9/18/12 Board Meeting Notes

Board Notes




-First order of business: Adrien has an attraction to bananas and wants to know what people were doing with his thing.

-SBC budget request: Avery and Mary are going to the SBC on Monday

-Awesome work on the Anthony F lecture!!!!!!!! 84 people in attendance.

-Great work on remaining lectures (as well). Are there any remaining details to work out?

-Mickey is on top of booking CFA Hall

            -Avery needs to contact Virgil so he will make a poster for the series

-Homelessness marathon

-should we do it? Should we pitch it to people and encourage them to do it; need someone in the studio just in case (so DJs still show up for their show but just monitor the stream)

-could count it as service hours?

-Adrien will contact DJs during the time slot and see what they say
-The event is:  Sunday October 21st from 10am-6pm EST.

-Pledge dates?  If we kept with the scheme from last year, this year’s winter drive would take place Mon Dec, 3 – Mon, Dec, 10. (A week to get ready after Thanksgiving Break + staff meeting to kick it off)

-tote bags? Virgil is definitely pro-tote bag.

-Printed guide should go to printer by end of week!!!!! Thanks Dave Bauer and Adrien!

-Keys? Mickey should email Ben for a new key. Send name and ID# to Ben M

-Give Isabel jive blogger password

New Business:

-Need to get a rec fair promo in the works (PR / Prod Directors) The Record Fair is October 28th.

-Mickey is going to design a flyer

-Adam organize a Record Fair post on Wesleying about students hosting tables/selling stuff

-Movie night

-Avery met these people who made a film that takes place in Argentina

-Event? Show it in the CFA Hall in one evening

-WESU board email usage. Every board position has one and is responsible for checking them. They can be set up to forward (or not). Let Ben M know if help is needed.

-Michael M – completed all training but practical test. Can we permit him to take practical…?
-first we need to find his documentation and make sure he’s eligible

-Adam W. is going to contact him

-Get fall program announcement on web n elsewhere…

-Avery will email Virgil to make this happen


-Isabelle will make a promo for the new fall season

-CMJ badge – Who get’s it?

-Adam vs. Avery


-Monday night no-show?

-Clarify that it was indeed a no-show (Adam will send an email)

-By laws committee

-Avery, Bryan, and Rick are meeting tonight and making recommendations and then revisit it at the end of the year (either winter or end of academic year).

Ask artsy friends for logos!
-Online archiving- Ben M has not heard back from provider with proposal


            -Dan look into it ustream.com (?)

-Middletown remix 

-Demo Wednesday at 6:30 pm and Thursday at noon at GSAC (all are welcome)

-Ben has made a WESU account if folks are interested



            -writing a dry script so it will be approved by MTV

-5 (?) people walking at the same time, speaking at the same time and pointing at the camera

-30 seconds to a minute long

-email Avery if you’re interested

-Will will come in to talk in the near future

-Script has to be sent by October 20th

-Once have the shooting schedule, reach out to the staff for participation

-Giving money to Need Blind

            -are they reaching out to alumni?

-the radio budget doesn’t really have any wiggle room (it’s only stuff that we need); would we be able to find the funds elsewhere?

-Mary will talk with Ben

-We can make a PSA to help need blind (but that’s very Wesleyan-specific)

-try to figure out how much they’re actually asking for (see if there’s solidarity; see what other big groups they’re asking; reach out to these groups)

-bucket at Doug B lecture or something

-seeing what the rest of the staff thinks

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