There is no listener supported community radio without LISTENER SUPPORT

knit radioIn the nearly 10 years since WESU became a truly listener supported community radio station, we have never had to ask for donations this late into the calendar year. Sadly, donations for our annual winter pledge drive are down by roughly 25% from last year. We have seen less than 10 donations in the past 10 days and it is looking like we may not meet our goal.

On the other hand, 2013 was an amazing year for WESU, bringing our service to a larger audience than ever. We could easily exceed our fundraising goal if everyone reading this contributed as much as they could spare.

Our 9th Annual Winter pledge drive got hit by a perfect storm of sorts. First, the unusual alignment of the early winter holidays squeezed a critical week out of our student calendar. Luckily for us, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will not converge for 70,000 years! It also appears that the rest of the public radio pledge drives (including our own partner, WSHU) were also in alignment, making support for WESU this late in the season a tough sell in today’s economy.

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Contribute to WESU’s 75th Anniversary Programming with “75 Years Of…”

For 75 years, WESU has provided a platform for the enjoyment of underground music and under-represented genres generally absent from commercial airwaves.

2014 will mark WESU’s 75th Anniversary, and we’ve got a metric boatload of events and special programming to celebrate!

One of the special programs will be an hourly, weekly show called “75 Years Of…”.  Each month “75 Years Of…” will have a singular theme, and we’ll air 75 songs relevant to that theme throughout the month.  Rather than air just our selections, we want YOU, our listeners and friends, to contribute to our playlist by helping us pick the songs!

To kick things off in January, we’ll be featuring “75 Years Of Socially Conscious Music”.  Socially Conscious Music includes protest music, songs that call attention to injustice and songs that rail against inequality.  Socially Conscious Music transcends genre boundaries; the call to action is what defines this music, not the arrangement or the instruments!

Again, we want your suggestions!  You can submit them through our handy-dandy form by clicking this here link!

WESU pledge drive kicks into gear with MGMT ticket giveaway!

That’s right!! Donate online to WESU’s Annual Pledge drive by midnight Monday 12/2 and automatically get entered to win a ticket to see MGMT live at The Oakdale in Wallingford, CT Friday 12/6/13. 4 Lucky winners will be randomly selected from all online donors Tuesday, 12/3. We will also give away one more pair of tickets on Homegrown with Rob DeRosa this Thursday, 12/05 between 5:05 and 6pm!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to win a ticket to see everyone’s favorite Wesleyan band gone wild, MGMT, and support the first radio station to EVER to spin their tunes and support their music. Click the donate now button to get started! btn2




In Your World and Your Community: A Talk with Daniel Pope on Public Affairs

One sunny Tuesday afternoon I sat down with the illustrious Daniel Pope (of The Turpentines fame) to talk about all of the public affairs programming that WESU Middletown has to offer. Daniel Pope is this year’s Public Affairs Director and has a lot to say about the shows that he oversees.

DJ Ritz and DJ SkullKid live on Middletown Youth Radio Project

DJ Ritz and DJ SkullKid live on Middletown Youth Radio Project

WESU: How are you today Daniel?

DP: I am wonderful. I just ate a giant cookie.

WESU: Sounds delicious. I wish I were eating one right now. So tell me, what’s your favorite public affairs show on WESU?

DP: Well, as far as the nationally syndicated public affairs shows go, I’m a big fan of Alternative Radio and Democracy Now. Alternative Radio allows you to get perspectives you don’t get from most of the media. Democracy Now gives solid news. I know it sounds boring, but it’s true! They are a very clear, good source of information. As far as local programming goes, I enjoy Middletown Youth Radio Project (MYRP).

WESU: I heard you listening to that the other day. It’s so funny!

DP:  I think it’s great that we’re getting local kids involved in radio and it’s especially good in that we foster connections between Wesleyan University and the Middletown community. I also love listening to kids. They say the darndest things!

WESU: Why do you think public affairs programming is important?

DP: It is a good source of information for what’s going on in the world and your community. WESU especially is a good source for public affairs broadcasting because they have local, national, and international public affairs information. Listening to public affairs programming can connect you to your community and can tell you something about where you fit in the world.

WESU: Sounds groovy. I know I will be tuning in.

No more Al Jazeera English

To Pacifica Network listeners,

Thank you listening to Pacifca’s exclusive broadcasts of Al Jazeera English and for supporting your local community radio station. It is with great regret that we must report that Al Jazeera English is no longer available for distribution in the USA.

This happened because Current TV was sold to Al Jazeera and with this broadcast network here in the USA, they are creating “Al Jazeera America.” This is an entirely different organization, being currently built from former Current TV staff and new hires. All broadcasts of Al Jazeera English will cease in the USA on August 20th.

Pcifica has approached Al Jazeera America about being able to distribute their content for radio, the way we did with Al Jazeera English. However, they are not prepared at this time to discuss this possibility, partly because they are not fully organized and partly because they are working with stricter distribution procedures and are not sure if they will be able to make it available.

The afternoon Al Jazeera edited by Pacifica Radio ceased last month and as of August 20th the morning program will not be available.

As does your local community radio station, Pacifica is ceaselessly looking for ways to bring you excellent news and information. Thank you for listening.

Ursula Ruedenberg
Pacifica Radio Network

Smith & Smith top the WESU Charts!

2. CURT SMITH / Deceptively Heavy
3. DAFT PUNK / Random Access Memories
4. BOARDS OF CANADA / Tomorrow’s Harvest
5. CFCF / Music For Objects
6. ROBERT POLLARD / Honey Locust Honky Tonk
8. SYNCHRONICE / Countdown – EP
9. JAMES ZOLLAR / It’s All Good People
10. GOLD TOP / “Uh Oh” [Single]
11. MOLLY VENTER AND EBEN PARISER / Goodnight Moonshine
12. ELLIS / Wherever You Are
13. BOZ SCAGGS / Memphis
14. TRAVIS BRETZER / Making Love – EP
15. OXYLICE / Signs (feat. Katie’s Ambition) – Single
16. SPEEDY ORTIZ / Major Arcana
17. JIM JAMES / Regions Of Light And Sound
18. BENNETT & BRUBECK / The White House Sessions
19. BUDDY MONDLOCK / The Memory Wall
20. ALICE GERRARD / Bittersweet
21. ROBOKOP / Therapy
22. BIG STAR / Nothing Can Hurt Me
24. VARIOUS ARTISTS / Verve Remixed: The First Ladies
26. DOUGH ROLLERS / Little Lily
27. HOT CHIP / Dark And Stormy
29. BASS DRUM OF DEATH / Bass Drum Of Death
30. ROSE WINDOWS / The Sun Dogs

The Stepkids win the WESU Lottery!

(aka: What decade is this? Fleetwood Mac & ELO in the WESU top 30!)

WESU Top 30 for the week ending July 18, 2013:

1 STEPKIDS / “The Lottery” [Single]
2 BROTHER SUN / Some Part Of The Truth
4 FLEETWOOD MAC / Extended Play
5 HOUNDS OF FINN / Gravity Pulls

6 CSS / Planta
7 SIMONE STEVENS / The Beautiful Old: Turn of the Century Songs
9 BETSE ELLIS / High Moon Order

10 GUIDED BY VOICES / English Little League
11 BEPPE GAMBETTA / The American Album
12 LONE BELLOW / The Lone Bellow
14 LAURA MVULA / Sing To The Moon
15 DEERHUNTER / Monomania

16 POKEY LAFARGE / Pokey LaFarge
17 BOZ SCAGGS / Memphis
18 CAROLINE DOCTOROW / Little Lovin’ Darling
19 BECK / “I Won’t Be Long” [Single]
20 KARYN OLIVER / Magdalene

21 ARI AND MIA / Land On Shore
22 GOGOL BORDELLO / “Maladrino” [Single]

26 VAMPIRE WEEKEND / Modern Vampires Of The City
27 HOT CHIP / Dark & Stormy
28 SHANE ALEXANDER / Meet Me in the Hurricane
29 BASS DRUM OF DEATH / Bass Drum Of Death
30 SHANNON & THE CLAMS / Dreams in the Rat House