Board Notes 10/15

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WESU Board agenda

New Lock for Board Room and removed key slot for Studio C (now p-safe can’t lock it!)

Rec Fair recap and thanks

– Big props to Izzy YAYYYYYYYY, LB, NG and the rest of our volunteers.

-Down nearly $300, 150 why?

– Perhaps parking, promotions?

– look ahead for sporting conflicts

– thank you to Nina


Hard Nipps?

DP will get a poster coming, actually Izzy will, function over form


– A says how long is it

–  Nov. 16th 10-2am, for security we will ask

Fall Break Programming – students leaving campus are required to get coverage (Hannah)


WSHU program changes coming: Switching to “edgier afternoon show” in response to concerns about repeating hour of programming. This helps us offer different programming from WNPR – A good thing. Keeping Sci Friday. (DP)

– Here & Now not Hear & Now, will show on program guide once its made


Training? (EKM and HR updates)

– Props to Eliza

– Going well—good attendance, 15 on Thursday, 35 on Sunday

– Will catch people up

– Creating a checklist for interning on shows



– Emailing people who missed the meeting

– MK did service hours needs to record extra show still

– KB missed her show, was very apologetic, board vote an extra service hour

– Video Mixtape, hadn’t heard back, missed her show, no coverage was found

– DP, board member, missed his show. Can’t understand calendars. Feels bad. The board issues a stern warning through HR


Board meeting next week?

– VT will finish program guide during next weeks board meeting


BM out tomorrow for root canal and at Broadcasters event on Thursday


Pledge drive – if we are going for November we need to start working on our promos/t-Shirt design – haven’t yet used 80’s design…  mailing list… and email list

Program guide?  What’s up? (VT)

pledge drive/fundraising  committee: for Fall/Winter pledge drive – gotta get on this if we are to start in November!!

– Meeting on 10/23 4:16pm of MB and BM to talk about the pledge drive everyone is invited

– EVERY board member must make promos for a competition

Budget:   VT
A) The Google Doc needs to be updated to reflect what was proposed to SBC via their new budget request form.
B) In order to start spending, BM would like a spreadsheet to keep track of expenses. Perhaps even the SBC request form (output) would be sufficient.

Other Updates:

-Need Stream Rewind promo

-removing old shows on website (NB)

T-shirt design due next friday and a 75th logo as well, focusing on the fall design
Announce open board positions for the spring
Work on our promos for shows and pledge drive