9-25-12 Board Notes

Board Notes 9/25/12


-THE SBC IS HERE! We introduce ourselves and talk about what we do

-Who took notes at the All Staff meeting? Forward them to AT!

-Middletown Remix

-yearlong commissioned piece/remix of Middletown sounds (online portal to explore the sounds of Middletown); there are monthly themes and locations to highlight

-want the Middletown Remix logo linked into the WESU front page (BM will teach VT)

-want PSAs and Promos about the Middletown Remix (Isabelle)-details are still unclear

-if you can, show up to Music and Public Life events if possible

-Email forwarding

-Virgil, Isabelle, Avery, and Mickey (possibly?)

-Mike M

-follow up? AW. will email MM and tell him that if he can produce evidence that he completed everything, we are happy to administer a practical test

-No-show (TM)

-2 weeks of suspension (force him to find coverage for his show) *VT snaps*

-Motion passes!

-Homelessness marathon: did AD ask DJs? AT will contact him. Or DN, on FB chat!

-Record Fair (October 28th)

-AW is posting on Wesleying, Virgil will make a FB event (accept the invitation AND invite people to it; update the page with fun posts), MC is making a poster

-AI pretentiously explains Avery’s German Wesleying name.

-Make promos (Isabelle)

-Will put flyers in on-air studio so people will announce the event (Mary)

-Lecture series

-Still waiting to hear back with Berman

-Everyone else is on board (Illya Oct. 11th)

-Lynn Levy (email Science and Society or English Department) wants to be interviewed (want to get a professor to do it) it’s on November 8th

-AW is going to get people to make an app that will link directly to on-air WESU stream


-dates? The earlier the start the better. Come up with more deadlines for specific assignments (Adam W.)

-training team meeting (next week after the board meeting?) MC, AW, AT, DB (email staff about this Mary)

-figure out a list (AW)

-roughly 150 people signed up for training

-Virgil wants to make a Wesleying post (him and Adam I. are on it

-other stuff people can be involving in after training besides a show (people can volunteer in different departments-PSAs and Promos, Public Affairs department, contributing to someone’s show, volunteering to help MDs—some of this needs to be achieved through service hours)

-helping out without going through training?!?!?!?!?!? Two statuses of volunteers!

-establish a protocol for this (have an open house to recruit potential volunteers)

-“WESU 101” session for everyone, and then people would split into sessions for either volunteer status or DJ training

            -reach out to listservs to increase diverse DJs; Student diversity taskforce (put us in a great place for SALD), (Isabelle and Virgil)-200 church!

-Service hours

-encourage people to spread service hours out?

-lots of opportunity to improve how service hours work

-the challenge is enforcing this

-MTVU-a script is in the works

-SBC Stuff

-WSA can help us hang up flyers throughout the Middletown community (email MA, he can give us contacts for outreach and student diversity). We can also print at WSA office.

-IMS covers chairs at a venue if the event is approved.


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