Board Meeting Notes 05-07-13

No Pizza. Tragic. Someone will pay.

New Shoes for BM!! Love, the Board. The most renegade dad shoes.
Reunion/Commencement Open House – VT will email later today, then AT can get back to RD about food. Possibly it’s too late for us to get on the official list, but we have other ways of getting the message out. Friday 1 – 4.
Music Purchasing – BM, JB, and AW will figure out what has already been bought and what budget is still left to see what we can buy.

Summer Program – AD has adding finished Ben’s edits. VT can do a program guide next week.

Training – AW sent out everyone’s board hours for administering the practical exam. Need to get trainees to sign the contract after they pass. Staple all the papers together, and put it in AW’s box. Maybe give people 10 mins to prepare if you have the time.

If people need service hours, email Ben.

Middletown Remix festival is Saturday. Mickey can livestream parts of it. Hasn’t yet contacted the DJs on air that day about broadcasting. Andy says we can have advance copy of the remix, could broadcast that instead. They need paid staffers, if anyone is interested.

Interview Opportunities – Anyone who wants to interview some the artists should contact Andy the PR guy. Ben forwarded the email to people he thought might be interested. Volunteers can make a promo tomorrow.

Pledge Drive – $210 dollars from t-shirt sales. Pledge drive total: $5,586. We’re on the RothBlog! Also in the Middletown Patch and the Middletown Eye, also got sent to various other local news sources. Hopefully will go out to the faculty listserv. Ben made a facebook event. We should all promote it, and also keep putting out new totals.
Facebook – We merged the two pages, but WESU the person is still out there. We have more than a 1000 likes!
Put the press release on Wesleying.
Donate Now button on our Tune-In page.
Bunch of new pledge promos, Ben found some old anytime promos. We probably have enough but if you still want to make one, please do.

Email campaigns using volunteers to compile lists. Avery is on it.

Next week the new usurpers are coming.

AW is going to work on a new test for next year.

J and R – at least 3-4 complaints this year. They are popular, but they keep saying really contentious things that upset people. They need to better preface these things as their own personal alternative views. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, but they need personally to distance themselves from the station, making it clear that those are their individual views.
We also bend the rules for them to broadcast from out of town. Dave spoke to them about concerns about production values. Also relying on work from Ben to assemble their show.
Course of action – AT and BM will talk to them and take it from there. Email them if you have a particular concern.

M F is not in the logs, hasn’t responded to AW’s email. AT will find him! Let next year’s board know about his lack of standing.


Meeting Adjurned!