Board Meeting Notes 04-09-13

Hartford Advocate ad – VT has some designs, should direct people to donate, rather than “become a member”. We also need to have an option on the website to say that people decided to donate based on the ad.
We are Mad Men.

MC will be sending out an email with the posters, still waiting on the openers. Dan is texting will right now. We could get a DJ. Freestyle collective?

Send the Trainee Army to put up posters, preferably before Thursday at 12.

D W (frosh) will be learning to live stream to take up the Live Stream mantle when MC leaves.

UPDATE: W confirms that he will be the opener.

MC will make the promo tonight.

Boy Scouts! Coming on Monday! They should absolutely do a station drop/promo.

Wed 24th – 7th Graders from Oddfellows will be coming to record poetry.

Argus News Radio – previously, they haven’t had to go through training but now they want to, which is good. B and A suggest that they get to count their production work for the Argus as internships.  Maybe just one internship required.

Elections – You can run for multiple positions. Katherine will send out an email about this, reminding people to post letters of intent.

LIVE SHOW – Have a meeting ,reserve a space (CFA Hall, hopefully, or the CHAPEL). Gage interest, put out a Wesleying post saying email AT.  25th/26th.

Pledge Drive!: Trainees should know that it is an opportunity to make promos. A and I will organize together. Send out an all staff email to remind people to make and play them.
Not clear how far BM is on the packet, AT will be in contact.

S C knows how to screen-printing. Katherine will email him about the process so we can do this in the future.
It would be great to sell shirts at tables to students. Maybe see if we can get them a little cheaper for students. Another service hour opportunity.
Sell shirts at WesFest.

Changes to the Code of Conduct – Click through version for DJs to sign?