Board Meeting Jan. 28

Happy Birthday, MB!

BM’s quick pitch – Spring Semester will fly right by and welcome back.

Board hours – update schedule  – Ideally we need at least one person each day from 4-6.
*BM is really hoping folks will check in with him weekly so we are all on the same page.

  • Monday: Hannah & Hanna
  • Tuesday: Mary & Virgil
  • Wednesday: Izzy & Katherine
  • Thursday: Ethan & Reta & Nate
  • Friday: Becca

Need Updated board contact info sheet

Pledge results/debrief:

  • Success thanks for help and in many cases personal donations by you and your families. Just starting to get them out.
  • Work study resumes tomorrow and Ian will help me wrap this up.

Debrief:  Despite the success, it was very challenging and to some degree relied heavily on BM working FB hard the last few days.

  • Very few pledge packets came back.  Why this was so unsuccessful compared to last spring?
  • Ben M’s guess is we started too late. Packets need to be ready for Nov meeting so kids can take home over thanksgiving.  Gifts would also get processed in time for Christmas…

Spring Program

  • Looking great – Props to HR! Any updates/concerns, loose ends?
  • Program guide, spinitron and Archive calendars need to be coordinated for program start on 2/3
  • We need a detailed doc per Bryan’s suggestion to map out the first date of each acting show:  February 2014March 2014April 2014 and May 2014
  • New 6pm public affairs block?
  • Making sure we don’t loose new djs in the future
  • The board voted on the program, with some provisional changes, and passed it

Music Dept

  • ADDs Ben M had no time to process new releases so there’s a ton of catch-up that needs to happen.
  • We need MD dept to come up with a new batch of music for automation.  This should be a diverse mix of a few hundred songs without profanity for broadcast in absence of Live DJs. Music inn there now is OLD. Maybe solicit input from staff? Delegate for service hours.

Public Relations  

  • Advocate reader’s poll through 2/5 – need to promote on Weslying? FB, etc.
  • Need a new promo if possible…
  • Twitter schedule feed – are we reactivating this?

75th Anniversary:

  • Despite several technical glitches on our end the 75 years of…  show has been going really well.  Tonight is the last episode of the theme of social change. This project will only work with our input. Otherwise song lists are pretty limited. Please contribute!
  • We need new 75th anniversary promos (general and for specific stuff)
  • Cap campaign has been approved by finance. Ben M is setting up in Finance system.
  • Need to map out concert series – will apply for a Middletown Commission on the Arts grant to support large outdoor concert next sept on the river. Ben think Reggae is the way to go, with our large established audience.
  • Nonprofit spotlight update?
  • Public affairs spotlight?
  • Do we need to reconsider/revamp those 2 elements of Bryan’s proposal?
  • Virgil –  75 Art?

Staff meeting (agenda)

  • Welcome New back students, welcome new staff
    (door code, spinitron, archives, transition etiquette)
  • Reminder to all: by accepting this show time you agree to cover it and find coverage when you can’t be there.
  • Go out of your way to meet hosts of shows before and after as well as alt’ing partners. These are the people you should check with first for coverage if needed. ALL program changes need to be approved by program director
  • Spring program questions or concerns?

New business /concerns

Update Spiniton requirement so that Songs must be entered live? (as opposed to within 24 hrs) not only a Federal requirement: it make our service more completes for growing online audience.

Need to purchase a new Surveillance system – can we ask SBC for $400-500 for a new 4 cam system?

WESU Facebook –Is it more or less bveneficial to only have a few people that post show info… How can we be using this better?  Perhaps daily “free form” posts from board members?