Board Meeting Notes 04-02-13

RECORD FAIR – Food Trucks? Lee is going to be busy at 4, but we can get two university vans, need certified van drivers over 20. JB is already certified. Email staff for volunteers. MC will get back to us on other help needed.
Hang up the posters!
Play the promos!
Downtown flyer-ing, contact Q. Also a good service opportunity.
Get together a press release for local blogs.
Update will go out to the listserv with all the different service hour opportunities.
LB has sold more tables than we have, we need 5 more tables.

Hartford Advocate – We have $350 for an ad, good opportunity to solicit donations, possibly give them some underwriting in exchange for a second ad.
CL sent us a nice note.

We need to include a policy on reporting neglect/abuse of children into our Code of Conduct, and those working directly with kids need to go through brief training on it.

Staff Meeting on Sunday – seems like generally people want the meeting time to remain at 6.
We talk about the Code of Conduct briefly.
Let people know about upcoming board elections, what the various positions entail, and that they need to put a letter of intent on the bulletin board.

WesFest Activities Fair – April 19th 11 am – 2 pm, can’t play any music, need a sign and maybe some stickers to give away, sign in sheet. Ask for volunteers to do hour long shifts. Cap’n Kohen will ko-ordinate.


Tunein – BM & BN – Meeting of the Bens. They have cool tools for analyzing listenership, give us many new unique listeners. Are happy to ad a donate now button to our stream, and are willing to work with us on an announcement soliciting donations. Made clear that we need to stay renegade, they are cool with this. Could be a really good revenue stream for us.


Training –  AW has the email list, got people for the Sunday training slot.

ER is DJ of the month.

Office of Community Service wants a blurb about what our group does by next Tuesday for promotion.

Pledge Drive – Ben has many punny ideas. BRAINSTORM. Find ex-DJs and board members on facebook for monies. Working with DJs to set appropriate personal fundraising goals.

Ice Cream Social after last staff meeting. Dave could take an awesome group photo, for postertity.
Board organized live show, bringing on old DJs, professors, musical acts?
Someone cool as a replacement CK.
Recognize people who have been doing the show for super long, most service hours, best attendance, etc. Could be a service hour!