN FITZELLE!!!!

Ben, you also have to make the spring drive facebook event!


So wait, back to Franco. On his show, he announced his retirement and someone called Ben about it. We might have to find a replacement for him and Ben has some ideas.

(death metal in the morning?)


I.L. has missed every single staff meeting. He has constantly said that he would show up and he has not. He has historically redeemed himself by subbing for people, but recently couldn’t get it together. He has missed his show as well. This may amount to multiple suspensions, but because he is a senior, this would mean the end of his show. Bryan is concerned that we are teaching him a bad life lesson, and that we should punish him.


BS moves to suspend him for 10 weeks for each of his misses shows and one for each of his missed meetings, WAIT let’s just make it a 25 week suspension. Adrien seconds. four in favor. 6 abstaining.


BS’s party on 4/29…BS will send out an email to confirm!


AW and AD leave to complete housing.


After BS gets IL confirmed, we’ll look for a steady replacement.


SL wants to thank MB. We all clap in her general direction. We made around $977!


Which we can use for awards? Party? (for last staff meeting)


SL will contact John about his grill. We can probably get a discount. SL will be in charge of organizing this BBQ.


MC worries that it may be too dark after the staff meeting (with all the elections) are done.

we’ll just check the almanac, we guess. Sunset turns out to be at 7:56


maybe we’ll have to start early? Nahh, we got this.


so will we have awards? SL thinks about inclusive categories like “over 10 years of service” and “most service hours” “most fill-ins”

BS says scratch that last category because a lot of fill-ins are in lower quality and in violation of station rules


“most new releases”?


or rather “highest average of new releases”


“most bearded?”


Studio B record player needs new needles AGAIN. These are expensive and not worth it. Should we keep covers  on the heads in studio A? Should we make it that people bring in their own needles and we don’t provide them at all? (don’t share needles!) Or should we switch them with studio A? Or should we take the studio B needles off and have access to the needles by request? (rick doesn’t like this, because the people on, say, friday night, won’t have access). RS suggests we take the turntables away completely. Or put in a coffin (like a Dj coffin)



BS will print out operation logs tonight.


that looks like its about it.


its so sunny out.


Back to elections. BS proposes an open question session for presidential candidates?

SL suggests we all run for multiple positions.



Program (Josh will make it REAL easy for the future program director- he has been keeping meticulous notes on shows)




public affairs (dave bauer?)


if SL is here next year he will be on the board!



come up with award ideas.

talk to people on the staff you consider board-worthy (FRESHMAN)