4/9 WESU Spring Community Record Fair Postponed

With a Road Race in Middletown this Sunday, that will constrict and block access to much of Wesleyan Campus and the surrounding area, WESU 88.1FM has decided to cancel the Annual WESU Spring Community Record Fair, scheduled to occur this Sunday from 10am-4pm.   The Road Race, which brings thousands to the streets of Middletown, weaves its way through the Wesleyan University campus and surrounding neighborhoods down to Main Street. “I’ve been working to develop an access plan for patrons to get to our venue but in the last 24 hrs I have learned that the only viable plan will create undue burden for vendors and patrons.” laments Ben Michael, WESU General Manager. “This is an important event for our community and our fundraising efforts. We feel awful about this decision but we feel it is prudent to reschedule and are working on a date in the near future.” Michael says.

The popular annual event features dozens of vendors from across the North East who sell Records, CDs, cassettes, and music memorabilia and is enjoyed by students and a wide range of record crate digging patrons from across the region. For ten years WESU has been organizing these events in the fall and spring. The Funds raised roughly 10% of the station’s annual fundraising needs.  “The WESU Community Record Fairs have developed a great reputation among patrons and vendors alike. It pains us to cancel this weekend’s event, but ultimately we feel it is in the best interest of our community to do so.” Michael claims. Due to the race route, both roads (High St and Washington Terrace) that access the fair venue on Wyllys Ave will be closed for much of the duration of our event and the closest parking options for patrons would be several blocks away, making the event inaccessible for anyone with a physical disability or mobility issues.  Beyond that, patrons would have to navigate the race route, barriers, and police escorts to cross intersections to get to our event. Stay tuned for information about a new date for the Record Fair in the coming week.

“VOICES FROM THE MARCH” WESU Program featured in national broadcast.

More than 200,000 people are expected to descend on Washington D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017; hundreds of thousands more will participate in nearly 100 planned “Sister Marches” all over the country. In addition, in a show of unity, more than 30 other countries have planned similar support marches. For some, it’s a protest. For others, it’s a way to state a cause. And, for many others, it’s a way to use their voices in protest, frustration, unity, collaboration, etc. They will do so with passion, intent and purpose. Not since the Civil Rights Era has the United States seen this type of activism and involvement. Here are just a few of the many beautiful and disparate voices which will merge as a collaborative cacophony on that day, including that of original organizer, Hawaiian attorney and grandmother, Theresa Shook, whose casual  facebook post and comment became an impassioned call-to-action, which has ignited and awakened a firestorm in (nearly) everyone.

Hear the words of more than one dozen activists from across the country. This week on Sprouts.

Produced by Mary Lou Cook, WESU, Middletown, CT
Co-Producer & Host Cyma Shapiro, WESU, Middletown, CT
Additional Segments by Pacifica Network Director Greta Anderson
Music by: Vicki Elson, sung by the Mother Women Group Facilitators, Holyoke, MA


Foals with Bear Hands – 11/05/16 at College Street Music Hall

Foals, Bear Hands, and Kiev are coming to College Street Music Hall

on Saturday, November 5th, and WESU Middletown wants to get you in the crowd with complimentary tickets!

There are two ways to win! First, you can tune in live to Homegrown withRobbie on Thursday, November 3rd at 5:05 PM.

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Board Meeting Notes — 11/1/16

WESU Board Meeting — 11/01/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Was awesome! We raised over $300. Great success, thank you Beth + Wyatt for all the organizing!
  • Should we make more permanent labels for the objects around the station? Zazie is on it

Pledge Drive:

  • Mailing all went out on Thursday night and we are starting to get more money coming in
  • Tabling in Usdan with shirts next week–Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Wyatt will make a spreadsheet for that (Beth will check out WesCard stuff too)
  • Do we want a newsletter every week to send out board emails and reduce the number we send out?

Staff Meeting:

  • This Sunday!
  • Bringing up pledge drive goals + harassment policy updates
  • We have a serious staff meeting attendance problem–should send out a staff email to people (Julia)


  • Things are going well–still looking for people for Tips & Tricks. Looks like Abby, Babe, and Bryan could help out
  • Sexual harassment policy went well at training, most people were pretty receptive to this
  • Written exam given November 13th–will draft some questions for that


  • Listserv is all updated now
  • Maybe people’s emails have started going to spam?
  • Spinitron calendar still isn’t looking quite right–but Babe says he went through and updated it all–he will check again
  • No update on the app

Website Update:

  • Someone in training is revamping the WESU website on Friday morning–avoid posts on Friday morning

Music New Releases:

  • Finding a list for exemptions
  • Checking on this could be a service hour activity
  • Announce this to the staff again

Radio Free America:

  • Potentially a free alternative to StreamRewind–looking into this


  • Wyatt and Ben G will work on this soon


  • In the midst of writing the press release–might hold off on writing it
  • Ben G and Abby will also write a follow-up email
  • Reaching out to different music groups on campus? Beth will think about reaching out to other groups for pledge drive
  • Press release for the fundraising dinner needed

Bryan/Fundraising Dinner:

  • Promo made by Lara
  • Not enough tickets sold yet–promotion through press release by Beth!
  • We could poster around Middletown–Beth can make this and take care of it
  • Bryan will reach out to the CFA about putting images up on the monitors
  • Ticket giveaways don’t seem to be getting much interest–bring this up at the staff meeting to see if there’s interest


  • Looking into music exemptions but it isn’t on the continuing shows thing–we can fix this for next semester’s application

Ben G:

  • Budget approved! More buttons!


  • It’s Helly’s birthday! Happy birthday!
  • More people are interested in helping out and joining
  • Blog has been updated yay!