Board Meeting Notes for September 2013

Board Notes from 9/3

General Manager: Ben

President: Mary
Vice President: Virgil
Program Manager: Rick
Public Affairs: Daniel
Music Director: Ethan and Reta
Public Relations: Danielle
Personnel: Eliza
Production: Hanna
Program: Hannah
Events Coordinator: Isabelle
Tech: Nate

Meetings will be held Tuesday at 5pm

Next year is our 75th year, start brainstorming ideas!

  • Start Brainstorming!


  • EKM: Try and listen to all of the shows, and getting to know all of the staff members
  • HR: Peer review program?
  • DP: Up our PR get the word out, 75th!
  • Isabelle: Big event, 75th!

Board hours (4-6pm except when noted)

  • Monday: Virgil & Isabelle
  • Tuesday: Mary & Daniel (3-5pm)
  • Wednesday: Hanna & Danielle
  • Thursday: Reta, Ethan & Nate
  • Friday: Eliza (2-4pm) & Hannah
  • Check messages on phone board AND studio
  • Check email, everyone should chip in!
  • Empty trash/recycling
  • Download Free Speech Radio News
  • go online to or posted by 5pm
  • make sure it is today’s broadcast
  • right-click, save link as, use correct location, name as “FSRN~0” and do replace
  • make sure it downloads completely
  • check the logs in studio a
  • check the inconsistencies so we can be on top of what’s happening in the studio
  • let eliza know about the logs
  • check the Facebook
  • check on the studio reservation boards
  • email board with staff meeting items

Program Updates

  • Fall Program Starts 9/9 @ 4pm (remind in email too)
  • program done! thanks hannah!
  • program guide is being designed, should be at printer soon
  • need to get online program @ spinitron/streamrewind updates by 9/9:
  • who will update?:
  • stream/rewind needs weekly maintenance
  • nate will do it!
  • spinitron policed by MDs
  • Hannah will send final updates of program, email vote TONIGHT, then email the staff

Update website contact info

  • VT will
  • will also update board cellphones

Ben’s overview

  • Year will be over before you know it
  • in order to accomplish all on our plate, we need to work efficiently and use our (staff) resources wisely.
  • share your goals!
  • Read your job description get familiar with your responsibilities.
  • make an appt with Ben, learn about the station/your position, encouraged

Work study position (may help with some board hrs stuff)

  • administrative tasks!
  • mailings!
  • automated spinitron entry!
  • pledge processing!
  • 2 candidates – One clearly had more admin experience on resume.
  • ben spoke with both, recommends the more experienced one, both are good candidates
  • must still do service hours in addition to paid work

delegate, get your work done

Upcoming events:

  • staff Recruitment?
  • student activities fair
  • next friday
  • homecoming
  • open house is in program
  • cupcakes?
  • Record fair 10/12/13
  • wheels are beginning to turn

Station goals:

  • Update online history
  • 75th anniversary (starts 2nd semester thru end of 2014, map out timeline)
  • logo competition
  • Get Film project rolling, for our 81st anniversary
  • concerts, gala event, Press?
  • our college radio legacy!

Board Notes from 9/10


Board Notes from 9/17

  • Attendance Problems
  • CGO
  • Warned
  • Will get a task, calendaring
  • HB
  • Warned
  • Will get a task, an hour shelving
  • TM just late
  • VBGT will watch
  • MK no email, no response so far
  • Suspension of one week
  • Responsible for finding a replacement
  • Training

start in two weeks, 0ctober 6th

Ping will email, come up with cirriculum

Facebook post, no ads

  • Rec fair poster is designed now we need to get it up and around both physically and online. Also need recorded promos with the same quickness!!
  • who will copy posters? (Izzy)
  • who will send them to special Middletown guy?
  • who will email asking for volunteers to poster?
  • who will put them up online? (Danielle…..FB post/webpage)
  • who will record promos? (Hanna)
  • Nov. 1–homecoming event, Mary will order cupcakes
  • Promos for shows – we still need them!
  • send a staff reminder?
  • voted to make it a service hour, none opposed, passed!
  • Budget planning to get request together to present for Monday 9/30 if not too late. Otherwise next Monday (Virgil)
  • who needs to go to the SBC? What time?
  • will sign up for next week
  • 75th advertising
  • will send out recruitment email
  • Shirt Design
  • DP will take the lead!
  • Fall design?
  • Program
  • Any issues? Any update on Program? If no word from Brenna we need to go to plan B.
  • Hannah will text Brenna
  • ANR
  • need temp staff status – to produce the show (Dan update on this)
  • they need our help, come into our fold
  • will go through training
  • precedent for associate status
  • Board reluctantly approves unanimously
  • Adding Harper to the list
  • tweeting
  • Not 75th Anniversary until 2014 Ben M removed posts on FB saying we are currently in our 75th year.
  • Promotions: need a web and FB post about new season schedule. (Danielle)
  • Middletown Day
  • Change studio code?
  • Nate and ben will look into it
  • College Radio Day is 10/1/13 – how to participate? or not?
  • CMJ – We get an additional (3rd) pass who’s going?
  • absence/automation policy – clear up in code
  • music money from last year
  • $70 at Redscroll for the taking! MD field trip?
  • @wesu emails – let BM know if you want them forwarded – should we create gmail accounts for all? Can they be sent from Gmail to look like our accounts?
  • Nate is on it
  • CT Food not bombs leader to campus? Via mike DeRosa

Board Notes from 9/24 by DPOPE

  • Download FSRN
  • Shout-outs! Thank you everyone for doing board hour duties!!
  • Make sure you’re keeping up with things we discussed at meetings!
  • Will follow up specifically via email
  • No VT today he is at SBC repping WESU for preliminary meeting. Someone else needs to take notes.
    • Thanks DP!
  • Record fair promo is great – thanks to HB- Ben M converted it to mp3 (was Wav) and saved to proper promo locations in air studio and for Rick. To do: She should send an all staff email asking every DJ to play the promo during every show through the event.
    • Whey Station coming!!
  • Flyer Need to print flyers and get them around campus, downtown, and mail record fair mailing list
    • Isabelle: start flyer-ing? Enlist flyer-ers (service hours!)
    • Downtown Flyerman!
  • Other Record Fair stuff:
    • Need more volunteers. Isabelle will follow up. Also, DJs.
    • Anyone can email Izzy to volunteer
  • Program guide design thanks VT for picking up slack. He and Ben M are working details outs
  • Any other programming issues?  Recent no shows JB and MK – both sent all staff emails less than 24 hrs in advance… can we follow up with them?
    • MK has been emailed/warned by Eliza with details on procedure.
    • She then sent all-staff email to find fill-in for show she was suspended for
    • Maybe have her come in and explain? Not obligatory, assess situation next week
    • JB has been emailed.
    • Also, get rid of Al Jazeera promos and other old show promos.
    • Money issues. May pick up other Pacifica show.
    • Perhaps a podcast show??
  • CMJ who’s the 3rd person that is going? Send info to Ben so he can register
    • Possibly DW. Perhaps we should have emailed all staff… but we need to register soon, and Ben M. seems on board
  • Ben M had great conversation with Call from Howard Williams Owner of WES AM from 1946-1948 (AM predecessor to WESU). Howard is going to mail us a written narrative of WES during that period.
  • Training – EKM proposed schedule?
    • -also, updated section on automation?
    • No schedule yet, because of issues with scheduling meetings.
    • But WILL START Sunday, Oct. 6th
    • Break for Fall Break (Sunday 20th wouldn’t happen, otherwise weekly)
    • Two options? Option for Thursday as well? (6-7pm?)
    • Training people to use the phone coupler?
  • Automation discrepancy in training manual online?
  • Emails, forwarding them to Wesleyan email?
    • General idea: set up WESU gmails, have, but CAN have them routed to your other email
  • Other discipline issues/updates? -did we follow up with everyone from last week?
    • Never got a response from CGO, HM. It was recent, so we will give them a bit more time.
    • People getting back to EKM about missing WESU board meeting.
  • college radio day 10/1/13 – any more info on this? Mary registered us, will email staff/Hanna/Rick if/when they send “College Radio Day sweepers and IDs” 

Did anyone have a food not bombs contact that might want to bring speaker to Wesleyan? (follow up from last week)
    • Supposedly will cause increased listenership!
    • Is there a promo?
    • Food Not Bombs—perhaps one Josh Krugman can help to spearhead this efforts
  • Argus News Radio problem (DP)
    • -Did someone let Aaron know of the conditions we voted on last week?
    • Perhaps HF? She has done Argus News Radio.
  • HF’s involvement at the station? (is posting playlists to Tumblr against station rules….also most productive way for her to get involved in the station?)
    • She has done it before. CONTACT HF? (Daniel)
  • Some stragglers not logging Spinitron?
    • Perhaps get some volunteers, logging volunteer hours, helping them figure it out
    • Also ask H about this?
  • Hard Nips at Wesleyan-do we want them to come? When? Any updates about what happened last year with them?
    • *any other updates?
    • They are supposedly to get back to Izzy
    • Show on campus?
  • Board info in Studio A is outdated!
    • HB will get that taken care of tomorrow!