Board Meeting 03-05-13

F-Bomb dropped on Synthesis. DB destroyed them. They were unhappy.
Events with MC!
– Ian  – Mickey has a recording to edit into an hour long special to run over spring break. Will send the unedited version to Ian.
Went really well, was very well attended by both Wes and not Wes people.

– Report back to TuneIn on the Stepkids show.

– Need a student opener for Zammuto. Zain doesn’t have demos, the Japanese are also willing. Either way, NS will be on bass.
– Sent out an email asking for help planning for all the post-break events. Also a meeting to talk about Eclectic’s hosting band.
– Although we don’t actually have the venue confirmed, we’ll hopefully know by tomorrow and possibly by the end of the week. we should try to start promoting asap, maybe come up with a poster before break, Promos can wait till we know where it will be.

– Reach out to press outlets and get us included in calendars.

– Record Fair – need to reach out to food vendors.
– VT will come up with posters over break.

– Grateful Dead lecture – April 30th –  sounds amazing

– Boldy James on April 12th, in the WestCo Courtyard
There’s another festival happening in WestCo the next day, we could potentially link our show in with that, depending on how together they really are.

Program Guide should be here at the end of the week! Most will be sent out as part of the “pledge drive.”

WESU should in future be a presenter at IBS, because it is way too corporate right now.

Fundraising Committee met yesterday, decided:
– We will send out packets in the mail. Explore the option of having different personalized packets for different kinds of programming.
– Avery will work on the content over break and then put it on a google doc.
– Emails will be sent out to different groups of people, past donors, alums etc. This will require a lot of data entry, instead of phone banking.

Changes to the Code of Conduct:
– No one has emailed back comments. If we hear back from people before break, we can meet about it the first week after break in time to incorporate it into training and discuss it in the April Break.
– Send out another email with bullet points of changes.

Adam is working on emails to Pangaea and other listservs.

Hartford Advocate – problems with scheduling.
What about taking our own picture? DB could take it!
A few people could go to Real Artways.

Hugo Chavez died

Facebook consolidation – Some difficulties getting rid of WESU Fm the person, but Virgil will do it on Friday. Need to rethink the way WESU operates on facebook, in connection with the pledge drive. Need to figure out how to get more content creators.
Programming Council – group to listen to shows and offer constructive criticism, possibly suggesting all the first years.

Documenting the reviews could be helpful for training. Critiquing shows used to be part of training.