Board Notes 9/2/14

Who had a good summer? Nobody? Okay.

Staff meeting: 
-remind staff via email
-include in email a request for program guide designer

Fall Program:
-looks great, thanks Ethan!
-should be out ASAP, ideally within a week of finding a designer

New Meeting Scheme:
-meeting without Ben
-holding board members more accountable
-empowering the board to take more action, avoid micromanagement
-preparing the agenda further in advance, and with more insight
-executive committee meeting would filter into a board meeting
-each board member should speak with Ben individually to help stay on track

Board Hours:
     -Monday: Zach
     -Tuesday: Becca & Danielle
     -Wednesday: Laura
     -Thursday: Mizael & Ethan
     -Friday: David & Abby
-Emailed remaining board members.

Email account locations
-Mizael: make sure that’s solidified.

Pledge drive:
-figure out dates ASAP
-start with mailing of our fall program
-we should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our most recent pledge drives.
-average donation probably $50-100, but that’s really ballpark
-data from surveys about pledge drive: maybe someone on staff can look through/analyze the data. QAC?
-someone should do a thesis on this! Where the math majors at?
-Abby: mapping out where listeners live
-30-hour data entry project: Genesis Project

CMJ Reporting:
-DJ Rob has been doing it over the summer.
-he’s going to England for two weeks, so it’s time for the MDs to come in.

WSHU Pledge Drive: 9/10-9/20
-long-term goal: how to interface that better?
-timing of our pledge drives: is it confusing to listeners?

Record donation: stored in the MDs’ office & in the vinyl room at the end of the hall. 
-Question of how we will incorporate it into our collection: developing a system that people can contribute to in service hours.
-donated collection is on a spreadsheet: how can we integrate that into our existing collection (that doesn’t have a spreadsheet)?
-do we want to consider documenting our own collection in a spreadsheet?

Zach: concert series? Which genres?
-didn’t have enough time to promote the doo-wop concert.
-figuring out a different approach
-(show was great overall, though! The Super Girls were awesome.)
-touch base with David

-maybe have fewer concerts but focus on making them more well-attended.
-try to make concerts as profitable as possible. not worth doing if we’re not going to sell out.
-WESU’s birthday party: get a committee together to organize it. make it a fundraiser.
-speaker series
-events as a great way to find new donors
-putting on the right event with the right goal
-let’s do a WESU concert in Brooklyn and invite all 5 million of the Wes alumni living there!

Last Board Notes (Plus the previous week notes)

Board agenda May 6, 2014

Welcome new board – Introductions old / new

Outgoing board summaries for incoming board members/ set up meetings to plot transition…

Final business:

Service Hour opportunities/priorities:  Unload record donation this Saturday early afternoon, make room for record donation, clear crap from front hall (to go to long lane for recycling).

Testing: Progress? Support? Need to transition new staff to official WESU staff lists and email list.

We need a summer Music Director:
Any volunteers here? If not we need to seek a volunteer or few.

Pledge drive:
Strategy for getting student participation in pledge. Need an all staff email pep talk…
Send Mary’s letter to email lists, followed by Bens’ letter appeal via email and direct mail.
Need Danielle’s Press release to go out this week
Few more straight forward pledge promos would alsobe helpful.

Open house: Staffing, food? New Banner?

WeSeminar: If around please come (10am, Sat of commencement weekend)

Fall early housing requests: does anyone need this?

Possible to Meet with new board next week? To talk about goals and structure for next year. is happening!




-David Bauer photo

• We took it


-Where’s our food???? IT LOOKS AMAZING

• there are cupcakes and chips and ethan brought a bagel with cheese



-updates on why it might not work –> date was 5/3; baseball game and conflicting memorial event in chapel; could start at 4; 8 people have signed up to DJ; concerns about sun and vinyl

-organizing logistics; hannah ryan will help set up; mary will bring turntables up; promotion (danielle will post on wesleying and website) and hanna will make promo; decals will be on radio

-SBC – we got $200 (also $370 for new security camera)


-Summer program dates

• may 9th due date for applications!


-Staff meeting

            -ice cream man is coming! yay!! he is coming at 7

-what should we talk about?

Elections – need ballot and someone to conduct election at meeting – any tech director prospects? Highlight this need in all staff email (about meeting, elections, ice cream, pledge drive info)

• A separate email about elections?

-recognition of anniversaries: 5 year students; 10 year staff members –> certificates



• practical tests starting after this weekend (next week) –> trainees can’t yet vote in elections

• reminder email from becca forthcoming

• monday 5th-sat the 10th  –> need people to sign up; if you are on the board

-Service hours 

-Record Donation anyone available next weekend to help unload?

• pretty much going through; waiting to bring up in next week or so

-Pledge drive – pretty much have all the resources Ben needs to get them implemented and ready to go for Sunday

-$1000 grant from Middletown Commission on the arts towards oldies concert

• wahoo!

-Win 7  upgrade in process. Anyone still need the mac in the board room?

• windows is phasing out support for windows XP

• get your misc files from desktops



Board Notes 4/22/13

Back door fixed!
—Turn the handle up or DOWN

Program dates: End of Spring / signups / Summer program dates:
Application for summer, need training end date—by may 10th,
Find a replacement for end of semester reading/finals
Summer Program starts senior week—hannah is working on official dates

Izzy event idea:
for may 3rd,
—Radio’s around campus:
Ethan and Mary are getting radios, Izzy makes label, hannah making a promo
—foss djs, sound coop speakers, and eMS power
— r&c event concert ideas, to be discussed

Earth house WESU stuff? Did anyone look into this? Finding a good date with my friend

The Record donation has been officially approved.  We got confirmation this am. Ben M will coordinate with the donor and work up a delivery date so we can plan to have volunteers available for unloading.  Ben M is hoping to store them on site in the current MD office and “world music” room, which also contains several smaller collections, experimental, gospel, broadway and classical. The plan is to relocate the smaller collections in that room to other shelving inside the rock/pop room and the shelves outside Ben’s office.   As we process them we will move items we don’t need to Studio X. Mary B sez tryna make it werk

Pledge Promo contest:

Pledge drive:   Seems like it is taking forever to pull together this time By next Tuesday we need to have finalized all pledge drive stuff so  we can begin the drive in ernest and hopefully  give students a solid 2 weeks to participate on air before end of season and be able to hand out packets at the staff meeting.

List of pledge stuff to finalize includes:  press release, premium items, online and paper pledge forms, and packet with an appeal and Mary’s crossword. Most  of these elements are already in draft format.

Final Staff meeting (5/3):
Shall we plan for the ice cream man again? Other ideas on a fun treat/activity/location? Rick apparently wants: Grilled watermelon? Frozen grilled watermelon?


Board Notes: April 15, 2014

Board email service hour follow ups…
— Have them do pledge drive stuff!
— Committees for board members—subMD model, long term plan
— increased responsibility for staff members

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan:  Report? Attendance?
— Really good feed back
— everyone seemed into it
— small attendance but a good model—
annual spring show in the chapel 
— wesleying problems, keep an eye on it

Wesfest:  Looks to be happening now? WESU open house is…..? Are we also supposed to be at some sort of related activity fair? 

danielle from 11-12

catherine 12-2

mary 2-3

becca 3-5

virgil will make poster

ethan will

Record  donation update
- looking good, still waiting on one approval from Provost (Cathy’s boss) 
Any luck with Argus storage, Becca?
– Donors will deliver the collection (likely next week!!!).
–  Ben M thinks we can store here in studio X and elsewhere since University has not been helpful in locating storage.  Ben will work on this with Ian (Workstudy)

Virgil SBC Funding requests
—waiting for money on sec. camera

Other WESU event(s)?  Program House Concert Block party?
—scavenger hunt tbd

Spring Pledge Drive: Needs to start before student programming is over.  
– Press release (Danielle finished draft)
– Goal – $15,000
– Premiums: Need to firm up shirt design(s),  tote, and any other premium else for pledge form and online pledge portal.
-Packet needs to be competed for end of this week, so we can mail out next week.

2014/15 Board election insights?
-  Continued discussion… any conflicts among board members for next year?
– Need to send email describing board positions and encouraging folks to run. This need to happen fast!! – If deadline to post was 2 weeks in advance,  the deadline is this week….

Earth house WESU stuff? Did anyone look into this? 

PROMOS:  not much need to record spring student show promos. Just heard the kids for TeenAngst preparing but there can only be 2 maybe shows left in the season…. 


End of Spring / signups / Summer program dates  need to start working out these details.


  • No Mary—Virgil in charge
  • Ben M and Danielle leaving early for CCP gathering.
  • ben leaving early next week for OP meeting. Will be busy saving the theatre
  • board elections abroad rule?
  • — should we just make sure to ask questions? rather than making a fall term ban
  • —position by a position question, some are more compartmentalized, some are longer term
  • —no ban, people should be as transparent as possible (let us know if you are/plan to go abroad)
  • —we should work on board transition plans in general
  • long run, make clearer election rules, currently right email to remind people of current rules and making it a more prominent, remember to ask those question, Captain Cohen will right email
  • board election insights?
  • record storage / record donation update / Argus? Becca?
  • —several angles ain’t working that well, university has a lot of push back but its moving forward
  • —maybe the argus would have a room, maybe?
  • —records are currently stored in 8×10, maybe we could fit them in here
  • —motivation to start project earlier
  • —becca get’s temp on argus mood
  • earth house WESU stuff?
  • —think that has connection to WESU
  • —virgil will look
  • yamantaka Sonic titan staff? Really Public? Posters  promos?
    — promo is on, needs to change to 9—but we will let it slide
    — posters are coming along to the board
    — its fully staffed and open to the public
    — reimbursed rentals for ethan
  • Hoody, T-shirt, Totes….
  • Ben M Finally got some dates from Venue for oldies show, will get back on that ASAP

April Staff Meeting Notes

04-06-14 WESU All Staff meeting

Welcome: (Ben)
2nd to last meeting of the “Year”:
 Lots to cover:  Elections, pledge drive,  75th Anniversary, and more. Want to get out of here ASAP so we can all squeeze the remaining juice out of this lovely spring day!

(Ben) Big Birthday Present is in the works:  Details not finalized but we are hopefully receiving a donation of 13,500 records. This collection rival our own in girth and diversity and are in much better shape. Plus they are catalogued. This will enable us to replace many beat copies in our collection and fill in holes in our collection left by theft over the years.  It’s a huge project that will make for endless service hours!

Collection is in Queens, NYC and we will have to get it by the end of April. Will likely have to rent a moving van, unless someone here has such a vehicle. The collection is currently house in an 8’X10’ storage facility so it needs to be a Big  as well as heavy load bearing vehicle. We will likely rent a moving truck and store the records off site until the project is complete.  We will also need a few volunteers.

(Mary) Record Fair Success!! By anyone’s measure it was our best yet.
Thanks to our Events director Izzy and our ADDJ Lee Berman for coordinating the event.
Thanks also to Danielle Pruitt for getting the word out as well as all of the volunteers who transported tons of WESU records, CDs and merchandise back and forth and worked at our booth.
We can’t forget the DJs who did a great job too as well as some of our staff who were vendors.
The whole day was a great success thanks to you all. Overall we started

(Danielle) Program guides:  Please help distribute them. Good for Service hours. Let us know where you put them (around campus and listening area). Do not leave more than  ½ doz in any one location.
Thanks to Virgil for the nice design.

(Becca) Personnel
Service hours: 
Have you done yours?  Don’t forget to complete and document your required service
hours.   Students don’t forget that in order to qualify for a show in the Fall, you need to complete 4 service hours before you leave for summer.  CV’s you need to comepletee service hours before the summer season apps are due (likely sometime in early May)

Training: a Reminder that trainees are looking for internships. Please let Personnel know if you are willing to host an intern. Its good for service hours but you have to be willing to provide a quality hands on experience.
(Anything else?)

(Ben) Pledge drive:
Out Spring Pledge will slowly roll out over the course of April continuing through the end of May.
We are finalizing details for our new merchandise, designing our pledge packets, and
and starting to create on air promotions.
Keeping with our recently successful “kinder gentler” pledge drive model, we will not setup a phone bank to solicit telethon style donations unless we have to.

In addition to spreading the word over the air through recorded promotions and live pitches directing listeners to our website to make donations, in large part, the success of our pledge drive model depends on directly connecting with our supporters through personal interaction.

Many staffers have raised substantial support by reaching out to people off air. This includes using online social networking like Face Book and sending emails to your personal and radio contacts as well as finding opportunities through your and community networks.

Much of the success of our Winter Drive can be directly attributed to using Facebook to keep our fans updated on our progress and recognizing our donors in a very visible way on FB.

We should have packets ready to go in the next week or so. These will include a letter from Mary, including a fun WESU crossword puzzle, a program guide and a WESU pledge form.

New Merchandise designs are still being finalized and will be revealed soon via email perhaps a sneak peak?  In the works are: New 2 sided T-Shirt and hoody as well as a new bumper sticker and for the first time, a WESU Tot Bag!

We will be sending more tips and specific details soon. We will also put our Pledge binders in the studios with current talking points, WESU thank you gifts, and general instructions.    Stay tuned and on the lookout for new promos in the air studio coming soon. We’ll need you to play those promotions regular with increasing frequency as the end of the season approaches.

Other Board stuff?

(Mary)  Elections for the 2014-15 Board of directors will happen at the next monthly staff meeting.
- Board Members should each introduce themselves and talk about their positions.
– Note which positions are open to the public.
– Staff should be encouraged to consider running for a board position.
– Candidates should publish a letter of intent on the bulletin board by sending an email to
– Letters should be up by 2 weeks preceding the election 4/20 (only 2 weeks!)
– please note that if you will be abroad in the fall you cannot run but you can run if you’ll be abroad in the spring

-Pease think about running and talk with board members for more info about their positions and experience.


(Ben) 75 years:

Website: There’s now prominent links on our website directing people to WESU 75 anniversary related posts.

Events are taking a little longer than anticipated but we are making progress and have some good stuff in the works including a Concert next Week, a Seminar during Wesleyan reunion Commencement, a farm to table fundraising dinner event at O’Rourke’s Diner during harvest season,  an oldies concert for late summer, a reggae concert for September,  A city proclamation an all out  birthday bash in the fall, and more! If you have any specific ideas for events that you would like to produce, by all means – let me Know!  

75 year Programming:

There’s now prominent links on our website directing people to WESU 75 anniversary related posts.

Our 2 related programs have been well received.
BMs show, Welcome back has been helping us learn the history of WESU.

75 years of has been going great too:
April’s theme is: poetry and There’s a link to CC’s inaugural 75 years of Poetry show on the website right now.
May’s theme will be 75 Years of WESU and Wesleyan Related Artists hosted by Rob DeRosa

June will be 75 Years of African-American Musicians in honor of African-American Music Appreciation Month -

  • We need music submissions for both and still need a curator for June.
  • There are links to submit your song suggestions on the 75 anniversary page of our website.

March 25, 2013

reunion and commencement, mary working on it
wesfest, check in with izzy
cfcp reunion, april something, come with ben!?
75th web page in progress
organize the 75th anniversary PSAs
staff meeting in two weekends… thinking about board positions next year
hiccups with archive system—noted
record fair this sunday—come by, izzy has most things figured, danielle is posting on wesleying, need more volunteers—contact izzy—especially for the end of the day, Facebook posting-on the event page. new psa
david bauer is happening this week, hannah is coordinating
break programing glitchy, think of new ideas for the long term, new ideas maybe for the last staff meeting, thinking about structuring service hours, who is keeping track—thank people who have prerecorded at the next staff meeting
hella new music being donated—maybe from queens

March ’14 Meeting

Opening remarks from Ben


When playing digitals music files, high quality vs low quality. compression on the archive can mess with low quality sound, ask for help—even ben needs it sometimes

Don’t step on automated shows toes! Please refer to the clock for end and start times
Do not start early or go late  – or you may face disciplinary action.

Dig deep!  Review mission -Talk about the importance of playing music not heard elsewhere. Big chart tunes are not encouraged unless they are over 40 years old and thus absent from commercial airwaves. Be careful when playing household name artists.

“WESU supports a wide variety of music genres and styles of programming and is dedicated to exposing the listening audience to material generally absent from the airwaves. Our mission is to provide listeners with educational entertainment, coverage of local affairs and an eclectic mix of commercial-free music from within the community and around the globe.”

(Mary) Spring Pledge drive will start in April – $15 K goal

-Spring Dive will be similar to recent efforts
-on air pitches,  old school pledge forms, and social networking as main force.
-Working new 75 year premiums and promotional material.
-We really need everyone to participate.
-More  to come at April Meeting

(Becca) Personnel staff contact sheet ok by staff to share?

email with question

(Hannah)  Program
Spring break programming
 (schedule stays the same except for student shows)
-Posting a signup sheet – if you can’t do your show please check with adjacent DJs for coverage.
-Service hours given to those who prerecord a show to play in case of no coverage.

-Email or  for contact help

-REMINDER  Please keep Program Director in the loop for all substitution arrangements or changes in program big or small.

(Izzy ) EVENTS:

Record Fair – Sunday March 30th  – volunteers needed – before during and after.

– Looking for people to DJ during day of event too. Contact.  IZZY
– Vendor space still available – contact Lee Berman

– More to come re 75th anniversary

(Hanna) Production – We need new show promos in general plus we need 75th anniversary and spring pledge promos.  Service hours given! Holler at

Celebrating 75 years of alternative music, public affairs and community service

(Becca) Training – need help? Training leaders? Trainees will be seeking shows to intern on – armed with new check lists….!

(Katherine) Public Affairs – New Show Synopsis google form for public file, email so katherine can build a list, so the FCC can check up on us!


(Ben) 75th anniversary updates

“75 years of” radio show really needs your input.  Otherwise it will not work.

-Just looking for submissions! and we need your contributions

-April (poetry),  May (Wes related), June (African American Artists) lists are as diverse as can be.  Links at

Welcome Back  – 2 episodes so far… Arch Doty and Laurenellen McCann links at and Facebook.

(Mary)  “We really need some 75th anniversary promos.”
– Service hours given.

-Board has just created a batch too inspire y’all
-Please include brand “75 years of alternative music and public affairs”.

-Virgil is working on smart graphics for new merchandise


(Ben) Oldies concert – April 19th. Details on this coming soon.

Other events in the works, we are trying to bring Death, Roots of Hip Hop Summit, a Reggae Festival,  and Gorilla Radio to WESU.

Still lots of other events we are working on. Thanks to those who have provided input so far.

Cocktail event at CHC, Fall BBQ pig and veggie roast bash with bands as well as some other music and food events.


Community Announcements:  before we go over the Fall/winter pledge drive incentive report

From Christopher Pollack – the Wesleyan/Middletown Relations committee meets Sundays at 5pm at Wesleyan’s Community House. Is there a board member of staff person who’d like to attend.

Contact:  Christopher Polack

Other announcements?

(Ben) goes over the pledge incentive report before we break then regroup for 75th anniversary meeting

Last Weeks Notes

Training starts Sunday March 2nd (Becca can you send a final schedule)

               -Becca can you send a final schedule?

Student group activities fair??? What’s the deal?

-Mary can register us

-Mary 1-2, Katherine 2-3

-Mary should get materials together (Becca will make google doc)


Hannah give Katherine Public Affairs email list


Map out pledge drive time frame? Start up in April? Goal? Maybe 15K?? We nearly hit that this past fall… Packets??? When to get them out? What’s the angle?

-separate things?

-same goal as the winter ($13,000)

-packets (extra efforts)

-went out too late, send them earlier

-hand out packets

-mini version of packets before spring break (talk about it at staff meeting at least)-a flyer (Virgil)

-packets by April staff meeting

-angle: could it be 75th? Pledge drive on air

*maybe not make block sign-up sheets


Staff resource page ( per suggestion last week..  Who can do this? WP savvy..? NATE WILL TRY


Clean up outdated shows on stream rewind? There are many shows listed that ar no longer on air. Can Hannah cross reference? Ben can then double check list and then maybe Nate can delete?


Record fair: Flyer???
 Need to print and send to venue list (Ben has list and can print labels). Need to send Rec Fair info to Stephan Allison to get listed on Middletown’s website  and in the City Arts calendar for March.  Can we get it printed in Argus and how do we get the fair promoted on Wesleying?


Bryan’s Swedish Friend’s Label’s band Like Swimming (former members of “You Say France and I Whistle”) did anyone even respond to Bryan?

*Izzy will communicate with Bryan


Program guide – Now 2 sided – Show titles/times on front – descriptions on back  -Virgil was up at archive checking on vintage pics this afternoon.


75 years of” radio show needs our input big time. According to Bryan here are the latest stats:
 WESU and Wesleyan Related Musicians: 10 songs suggested by 3 people.
Poetry – 5 Pieces suggested by 2 people.
African-American Musicians –  songs suggested by 1 person

The board should step up and help make sure this is a success  by making suggestions and figuring out how to promote it right. For starters, let’s include it in daily face book posts. Ben will make a pitch in his forth coming update email.  We can also keep talking about it at the meetings. There’s still time to pull it together. March is supposed to be fine in terms of suggestions..

75th anniversary

Promos (all) We need a bunch of new promos announcing this landmark occasion! We can certainly offer service hours to staff as well. Contest???



Website needs 75th anniversary landing page  Who can do?

Danielle’s Press release pretty much ready to go: this can be sent to Middletown Eye, The Middletown Press,  The Record Journal,  the Argus (Weslying?). no more patch, The Connection, Wesleyan Community blog etc, brain storm any other pertinent places? FB? WESU Website…

This press release can also be worked into Mary’s upcoming Letter to all alumni that will include a survey about commencement reunion events and a gala event for home coming 2014? Need to find ou which of our alumni are celebrating reunions this year…  ben will also use it in his pledge drive communications.


75 Events:
 Oldies concert update: Ben is reviewing band and pricing info suggestions from Oldies staff and supporters.  Thinking early April. Trying to come up with a proposal for the board ASAP.

IZZY/Mary Event Concept: >>>

-air WESU around campus

-ask Usdan to play it

-put secret radios around campus

-special programming?

*student bands, alumni, OR community members call in and a stage on campus where people can play

-culminate in concert at psi u (ticketed)

-it needs to be good programming! (2 hours)

-during WesFest?

-hire the Ride (already driving around campus)

-Izzy talk to Psi U

*WESU bands

-music from bands at Wesleyan/WESU, rebroadcast Wild Wild Live

Offshoot >>>> Gorilla Radio?  setup  phone line for listeners to call in to rant, Thanks/talk about WESU,  /announce something etc, . Those can be edited and broadcast as Gorilla radio. Also, We could have a campaign to collect used radios, slap a WESU sticker on them and plant them around campus and town…. Perhaps permanently tuning them to WESU? Scavenger hunt??

Two Weeks o’ Notes

Feb 4


Random Fundraising: Can someone look into receiving donations via text message?
Just a suggestion from a donor worth pursuing… (Virgil)


More thoughts on the Daily FB posts:  Ideas include what’s on air tonight, links to cool archived shows (can be your own), articles, station pics etc… event promotions, etc



Programming: need to nail down one more Public affairs show (Alting weds 6pm)
Any other concerns?

-Brenna was a no-show today (02/04/14)

-99 % invisible, liberation radio, radio curious, building bridges (Hannah forwarding email to board, email responses tonight)

-DJs need help for first couple weeks if they’re new (be conscious during your board hours)

Program guide? 
Where we at?

-Virgil talks about logo


Virgil-SBC trip once receives info from Ben about cost of surveillance


Tech issue: computer not displaying anything on monitor (Nate?) 

New Music for automation? Any word on this? Forgot to mention at staff meeting… It’s needed ASAP especially helpful during snow storms etc… get music to Rick.

-build a folder of music for automation, let Ben and Rick know

-will have it ready by Thursday


Training: Did we map out a schedule for spring training? Maybe check records?

-Danielle put a post on website

-info session Feb. 23?

-Becca is sending an email with potential dates


Record Fair is March 30th: Need a flyer ASAP

-Virgil is on it

-better job flyering


-Izzy on Whey Station, public relations

-on-air promotions


IBS Radio Conference? March 7-9 anyone want to represent?

-maybe Virgil?

-Nate might go…



Public Relations    Danielle is working on flow of our web posts to FB to twitter for online consistency.
DP is also a writing press release for 75th anniversary. Needs

-press release ready in a week or two 


75th Anniversary updates:


75 yrs of: We all need to suggest/submit songs so this thing works and reflects the diversity of WESU.
maybe we can work pitches for this into our daily FB/posts?

Leith (archivist)
 Danielle and Ben M will meet on Friday to go over university collection and start to map out how to share/display this stuff

Events committee update: 
 Can we come up with a feb event (even small scale)

-need Danielle to submit press release in the next two weeks

Virgil on imaging and graphic design branding 

               -grid with gray and black images on tote bag

-hand-printed special edition t-shirts


Plan to enforce Spinitron: How can we do this? Would be great to get non music show info displayed too. Need someone to enter that info for each episode…

-service hours

-if can’t go online, write down everything they’re playing



MDs need to start spending money….   Red Scroll, Amazon, Sub MDs, etc… Use some for CMJ (like last 2 years)?

Other stuff?

Feb 11

-Training schedule (Becca)


Sunday, Feb. 23 (student groups fair is) OR Thursday, Feb. 27: 


Sunday, 3/2 Session 1 (info session for all prospective trainees: introduction to WESU & training overview)

Sunday, 3/30 OR Thursday, 4/3 – Session 3 (radio fundamentals & equipment)
(side note: that Sunday is the record fair – is this an issue?)
Sunday, 4/6 OR Thursday, 4/10 – Session 4 (Code of Conduct & FCC regulations)
Sunday, 4/13 OR Thursday, 4/17 – Session 5 (wrap-up of Code of Conduct & FCC regulations; on-air procedure)
Sunday, 4/20 (uhhhh, or Saturday, 4/19, I guess) - Session 6 (Tips & Tricks)
Sunday, 4/27 – written exam in PAC 001
Monday, 4/28 through Monday, 5/5 (of course timing depends on Studio A availability & everyone’s schedules) – practical exams


-help Becca with checklist (Mary)

-AW wants to continue training (he gets two extra service hours)

-Argus New Radio/public affairs

*in training/trained?


-75th Anniversary events (Ben/Izzy/Mary/Virgil)

-February (online exhibit)

-March (late-oldies show)

-April (Guerilla radio/Hip-hop expo)

-May (spring fling? Wes seminar/alumni event)

-75th events: Ben M update, set time for next meeting. OK for BM to book oldies?


-Surveillance (Virgil)

-Virgil to email Ben

-email Virgil


-Program Guide (VIRGIL J J )

-he’s working on it now!

-Hannah will look up Radio Curious description (on



            -BM missed shows and was late this past week (we will be on the lookout and just email her later if needed and problems arise in the future)

-next time you’re let just let us know (call us, we are here)


-Board hours reminder (Mary)

-make sure WESU is broadcasting (listen)

-make daily fb post, check email

-check reservation board

-check in with 6 pm public affairs shows

-make new list of board hour duties


-Wednesday programming (Ben/Hannah)

-Radio Curious

-high pitched-ringing sound (Abigail’s show, Jack’s show); feedback?


-MDs: Music for automation (Ethan and Reta)

-purchases (this weekend to Red Scroll?)

*don’t spend most of money on vinyl, buy CDs as well

*doesn’t all have to happen at once

*also look at

-Ethan has compiled a bunch, give them a jump drive (give to Ben)


-Tech update (Nate)

-Plan to enforce Spinitron: How can we do this? Would be great to get non music show info displayed too. Need someone to enter that info for each episode…

-service hours

-if can’t go online, write down everything they’re playing (Ian?)

-Nate (sync up with Becca)

-Email link on website per JV’s suggestion?  – perhaps for that and other stuff?

* (with links like; application, link to the mail)

-Update show website links to update

-Studio PC is messed up – crashing freezing etc – we have another pc we can move in there but it will take someone to transfer files and install programs… Nate (or anyone?)? BM has not been able to get to it as quick as he’d like.

-delay acting weird

               -update contact info on


-IBS Registration (Ben and Mary)

-EH and AS

-we can afford to pay for train ticket and admission but NOT hotel

-make them do a write-up for website

-request money from SALD (Mary)


-Can we have free t-shirts?


-Pet Peeves: hearing lots of very popular songs on WESU this past week in new shows.  Particularly, a show on Sat afternoon (Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Zeppelin, etc).  If playing pop artists don’t play their most popular songs on WESU…?

-defeats purpose of mission (we’re supposed to be playing alternatives)

-articulate musical mission more (during training)

*people shouldn’t be promoting themselves

*promote the radio!

-update constitution?

-Dead hour and a half a problem?

-training (drive mission home each week, have a question about our mission on exam)

-can Ben send an all-staff email reiterating our mission? Yes.

-Ben yells “ATLANTA” at Virgil

-Random Fundraising: Can someone look into receiving donations via text message?
Just a suggestion from a donor worth pursuing…

-need permission from university (Virgil)

-Record Fair is March 30th: flyer finished? Thanks Hanna for the promo. Need to send flyer to vendor / and store list to promote and seek vendors.

-request money from SALD

-Virgil send poster by tomorrow! J J

-Other stuff?