Board Meeting Notes — 10/26/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/26/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Beth figured out coffee + FB event (coffee from RD)
  • Wyatt making a poster to send out
  • Still looking for people at 3pm! Board members sign up
  • We should have T-shirts by then too–yay! We are doing it with Sandbox Arts
  • Lara will make some buttons on Friday (button party, come one come all)
  • We are on the online schedule
  • Make sure we have a strong social media presence–we are inviting the trainees
  • We need to send out an all-staff email about this (Wyatt or Beth will do this)

Dinner Fundraiser:

  • Lara will make some promos
  • Going great! Bryan will keep working on outreach

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Reviewing policy that Zazie and Ben drafted
  • Julia will go over this at training this week
  • Will email to DC to look over–Ben M and CL also going to meet with DC
  • Must add discrimination clause


  • It’s been going good!
  • November 13th will be Tips & Tricks, sending out email soon


  • People are not emailing Hadley about coverage so we don’t know who to contact when things go wrong on air! We need to speak to the staff about this at the next meeting
  • Many people are consistently late to their shows


  • Spinitron playlists aren’t really showing up
  • Events Director email still isn’t working (ask Ben M about it)

Staff Apathy:

  • Do we need another work study student?
  • Staff meeting turnout is pretty awful
  • Pledge drive is going very slowly–more staff members need to be involved with this
  • Email to go out to all staff from Abby

Pledge Drive Concert:

  • Really doesn’t seem likely for this semester–we should do this to coincidence with the spring pledge drive
  • Can brainstorm people to bring from outside Wesleyan