Board Meeting Notes 04-16-13

Advocate Party – Thurs 25th 6-9pm – should we plan our own dance?
Need a driver, will ask CL for a van.

Advocate Ad – It looks great, VT is a champ.

Boldy James/Gifted Higgz – Dan DJ’d for the opener, excellent job. Many enthusiastic fans, much stage presence. Best sausage fest. Peak attendance of maybe 80? MC had a strange interaction with PSafe about checking IDs. Seemed like they weren’t made aware that the event was open to the public. MC will follow up on why this was.
Should get a blurb about it for the site, there was a dude filming, so maybe we can get some footage from him.

Congrats on the Concert Series!!! In the future, Mickey recommends one concert a semester, so that we can really focus on promoting and working on it. Does limit ability to cater to diverse tastes, so the board would have to make sure to be aware of representing this diversity either within one varied line up or over time.

Psychedelic Grateful Dead lecture – Speaker is now in touch with Uncle J, Mickey is working on getting a phone call to make a promo. They will be making their own poster, we might need to make a black and white flyer. They are mostly working through CFA so it’s unclear how much publicity they need us to do.


Featured DJ from the music director’s blog should go onto the main page.

Record Fair follow up – All music from the fair is still at the top of the stairs because we need to get rid of it. Organizing party to put it in a van and take it to Goodwill.

Student Leadership Award – Izzy is going anyways, so she will represent us.
Live Radio Show meeting – next Tuesday at 4. PG is in! AW will do a wesleying post.

Pledge drive – We should tell everyone when the packets come up. They will include a letter, a program guide, and a thing you can mail off for a tshirt, plus an addressed envelope. Need to get everyone to play the promos.
Look into sending out bulk mailing using Wesleyan’s status as a non-profit.

Tabling for shirts in Usdan – new for $15, old for $10. Avery will talk to Frank at SALD. Once we get the table we can organize staffing.

Can we get some publicity in the Argus? They apparently want an actual story, so let’s use the Advocate award, and also our new style pledge drive. We can also share this with local news outlets.

Issues with previewing posts on the website, Dan will look into it.

New campus engagement news letter for students, could be a good PR opportunity for us, recruitment tool, etc. Email BM or CL with content.


So much interest in the board! KC will send out an email discouraging people from running for two many positions. We need to clear some space for letters of intent. Or people could put them on the studio bulletin board.

ICE CREAM PARTY – Ben will talk to the ICE CREAM MAN. Make a promo saying ‘PLEASE GIVE US MONEY FOR ICE CREAM’, maybe work out underwriting with him.

The Boy Scouts cancelled on us!


WesFest – Direct interested pre-frosh to look around the station, ask DJs with prefrosh to bring their pre-frosh. Could put a sign on the door saying “Welcome Prefrosh” etc.

Commencement Open House- Figure out who to contact to make sure we are in the book, since this has been an issue in the past. AT will ask Red & Black about sandwiches and coffee.

N M from Aural Wes wants to see if we can put a stream on Aural Wes. Dan will email Nick about working this out.

SHOFCO is doing an audiobook recording project. We could offer our studio for recording.  Could get a little crazy with scheduling, but we could give them a mobile recording facility.