All-Staff Meeting 5/6/12

5-6 Staff Meeting

SL is late to his last meeting. wow. way to be on the ball sam!

introduction of new djs

-we have 12-14 new djs!

-training is over

give yourselves a hand for the pledge drive

-we made it!

-don’t feel bad that you didn’t get any calls, its a new pledge drive

season and most of our callers are first time listeners!

BM passes it off to SL

-SL says thank you for letting him be your president

program director

-email went out for summer programming apps

-current season ends on may 9th

–if you want to maintain your show, email

–if you are a student and you don’t email, we will assume you don’t

want your show

the summer schedule will begin on may 21st

applications due may 14th

a thank you to everyone for a great year and run at the station


a thank you to anyone who volunteered for the record fair


-you need to submit service hour sheets asap (before the end of the

spring season)

staff announcements

j cherry announces a music festival in middletown in august (date tbd,

but on saturday)

-if you know anyone interested in helping out, performing or grabbing

a table email her

general announcements about subs

-when you send out an email seeking coverage, make sure to announce to

the staff (or at least the program director and the board) so that we

do not get multiple substitutes for show

wesu acknowledgements

-graduating wesleyan seniors

-wesu board members that are moving on


highest average of new releases: bill revill

most total new releases: jason villani

most service hours (as reported) in fall/winter: garnett

most service hours (as reported) in spring: psychedelic rick

acknowledgement of staff members who completed over 20 hours

our jive at five group


people with shows running over 10 years

election time

a final thanks from SL