Board Notes 11/12/14

Freakers Ball: the board will cover the rest of the volunteer slots.
-Facebook event: invite everyone at once as soon as it’s publicized.
-decorating! (Tess/Art Mafia)
-winner of the dance-off will blow out the candles of a WESU birthday cake
-we can raise up to $1500 on this show!
-coat check (BG will ask Second Stage about getting a coat rack)
-electronic list of people who have bought tickets (on a Google doc) – David will send out
-Lord Lewis opening
Training: going well! about 25 people signed up to host interns.
-trainees are eager to do service hours, etc.
Thanksgiving coverage: not going to punish people if they can’t find coverage for Thanksgiving, but they should make sure to be in communication with EO if they can’t find anyone.
Show evaluations: should be done by the end of the semester. Sign up for 3 shows on the Google doc ASAP.
Video: formally roll it out for the pledge drive
Organizing promo/PSA folders: not enough time to get around to it – delegate for service hours
-ZE will send out an all-staff email about the blog today or tomorrow
-LW will send out the Public Affairs show evaluation form tonight.
-code of journalistic standards for public affairs shows
-Pacifica audio port: looking into uploading programs to it.
-show hosts who have an interview coming up should interview Laura; she can post the info on Facebook.
-revamping the Jive at Five: script to go through Public Affairs director on Monday
pledge packets will be done and ready to send by Monday.

Board Notes 11/5/14

Training: Sundays at 3, Wednesdays at 8
-next time: public affairs
-at least 10 shows offered to host interns so far.
Program: EO will send out an email during board hours tomorrow, and a follow-up with all the open slots.
-Reggae block missed shows – one because of a funeral, the other was away (Donovan). EO will send these DJs an email reminding them of the protocol for missing shows.
Attendance at meetings: we have to be more strict about this. Students especially who have missed too many meetings will have a lower priority on the programming schedule in the spring.
-If you don’t go to the December and haven’t been to any other meetings, you’re not getting a show.
-If you have missed one or two you have lower priority.
-Beginning of next semester: reminder email that attendance will be taken more seriously.
Show evaluation forms: checklist of things that are in the manual, sticking to description, free-form mission.
-splitting up the listening: new shows this semester, older shows next semester.
-35 new shows this semester
-EO will email everyone a list of new shows, board members will sign up to listen to 3 each.
Events: Freakers’ Ball will go until midnight! Woooo!
-opening WESU DJs 9-10, Tubin 10-12
-tshirts are a no-go
-posters will be designed, waiting on figuring out who the DJs will be.
-board/staff members should go through event host training.
-$5 ticket? yes
-manning the doors as a service hour
-invite everyone you know!
Pledge Drive: Abby will make a promo, we will send out the pledge goal Google form ASAP.
Brooklyn concert: waiting on BM’s contacts

Board Notes 10/22/14

HM missed show: extra service hours aimed at pledge drive

Food donations? – it’s been a bad year for many of the resturants but we’ll keep searching.

Record Fair: fliers, volunteers

First training will be Nov. 2: twice a week, one weekday night & one Sunday afternoon; need someone to host Sunday afternoon training.
-We have about 60 people willing to participate in training
-TA helping with sunday and LW with weekdays with MR

BG: – community member from Hartford wants to have a show about working mothers but wants to start next semetser, half hour slot
LW – people from the Center for Prison educaction have been recording interviews @ 9. They need to be let in at 9?
-Next meeting we plan to divide and conquer staff list to figure out goals

Board Notes 10/15/14


Record Fair:  Need to get event listed on Wesleyan Blog, Wesleying (when appropriate), Middletown Eye, and any other community listings (SA has already added us to the Arts2go blog.)
-We need to follow up on organizing the vinyl for bringing to the record fair.
-Waiting to hear about Food truck.
-Needs more fliers (send to staff).

Dull Tools showcase: all ready to go for next Wednesday. Let DW know if you want to help set up.

Dance party: November 20, will have to end at 11PM. will probably start at 9 with 8:30 doors.
-will need to creatively market this to get people rallied for a relatively early show.
-silkscreening t-shirts! (the Sandbox guys are super down)

-about 60 people showed up to the info session.
-Anarchy on Air & ANR don’t want to go through the producers’ training program because of its introductory level.
-board consensus: will work out a plan with them individually to make sure they’re on the same page with WESU policies and using the equipment.
-should we require more of this semester’s trainees? service hours/internships?
-4 service hours
-optional internships (an internship could count for a service hour)
-required to make an automated show
-making a promo could count for a service hour
-timeline: 3 or 4 workshops across November, making an automated show by the end of November. (this will be in place of the practical)

-committees & blog: RS has to check in with ZE.
-the MDs can interview the artists who are visiting for the Dull Tools showcase.

-Press releases: Danielle will send Tess all the contacts for sending out the press release for the record fair (which is done)
-This week for record fair; next week, commemoration event with mayor, followed by pledge drive announcement.
-Art Mafia had first meeting. WESU Zine: Sandbox guys want to do layout, call for art submissions will go out.
-including the zine in our pledge drive mailing would tie in great with our final 75th anniversary stretch.
-fixing the Facebook: is happening in the leadup to the pledge drive.

-board challenge: collectively raise $1000

Brooklyn event: BM is sending out ticklers. (“Is that an obscure Brooklyn band?” -TA)

Fall break, are we set for this?  EO is coordinating.


-Abby: video is going well. More people need to send in photos! music suggestions from MDs?
-Becca is making official invitations to send. (Mayor, MR, Rob RR, RW and Kathy, JJ, trustees?)
-Student leaders or faculty that appreciate WESU or should know more (Izzy, JG, President of WSA, other key people)
-Schedule of events:
-5:30: picture
-6: food and schmooze
-7: meeting with fundraising stuff

Food updates: waiting on manager/owner responses from Mondo, Emporium, Nora, Haveli, Typhoon. Have confirmation from Red & Black, Iliano’s, & Taino. BM is in touch with Bon App.


– We will be asking people to tell us their own goals and will follow up with them.
  • divide and conquer: come up with email template to send people
  • puts the ball in their court
  • encourage people to make realistic goalsAlumni: need to reach out to alumni (sooner rather than later) asking for images of program guides, bumper stickers, and t shirts that we can incorporate into our online galleries of WESU history.

-IM is working on getting our programs /images up online in galleries as we speak. Once done with that he can also work on a page linking WESU/ Argus articles.

-TIMELINE of pledge drive:

11/2 (staff meeting / commemorative event)
Fundraising phase 1: Get program guide and pledge packets out in the mail to past donors
-During this phase, staff members are expected to develop, state, and pursue their off air donation goal.
-Goals will be collected by board members and recorded in a spreadsheet.
Staff members should aim to reach their goal by the next staff meeting/before we move into “Phase 2.”
-During Phase 1, we will also start to subtly talk about our fundraising goals on air and play “anytime” pledge pitches. (We should be playing plenty of 75th anniversary promos during this period as well)

Dec 1: transition into our on Phase 2: on-air pledge drive
-During this phase, staff member will be expected to make pledge announcements at least 4 times per hour. These can be live pledge pitches from our handbook (improvising is ok) or prerecorded pledge pitches.
-Ideally, this phase is completed within 2 weeks but it will extend to the end of the calendar year if need be.

Dec 7 (Staff meeting and pledge check-in)
-With Phase 1 behind us and folks having most staff having met their stated goals, we should be approaching our collective goal.
-Perhaps, at this point, we can acknowledge our staff members who have reached their goals, by presenting them with the incentives we promised.

Staff member issues:
-BI & RK want to prerecord their comedy show (1/3/5 Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30 AM). Board decision: they don’t have enough of a reason not to do it live and should be able to make it work as-is. It’s not super late, they’re on campus, and they have a live DJ after them. (DW: “Someday everything will be prerecorded.” EO: “We’ll all be robots eventually.”)
-RS no-show: will do extra service hours in the form of helping AS collect music for the 75th anniversary video.

Board Notes 10/8/14

Info session scheduled for tomorrow, will see what people’s more specific interests/needs are regarding production.

RECORD FAIR: Need all hands on deck. People tabling at all times; setup, packing up.
-we’ve sold almost all the tables to vendors, which is cool.
-Lee has a timetable for when we need people to help.
-DW will send out an all-staff email to get people to sign up to help out.
-flyer says 55 Wyllys Avenue (where the fair actually is) as opposed to 45 Wyllys (which has been a typo on posters for years).           Should we change it back to the typo to avoid confusing people? -NO.
-flyers to put up on Main Street.
-PR: press release

DULL TOOLS SHOWCASE: capacity of Zelnick is 60 people. should be a cool show and won’t seem that small in that space.
-can anyone help get food for the artists?
-Art Mafia posters
-night after fall break: will have to be promoted by the end of next week. (poster by next meeting?)

75th ANNIVERSARY PARTY at Eclectic: we have the money for the artist, the artist himself, and the date at Eclectic.(11/20/14) We just need confirmation.
-competitive element involving dance?
-Thursday night events have to end at midnight.
-ticketed event

Open house during Homecoming: we’ll choose a few hours to keep the station open to alumni. LW will be here that Saturday; Becca will be here all weekend

Pledge Drive:
-people still like offering the different options for raising money (i.e., certain amount of donations, certain dollar amount, or equivalent in merch)
-sending out emails to see what people think their individual goal should be? – people might not follow up with this.
-consensus: minimum of 3 donations per staff member.
-incentive of T-shirts/hoodies: high dollar amounts earn a prize.
-putting a board up to track progress? – a Great Sticker Debate ensues.

-Program guide is done! will (hopefully) go to the printer tomorrow.
-ER: had forgotten whether his show was followed by a live DJ or automation. could have checked the schedule, plus EO had sent him an email about automation.
-consequence: more service hours. working sound for the record fair. (9-11 AM)
-alternating programming: sending out an email at the beginning of each month would be helpful.
-LW gets a sticker punishment for missing a show.
-ANR: hasn’t been reserving Studio B ahead of time.

October 2014 Staff Meeting Notes

Welcome from Ben / General Announcements

-thanks to Dave Bauer for the photo!

-75th commemorative event at next staff meeting: food, video, proclamation from Mayor plus other dignitaries.

-will take place at the Daniel Family Commons (DFC) at Usdan – 45 Wyllys Avenue
-need help finding food donations – looking for 8 restaurants to donate 75 appetizers trade for underwriting announcements.
-coordinating this will earn you service hours.
-we can forward the underwriting form to staff members.
-if you have connections to restaurants, go through Ben or another board member so the details are clear.

-Check out Leith’s display right here at Olin. Many thanks to LJ!

– Still need hosts for November and December 75 Years Of…

-BS is hosting this month’s show: 75 years of LGBTQ artists.
-email BS ( directly with suggestions.
-get in touch if you want to host! (burn off service hours!)
-suggest a theme!

– Service hours: don’t let them creep up on you. Plenty to do.

– Pledge Drive: will be going hard at it starting in early November for whole month. Need to raise $20K!!

-Some people do an awesome job at raising money. Others haven’t made as much of an effort in the past.

– Working on fine tuning our model to ensure everyone is participating. Thinking of a “Give or Get” policy. Suggestions from staff?

-Ken: maybe ask people at other stations what kinds of models they use.
-BS: making it mandatory for students to generate money when we already ask for money from the WSA isn’t fair. Also not fair to ask community volunteers to come up with the money. Having alternatives for raising money (as noted in last week’s board notes) seems like a stronger, fairer suggestion.
-How do people know how much money they’ve raised personally/how many people have actually donated when asked? – making the “Whose show is this in support of?” field mandatory on the donation form.
-maybe doing a Give or Get without the consequences?
-Karen: based on pledge drives at other stations (like WHUS): having a phone bank, offering premiums, going out to businesses. Every show had a goal.
-that’s basically how we’ve done pledge drives in the past, but it’s turned out inconsistently.
-What if we had more of an online store presence? – the University controls our online portal for donations. We could look into enhancing what we have, but it will be challenging.
-using a portal like eBay for offering premiums, esp. for collectible items.
-BR: maybe we could insert an auction page into our website.
-BR: we have a somewhat limited ability to control how money is coming in. Happy to talk more if people have specific suggestions.
-Ken: utilizing social networks more for pledge drive purposes.


-Fall Break coverage: fall break is just two weeks away! Plan ahead and avoid all-staff emails because they clog the server.

-Don’t step on automated shows! Pull up automation according to the time on the computer clock.

Public Affairs:
-In order to make public affairs more of a presence, we’re making a Public Affairs listserv. If you have any type of show that touches on public affairs stuff and want to be in the know about interview opportunities, other cool things in the public affairs world, email LW ( and she’ll put you on the list.

-Record Fair is on Sunday, 10/26/14, from 11am to 5pm.

-lots of volunteer opportunities!
-volunteer sign-up sheet & flyers at the door. sign up and put up flyers!
-we need at least 2 people with cars to help bring records to and from the station.
-DJs needed to spin vinyl live.
-email if you’re available to get involved.
-definitely work to be done the day before (10/25) to load records, set up, etc.
-plenty of service hour opportunities!

-Dull Tools record label showcase: 10/22/14. Spread the word!

-75th anniversary video: submit photos!
-Also need PROMOS: for shows, 75th anniversary, and pledge drive. Talk to Abby (

-Training info session this Thursday (10/9/14). Spread the word!
-Email if you want to help out with training.
-We’re especially looking for people involved with Public Affairs shows to talk about their experiences.

Public Relations:
-Social media volunteer opportunities
-Art mafia opportunities: first meeting this week
-Email TA (or talk to her so she can email you) about getting involved with these things:

Music Directors:
-thanks to the sub-MDs for doing an awesome job.
-reviving our music blog: get in touch if you want to write reviews!
-cataloging our collection
-come by during the MDs’ service hours (Mondays 4:30-6:30) to help out with day-to-day music needs at the station.

General Staff announcements and questions:
-Dry Dock concert on 10/31/14 at 9PM

Board Notes 10/1/14

– big speaker for 75th anniversary? get in touch by the end of the week if you have ideas for a big but accessible name.
– BK birthday party: getting a committee together, would be great to book a show between Christmas and New Years
– venue, contact & interested parties
– who are the NY Weskids that are accessible?
– BM is emailing some NYC contacts

City Hall event & proclamation at staff meeting postponed until November
-visit restaurants by NEXT WEEK.

Dull Tools showcase: 10/22. David will talk to Concert Committee again to try to secure full funding.

Record Fair: people should be promoting it on air, flyer is in Studio A.
-David will make a Facebook event during his board hours on Friday.
-Food truck issue?

Freakers Ball: Jonathan Tubin might be a go! (a Thursday in November) – coordinate his availability, the Concert Committee’s availability, and openings at Eclectic.
– all events should be tabled unless towards 75th
– Record Fair: info to website. (Tess is on this)

– write-up of logistics about how it would work, what production vs. on-air training means, by next week’s board meeting.
– different levels of training
– do our best to make sure that they aren’t redudant
– OCT 15th meeting with Ben M.
– special case-by-case bases for Fall on-air training
– incorporate more stuff about sound.
– guides to put in a binder in Studios A & B

Program guides: design should be finalized tonight. Off to printer for 7-10 days.

Tech: Press page on website for links to articles, photos, etc. relating to WESU

Staff directory – Needs to be updated in studio.
-BG & E will cross-reference staff lists.
-should be organized in Studio A by show times so that DJs can easily contact each other.

MUSIC BLOG – the MDs are on it, will be talking to some people directly during their board hours.

Pledge drive:
– Need to start earlier, ideally with mailing of program guides
– “Give or Get” idea: board thinks $75 is too much. $25 is doable. Other options should be available. (SEE BELOW)
-Breakdown we decided on: is that people can either
-Raise a certain amount of money ($25???)
-Sell a certain amount of WESU swag (i.e., t-shirts) for the equivalent of the amount of money
-contribute 2 hours to pledge drive efforts (stuffing envelopes, etc.). this would be on top of regular service hours.

– If we raise a certain amount collectively as a staff, there will be a celebratory angle.
– Need to start early getting promos in order.
– how can we incentivize people raising more money? publicly track people’s progress?

Board Notes 9/24/14

Event Updates
-record fair: DW has a cool new flyer ready that doesn’t require you to “look through the horse.”
-Freakers Ball update: move to November? would fit better around Jonathan Tubin’s schedule. Everyone is on board with this.
-Record label showcase on 10/22 – DW is booking, pending funds from Concert Committee
-speaker series: Julie Burstein can come in the spring. What kinds of speakers would generate interest among people on campus beyond the WESU community? (want to appeal to a wide audience)

Program Guide
-update: having trouble because of the length of some show descriptions. The designer is in contact with BM

Breaking News
– staff meeting celebration moved to November (mayor can’t do Oct. 5th because of wedding anniversary)
-visit restaurants and check back in by the end of the month.
– meeting with RedFeather Studios: collaboration agreement in the works. Will need a liaison moving forward. Very exciting!

– production training in the fall & year round/on air training in the spring
– special training in the fall for seniors/people who are priorities for getting shows in the spring.
– deadline for deciding everything, so that we can have an info session: very beginning of October.
– work on ways for people in get involved aside from having show.

– press release for the last leg of our 75th season

Board Notes 9/17/14

General Stuff:

-Update board info on the website: Tess is doing this

-DJ Rob Chocolate Cake has been away: should he prerecord stuff or should he just find replacements? (sub would probably be Business Buzz) – He is going to prerecord his show for 2 weeks

-Play the PSA for Muslim Women’s Voices – let Ben know if you want free tickets to the CFA event this weekend – between now and Saturday @ 9pm

-Coverage of shows is an issue: too many all-staff emails
-Ask people before and after you first if you need a sub
-EO is going to send out an email to all staff about this

-BS and DP are meeting with us individually on Friday – BS will send out a list of times for that
-the meetings are at the tables down in Usdan


Record Fair: October 26th
– We need a flyer, David is working on that flyer – AS and DW will work on this on Friday
– Whey Station can’t come this year so we need to find other food. Thinking about the Kickin’ Chicken food truck – we won’t make any money off of them, but that’s okay because it’s juststarting out

Freaker’s Ball
– Only Halloween night is open for Eclectic that weekend but they might book it in the future. If they don’t, then we can have that night. Half good news? The weekend before, there is a date open (October 24th)
– Other venues as backup? – don’t want to compete with Eclectic that night if they have something booked.
– Ask them again about when we can know about the 31st?
– Give Eclectic an ultimatum
– Booking Johnathan Tubin – reach out to him to find his availability
– What about the act already booked by Eclectic being part of our event? Does that go against the point of our event? We want it to be a dance-y party; maybe it won’t work to make the event about WESU – not doing that because we want the event to ourselves
– Selling tickets ahead of time
– We should make T-shirts?
– Students only

Speaker Series
– Julie Burstein: emailed last Thursday and not responded yet, Ethan will send a follow-up email
– Should it be a speaker series for the fall semester (75th) or the entire academic year? – We want to make it the entire year
– Any other leads? Be in touch!
– We are not limiting it to Wesleyan alums

Concert in Brooklyn?
– Making a committee to arrange that for during winter break – does anyone want to get involved?
– many NYC connections
– Ben knows a guy
– Booking a band for a concert?
– This would be a 75th anniversary event

Ben M’s brother works at a BBQ place, Taino – using that as a WESU venue? – could possibly help us cater our October staff meeting?

October Staff Meeting
– Reserved the DFC, it will mostly be a photo op celebration
– The mayor is coming, maybe the governor!
– DFC has beautiful sunset views, for real though
– MR will be there
– At 5:30pm, before the meeting, we will have a photo op thing in front of Olin
– We want it to be catered, maybe appetizer type things, reaching out to local restaurants to see if they want to donate any food
– Does anyone want to help out with that? Restaurant visits happening this weekend!
– Maybe TA and BG will do that – talk to DP
– LW can help out during this week too
– Creating a Google Doc for the restaurants
– Offering them underwriting – promotes the restaurant on air (at the value of the food) – BM has
a rate sheet for underwriting, that’ll be sent around

75th Anniversary Video
– Who wants to put together this 2-5 minute video? AS will try this, talk to BM about it
– She can ask if she needs help

Student Activities Fair
– We got a lot of sign-ups; they are in the box
– We should make a really weird WESU t-shirt in the spring

Could we have a silk screen shirt event?
– Freaker’s Ball shirts?

– 75th anniversary gala – better get on that if we want it to happen.

Public Affairs
– Creating a list of standards for shows, make sure everything is fact-based
– A Ten Commandments type deal
– What is the line between public affairs shows and not public affairs shows?
– Maybe anything that incorporates public affairs follow these rules
– LW is creating a public affairs listserv right now, but she might be missing the shows that straddle the line (like the Feminist Power Hour)
– LW will send out an all-staff email to ask about if they want to be added to the listserv


– Facebook dilemma? Another fake person won’t work – everyone agrees that we just want one page

– The Music Director’s blog? Music reviews/current stuff, staff members can contribute and everything – everyone could send the posts to Tess to post on WordPress, or just do it directly
– RS and ZE will talk about that blog

– Evaluating existing shows? Each board member will listen to a show to make sure everything is still going smoothly – we would split that up amongst the board
– Space out those evaluations throughout the semester – giving people feedback? Minor suggestions?
– Delegate among the board – EO will talk to BM about that

– We need to come to a consensus tonight
– Internship program? Somehow getting people involved this semester with training
– Workshop production training this semester
– Dry run a production training this semester and have a refined one next year

Delegating stuff to create departments: anniversary, community-oriented. Ideally this semester.

Board Notes 9/10/14

-Individual meetings (at Usdan): Friday 9/19
-Student Activities Fair: this Friday 9/12 – need volunteers – will send out Google doc with time slots
-Record Fair flyers for Student Activities fair – can someone make one quickly?
-Record Fair new date: Sunday 10/26/14 (TA will ask Art House people about making flyer; Ben will make it if not)
-Family weekend is 9/27 – tour of the station? presentation/donation box? (TA will make it)

Concert series very unattended last year – let’s change that!
Halloween 75th anniversary: Freakers Ball!
silkscreen tshirts

-Staff meeting in October: WESU birthday celebration
1. staff meeting with visitors
2. event at City Hall

-Speaker Series: EO spoke with Julie Burstein: October?
other people? -wesleyan storytelling project
-Laura Walker
-Andrea Silenzi

-75th anniversary in general: density of events to increase our presence in campus conversation

-training – general timeline? start date? – end of this month or beginning of October.
-making training more interactive: emailing staff to see if they want to come in and talk to trainees.
-incentivize with better showtimes? two training tracks?
-attendance at staff meeting? -not so great.

-a larger conversation about training will have to happen over the next week or two.

-any outstanding issues? -alternating problems. people not logging the levels. trying to get to the bottom of this now.
-program guide is in the works

-email issues
-Google calendar: people have to input their own events.

Facebook person vs. page – any ideas?

-Tess will email Facebook…?
-more consistent updates
-MD blog? Sub MDs/other staff members should also chip in.
social committee?

Public Affairs:
-decentralized, a lot of community DJs. let’s make it more centralized by making a public affairs listserv, as a way to consolidate interview requests, resources, etc.
-get more students interested in public affairs.
-incorporating public affairs programming/content into events at Wesleyan.
-raising the profile of public affairs

-need any more people on board? not really.
-re: training & production: hands-on tutorial
-incorporate making promos/boosting production skills into service hours.