Board Meeting Notes 02-26-13

Hartford Advocate Reader’s Poll: WE’RE NO. Photo Shoot! We are bringing RD because he almost won and he rules. AD’s new blond locks will look awesome.

Hopefully after 4.
Props are encouraged.

Synthesis dropped an F-Bomb
What is the protocol for this?
Revise training to emphasize the seriousness of this kind of offense.
Warning is not enough, if you get caught and it is proven, automatic one show suspension. Second offense means being permanently kicked off the station.
AD will email the DJs to inform them of their suspension.
DB will talk to them at the next staff meeting.
AT will make a general announcement without singling them out.
MC’s case will be picked up after break.

Stepkids Wrap-Up
Tune-In wants a re-cap of the promotion we did for them.
Photos on Josh Sharp’s website.
Recordings went well. Streaming went okay until the internet went down at the end. MC has now figured out how to stream with or without Tune-In for free on macs.
Pretty good turn-out, maybe next time start it later to attract more students.
Good review on Wesleying.
Some people had to be told to leave the chapel cause they were hanging around too long, but no issues with non-students.
Working with Tune-In was a lot more effort than it was worth, maybe sell tickets in the future so we don’t need to rely on them.
The CFA Music and Public Life people might have money. They would like it to be a mutually beneficial promotion relationship.
They would do a lot of posters and outreach if we put their logo on our poster, and put posters up for other Music and Public Life events. Let them know we need $300 a show to make it free to the public. Possible sticking point might be poster design.
AT will get back to them and say we approve the collaboration.

Ian  tomorrow!
We’re a little late on the promotion, but a Wesleying post is up, there is a facebook event.

Start thinking about Zammuto.
We have posters, might ask Virgil to make a new one.
I (KC) will make a facebook event.
Z and N will send us a demo, other options for openers would be The Japanese

AD made Spring Break sign-up sheet, he will post it and send out an email tonight.

The Staff Meeting will still be at 6, we’ll discuss changing that though.

IBS: Start an email thread to talk about transportation.

Pledge Drive: “Silent Pledge Drive” – putting together a really nice packet with pictures, and a very personal appeal and give them to DJs to distribute, mail out to alumni and past donors.
Still an on-air component, but more creative, around the theme of Silent Pledge Drive.
DB will do product shots with DJs modeling merch.
Extend the length of the pledge drive.
Create a task force to meet sometime next week.

M and I got press passes for SXSW.
They got contacts from AI and JB.
Maybe make a series of 5 to 10 minute spots about bands.
Consider press passes for other music events.
Get drops from bands.

Recruitment events – get in touch with listservs

VT did the program guide!

Report from WBAR:
WBAR are like a younger WESU
We are invited to the WBARbeque – Le1f is playing

SUNY New Paltz has an AIM stream on their site?

Grateful Dead expert sounds awesome, he will help make a promo and go on Uncle John’s show.

Need better protocol for different types of promotional relationships.
Anyone who gives us cash should get underwriting treatment.
If we are a sponsor, we need to be getting something out of it.

Eclectic has a hosting ban. Zammuto either needs an exception or we will have to find a new venue, hold off on promos. Mickey will work on this.

Get rid of the Stepkids promo! Let Ben know when you hear an outdated promo, and tell him exactly when you heard it.

NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE AND IT IS SO PRETTY. DN is amazing. He will clean up a few loose ends.

Accepting suggestions for a cool WESU hand signal.