Staff Meeting Notes: May 2015

Welcome to the last meeting of the 2014-15 academic year!
Always bittersweet as we say goodbye to staff members who are moving on.  Hope we can acknowledge that today and make this a fun meeting.

Lots to cover including elections, pledge drive, and staff recognition followed by ice cream!
Apologies from Ben M for missing his first election in 16 years.
Personnel (Ben):
Service Hours: the deadline is looming, get them done! Remember that board hours are 4-6PM on weekdays, so that’s the best time to come in.
Pledge Drive (Laura):
-This is an especially important pledge drive because we’re raising money to get much-needed upgrades to our studio equipment: new sound boards, better equipment to host live in-studio performances (more mics, a roundtable, etc.)
-Finally starting to build momentum: Over $5K in but still $14,790 left to go.
-surely more pledges will come in the mail over the weekend.
-Last pledge drive, only 1/3 of our staff participated. We can do so much better!
-Consider how much of a role WESU has played in your life. If we get so much out of being part of the station, the best thing we can do is raise money to make it an even better place.
One easy way to participate: BUY A SHIRT!  Staff special of $15! Available here today.  
-60 second pitches from each candidate who submitted a letter of intent on time.
-candidates who are running for contested positions can take up to 3 questions from staff members.
Staff recognition:
-Outgoing board
-Graduating seniors
-Service hour accomplishments
Thanks for an incredible year! Celebrate outside with us – ice cream on the house courtesy of Paul the Ice Cream Man.

Board Notes 4/23/15

Disciplinary action: last staff meeting absence follow up?
-sent to 7 students
-2 responses so far
-going to send it to the other people tonight and this weekend, through the general WESU email.
-Danielle will be sending out a general staff email about meeting attendance.

Pledge Drive: Brainstorm on value of WESU. Tactics to explore for inspiring pledges. FB posts, blog posts.
-letters should be done by Monday. (Danielle, Tess, Becca, Laura)
-write a blurb to send to Tess to post on FB
IF we don’t raise at least $20,000 we will not have the money we need for upgrades.

Commencement: can’t have a tent. Stick with the Open House. Update blurb for R&C brochure: it hasn’t been printed yet.
-getting an alternative space for a WESU alumni event? Tess and Laura will meet with the head of R&C tomorrow to discuss.
-Zelnick Pavilion?

Board hours are important, we have trainees dropping in for service hours between 4-6 so please make sure someone is around.

Sandbox arts shirt sales
-for precedent: 10% of their proceeds will go to WESU since WESU’s name is on it.
-if they don’t break even, though, they should let us know. we shouldn’t prevent them from doing that.
-tonight and Sunday: review sessions before the written test
-Tips and Tricks: Sunday, May 3, at 3PM
-practical exams: finding out now when Studio A is open.
-summer show apps: will go out within the week.
     -sending the app out to trainees: people can apply as long as it’s clear that they’re making a commitment to completing the training program.
     -applications will be due on 5/8. Training should be pretty much wrapped up by then.
-testing: Need to map out process for trainees to participate in summer schedule. Let’s not let them slip through cracks.

NYC Record Dude (Keith) took remainder of records  that he purchase from WESU at the Record Fair. All that remains is a relatively small load of CDs and loose 78 rpm records.

Since we freed up that space, we have already started to move last year’s giant record donation to studio X, where it will be out of the way until we implement a process  for sorting that donation.
MD purchasing: the MDs are going this weekend and have been in touch with sub-MDs.
Public Affairs:
-Helen just recorded her 50th episode of Mind Matters. Should be up on the Pacifica sharing network soon. Super exciting!
-Laura will send out an email soliciting content for Sprouts (30-minute public affairs shows broadcast nationally)
T-shirt sales: slight delay with order. Supposed to pick up shirts today or tomorrow. What price should we charge for students? Can we sell old shirts as well? Maybe $10 for old and $15 for new (pledge price for new is $35)

Feet to the fire? WESU table at the event on May 8 – Tess will get in touch with Eliza about this

Board Notes 4/2/15

Training: started last week, moving the Sunday sessions to 2:30.
-getting more board members to help teach the sessions
-lots of people offered to host interns, which is awesome
Low meeting attendance: half of staff wasn’t there.
-email everyone who has missed half or more than half of the meetings warning them that they can’t have a show next fall UNLESS they complete certain criteria (e.g. more service hours + definitely attending the May meeting)
-case-by-case evaluation of the situation
1. telling people that they won’t get a show
2. telling people they probably won’t get a show. (but really strongly worded and taking it seriously internally)
Option 2 wins. Ben G. will send a draft email to the board.
Julie Burstein:
Best way to promote the workshop: Wesleying post has been submitted, Argus Facebook post, Tess will email Rosy C. at Allbritton
-Introducing the talk? Ethan? (Becca will if not Ethan)
-will coordinate soon about dinner plans
-Tess offered to record an interview with her before the workshop
Record Fair: success!
WESU outing with Cmdr Aleon: getting a van together.
-training to drive one of the RIDE vans
Buying music: sometime within the next two weekends. Ethan will let the board know exactly when they’re going.
Explorers’ Hour has to change its time slot (currently 5-6 on Wednesday afternoons, weekly)
-the board will rotate covering this slot for the rest of the season.
A few past CVs want to get back to DJ shows: in order to get a show, they’ll have to retake the written and practical exam. We will resend them the training manual/code of conduct in advance.

Board Meeting Note 11/5/2013

License application update from BM, EEP, and ownership reports filed w FCC per Legal Counsel
We filed early, awaiting word from the lawyers!

Hard nips Concert (Izzy)
1) Security update
Applied for money, awaiting results, need board members to help staff the event
2) Promos (Hanna)
3) Poster on website/Facebook and Wesleying next week (DP)
4) Flyering campus (trainees? Izzy/Eliza reach out)

Mid-Wes (Mary)
– Do we want them to table the event for us?
– No thank you, but why not something else
– Is it as simple as it sounds??????
– Is it a waste of their time?
– Answer is no

WesDEF program (Ben?)
– happening next week on Wednesday, 11/9 at 5:30pm in 41 Wyllys, room 112. Any delegates?
– Mary might go
– we have something to offer as a service to the town

IBS East coast 1 day (Botson) conference is Nov 16.
Anyone want to go rep? (Virgil)

Training (Eliza/Hannah updates)
It’s been going well, thanks everyone!!!
Planning for Proctoring the Practical Exam
Problem with getting service hours, tell them to come in—their is plenty to do!

Any discipline issues/no-shows?
Absences from staff meeting are being assessed

1) Disciplinary follow-up….how’d it go?
– well its going well
– working on retraining
2) Anyone interested in replacing EKM?

MB will post/email staff about the elections to clarify details 

75th anniversary
Notes from the meeting will be published
LISTSERV is coming
it went well

WESU T-shirt contest
feedback will be sent back


Pledge promos contest:
1) Review and pick a winner
2) Ben gives a production demo


This Weeks Notes

Extension of 75th Anniversary Promo competition for next week

Do we has a tagline: we need one, or should we keep “75 years of music and public affairs”

Student group activities fair  How did it go?
Training  – any needs / updates? Who can do this? WP savvy..? Wesleying post? Facebook event? Flyering? Website?
Program guide – Now 2 sided – update please? This need to go to the printer ASAP.
Pledge drive time frame and method? Start up in April? Goal? Maybe 15K—maybe more??? We nearly hit that this past fall… Packets??? When to get them out? What’s the angle? Kindler gentler again…
Staff resource page ( per suggestion last week..
Clean up outdated shows on stream rewind? There are many shows listed that are no longer on air. Can Hanna cross reference? Ben can then double check list and then maybe Nate can delete?
divest from fossil fuels: supermajority vote in the sunday meeting
do we do politics as a station….

Staff meeting on Sunday – need email reminder. 


Record fair

Mailing to ct stores is in the works (by Ian Work study)
need t post around campus and town soon.
Did we send Rec Fair info to Stephan Allison to get listed at and in the City Arts calendar for March?
Can we get an ad it printed in Argus and how do we get the fair promoted on Wesleying? DEVELOPING A BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ARGUS
DP to work on a press release for the Rec Fair.
SALD funds

Oldies concert update: looks like April 19th at MHC PAC – made a bunch of calls today to start lining up performers. coming together, more from BM soon (maybe the five satins), recognizing CV and community
a lot of promo of
Death in concert? progress is being made
YTST April 12
Roots of Hip Hop summit idea…

75th anniversary

— 75 years of” radio show still needs our input.   Raise your hand if you have contributed to the April (poetry), and May (Wes connected), and June (African American) themes?
— BM reached out to the CFA to see if they might be willing to work with us on some of the events.
— Website needs 75th anniversary landing page  Who can do?—Hoping for 75th committee to meet following the staff meeting.
— MB is working on an alumni update email feeling out interest support for “gala” event.

Discipline – Friday night situation w Dave. Any word on die cast no show?  On air tonight?Board Promo contest listen and vote! Make yours by Sat or be shamed.



Staff Meeting Notes 3/29/15

Welcome:Thanks for joining us here for the Penultimate WESU Staff Meeting before summer break at Wesleyan. Hopefully the snow will be gone by our next (May) meeting!

With no March staff meeting, due to snow, we have a lot of ground to cover including  a several updates from the board and a pre pledgedrive talk.

Tech (Mizael):
Adobe defaults: To the people who reconfigure the adobe audition suite and make important things LIKE THE RECORD BUTTON disappear…. please stop!  It is great that we can customize many features in this program (outdated as it may be).  But it really set other people back when they cannot find the most basic controls when they need them.

It never hurts to reboot the computer if you’re starting a new editing session.

Personnel (Ben G):  
Contact info: There’s a new staff list up in Studio A. Please make sure your email and phone are up to date on new staff list in Studio A. Feel free to fill in your phone # on that sheet, or fill it in on today’s attendance sheet.

Training: first sessions happened last week. It’s going well but we can always use more help. Any staff member can volunteer to help teach training, and/or to speak at the Tips and Tricks panel. Get in touch with Ben if you want to do so.

Staff email list: Has everyone here been getting all staff emails? Contact Ben G. if you’re not.

Music Directors:
-Spending our budget for new music. Get in touch with the MDs (
– Seeking suggestions for purchase the station would benefit from adding to the library
– Please get in touch!

-Reminder that today (Sunday) through this Tuesday are the fifth of the month. So if you have a 1/3/5 show on one of those days, you’re on this week and also next week (the first of the month).
-Julie Burstein speaking event on the horizon – please help and participate! April 8, 7PM, CFA Hall. Julie Burstein founded Studio 360 on WNYC and is overall an awesome person. She’ll be giving a talk about the creative process. Play the promo in the Priority Promo folder!

Events (David):
-Record fair was a great success! Thanks to Lee, David, and everyone who helped pull it off (DJs). It always takes a lot of work but it has continued to grow into a cherished tradition and important fundraising and community outreach event!  It’s also a ton of fun!
-sold our entire record fair collection!
-we now have space to store our donated collection.

Public Relations (Tess):
– WESU Magazine: looking for written and audio content.
– New T-shirt designs by Lara and Kaitlin.
-keep a lookout for (temporary) tattoos, other cool merch.
-come to Art Group meetings at 8PM on Thursdays.

Production (Abby):
-Make a promo for your show! Email Abby at if you’re interested in getting some help.
-Muslim Women’s Voices –  still a few more events, please keep an eye out for and play the promos to help promote this cool and important CFA concert series. (Watch the end dates!)There’s music by one of the artists pinned to the bulletin board in the studio now. Sometimes the artists are available for interviews too!
-For a Radio station, we could do a much better job promoting our own programming to our own listeners. This is not because our production director, Abby is not working hard and producing content of her own as well as helping others. She’s is doing a fantastic job. It’s because many among our 150+ staff haven’t made promos.
-Of the promos we do have, many of them are old. Some show promos are more than 10 years old…. In addition to Abby, there are lots of people on staff who can help you learn to record and edit a new promo.  It’s fun!
-Mind you, if you’ll never have a show on WESU again in the same spot after the first 2 weeks of May, when our spring season ends, there are probably better ways to earn a service hour.

Public Affairs (Laura):
– Help gathering info for Public File: this is our way of showing what people talk about on our public affairs folder. If you’re interested in helping to gather this info, get in touch with Laura (
– History Rewrite for website:  contact Laura & Mizael if you want to help out.
– College Media Conference in NYC: It was super informative to meet people from college radio stations all over the country, and to get a better sense of the media landscape (hooray for buzzwords) that we’re part of. We should definitely keep sending delegates to this!

Election pitch (Danielle and Becca):
Sad but true! We’ll be electing a new Board of Directors at our Next Meeting.
Please consider participating on our form of quasi democratic governance of WESU.
Our elected Board of Directors should reflect the diversity of our staff and programming (including CVs, who have been absent from the board for too long)

Letters of intent need to be posted by 4/19, 2 weeks before May election/meeting.
To announce candidacy, just send an email to staff list.
We encourage creative campaign letters/posters, videos etc.Candidates will make a pitch and answer questions at the May meeting.
Write-in candidates are allowed at the election but are not able to make a stump speech or field questions like candidates who met the 4/19 deadline.

Very quick pitches from all present board members.
Visit to see all of the positions on the Board, as well as the contact info for each position. If you’re thinking of running, you’re highly encouraged to contact the current board member and chat with them about what they do!

Pledge Drive:
Pledge goal is $20K (same amount as last spring)

What’s different about this pledge drive is that however much we raise, we get to keep it!

Most years during our spring pledge drive we are raising just enough to have balanced budget by the end of the fiscal year (July 1).

Because of our successful capital campaign to raise money for upgrades, we have essentially raised enough money to balance the budget.
Anything we raise at this point will “profit” the station!

In that sense this is a VERY IMPORTANT DRIVE as it will essentially be the capstone of our 2-year capital campaign.
By raising $20K we should be able to:

Purchase at least one new mixing board
refurbish the current board and relocate to studio C.
redesign and get some new consoles and furniture in the 2 main studios. Tighten them up soundwise.
make studio b more productive for group conversations/meetings and live performance art.

With 20K we can do that! If we only raise $5K we won’t even be able to replace a mixing board.  The money we raise in this drive will ensure that the money that we have raised for this project will be used as it was intended.

We received to several large donations last pledge drive specifically for this upgrade—as well as hundreds of smaller donations but just as important contributions from the various communities we serve.

Long story short – If we raise 15K we get to keep the 15K that we are ahead by. If we raise $20K we get to spend it all on station upgrades.
This is why we are shooting for $20K, which seems very doable considering we raised that amount last spring and just raised nearly $30K in our Fall drive. And of course, the fact that more staff are now inspired to participate.

it’s all about finding a the right way to connect with the various communities we serve. Your contribution to the pledge drive and the station should reflect that.
If more staff really make the effort,  more listeners will donate and  WESU will be better!

Also, we are working on revising the  online giving system that should make it  more user friendly and more like a shopping cart, per staff and donor suggestions.

Board Notes 3/26/15

T-shirts: designs look great! we have one wacky design and one cleaner design.
WESU temporary tattoos will be a thing.
Bumper sticker/button designs should be finalized within the week.
Board Retreat to talk about the future of WESU: Saturday, 4/25
Julie Bernstein:
-will email poster to trainees interested in flyering.
-press release
-will include Google form for signing up for the workshop in the Facebook event/Wesleying ad.
-Center for Community Partnerships PR? Ethan will get in touch with Ben M. about this.
-other speaker series events: will make individual FB events for each. Look out for a follow-up email about the other speaker events!
-StreamRewind issues: Mizael is trying to fix now.
Thursday at 8, Sunday at 2.
-15-20 DJs signed up to host interns.
-about 100 people on the training listserv right now, the list will definitely shrink
-HR and KC will be helping out with training sessions.
Other personnel stuff:
-new list of staff members/contact info now up in Studio A.
-making a central place for people to upload audio stuff. Possibly combining audio production with an online version of the zine?
-still hoping to contact small labels/bands directly
-Music directors still have a bunch of money to spend (like $1,500). They should reach out to sub mds for help and purchasing suggestions. We usually give BR $100-$200 for Folk, We can offer JV some as well, and ask staff for suggestions. We can purchase anywhere online that takes a credit card but Amazon works good for most online purchases. The MDs usually organize a field trip to Redscroll as well.  Maybe talk to Rick about purchasing at the fair on Saturday?
Record Fair: Looking good! Nice article in Middletown Press today  (front page!!) and a couple of good record donations this week.  300+ have joined the FB event.
-more people have signed up to volunteer. David will go to the training session and get trainees to volunteer.
-The record fairs have turned into our most successful fundraising events of the year we really need all hands on deck.  IMOP (BM here) All Board members (who are not out of town or otherwise committed for the duration of the event) should at least be attending, if not working a shift. It’s called leading by example.
-Publicity: got Wesleying and the Argus covered.
-Other news: vendors space is sold out, records and cds should have been staged for preloading by Ian (workstudy today).
-BM will get cashbox, merch , and price sheets ready to go tomorrow
CMA conference report: it was great! we should definitely send delegates again next year.
Spring pledge Drive: BM suggest a goal of $20K and to start on 4/6 and continue through end of Month (or til we reach our goal) We need a whole bunch of NEW pledge drive promos and the new T-shirt designs to prep the pledge forms on and offline.
-Possible theme: Support the Art of Free-Form Radio.
Student TED Talk-style event: let Becca and Danielle know if you want to be more involved! This event will be an opportunity for students to creatively/interactively showcase ideas that they’re passionate and projects they’re working on. FB event will be coming out soon soliciting student speakers.
Staff meeting on Sunday:
on the agenda so far: Fall pledge drive follow up and Map out Spring Pledge drive, events, training, 2015-16 Board election pitches. Studio defaults (adobe audition). Get in touch if you have other specific agenda items.

Board Notes 2/26/15

Training: Share the Facebook event for the info session:
-KC will help out at the info session + future training sessions.
Production Staff: had their first meeting, signed contracts, very eager.
PR: Art Group talked about ideas for the semester last week, will meet again tonight at 8PM.
-tshirts: a weird one and a less weird one. Will decide what’s feasible in terms of having shirts for individual shows.
-stickers, pens, tote bags??? (we have a tote bag design by VT, maybe we could sell them at the record fair?)
-turning the zine into a larger magazine with more content, maybe once a season/semester. community-building around the magazine: will discuss at Art Group meeting tonight and solidify the plan.
-new Facebook cover photo image needed
-TA will come into the studio with Andreas to produce his show with him, will work on 4-5 evergreen shows.
-Spring break programming is pretty much ready to go.
-Julie Burstein: event space and workshop all set.
-put in a request for an honorarium from the SBC by Sunday.
Pledge drive: receipts and premiums have all gone out in the mail as of today. Ben M will put together a report for the staff to show at Sunday’s meeting.
Public Affairs:
bringing shows into the Pacifica audio port: Mind Matters (in the works), AOA
Sprouts (local stories of national interest): Mind Matters would be a good candidate for this, as well.
Jive at Five: gonna tackle that next.
Other updates: domain name now available: we put in a bid on it for $50, could just make it redirect to
-all in favor of purchasing this domain name
text-to-landline service: people in the studio can read and respond to texts received via the landline #.
-also: text to donation function – if you text a keyword to a certain number, it will lead you to the donation URL on our website. worth it?
     -not a real text to donate system: doesn’t put a charge on your phone bill, which would be more legit/helpful for us.
     -might overwhelm DJs
     -not doing it.
app: need an app where people can tune into WESU’s stream directly without going through a third party (such as TuneIn). should also have a Donate button.
-would be cool if it also showed what’s playing (through Spinitron) + the show schedule + archives.
-should be simple.
talk to Espwesso about playing WESU at the café!
End-of-year celebration: ice cream has worked out in the past, but let’s keep thinking of other ideas.
WESU tent during R&C Week: live DJs, other fun stuff. Tess will talk to the people she works with who help organize R&C week.
+ possibly a WESU concert?
ZE missed his show. Punishment: listen to ALL the rejected music. But really: make a post on the MD blog.
AOA: played music with a few f-bombs in it.
-Course of action? Have a WESU staff member in the group required to listen to the show (specifically the music) before it airs and sign off on it. That staff member will be ultimately responsible.
-everyone on AOA should become a staff member in the long run, become members of our community
-they’ll put together a written agreement about this by next week.

Board Notes 2/19/15

Spring Break Programming: Ethan is putting out schedule, will talk to Tess about a time slot for the grad student who wants to prerecord.
Program guides are out! Folding ensues.
Service Hour Check-in: BG will email the staff as a reminder.
-logging service hours both online and on paper
Training: interest meeting in about 2 weeks. First session right when we get back from break.
Production Staff Meeting: Monday at 5 at the station. Intro to the station/their roles, signing contracts.
Record Fair: start getting promos together
-Facebook event before Spring Break
-1 round of flyers before Spring Break, one round after.
Julie Burstein: all set, we need to start promoting. Will be at CFA Hall, free.
College Media Convention: Tess, Laura, & Becca will email Ben M. about wanting to attend.
Red Feather partnership:
-block of time every week
-recording visiting artists to later air on WESU
-maybe they can provide us evergreen content
-PR director as the liaison with Red Feather – also be in touch with Wild Wild Live
-having a relationship with them so that they’re willing to work with us if we want/need to utilize the space.
-make a graphic/something to make clear on their website that our recordings are WESU recordings
Public Affairs:
-People have been emailing LW about posting their shows on Facebook.