Board Notes—10/29/13

Program guides are in!
– We’re folding them.
Hard N*ps etc.
– Security thing remains up in the air, we need $500. Maybe applying with MidWess
– Concert is in two weeks!
– Not a lost cause, but its a little late to promote to listeners
– What audience is the show pulling, what kind of shows are we having
– Are there other non-paid security options
– Down the road building in the cost
Funding (TuneIn, Live Nation/MGMT)
– Outside Funding?
– Past experiences with TuneIn (mixed) but did pay for the security at our shows last year
– LiveNation/Oakdale/MGMT are they trying underwrite or just trying use us
– Ben is bringing this to the board, but… how do we feel about this, tickets are on sale soon so this is a fast turn around, but it could fund our security needs…
Open the Hard Nips to the public or not? 
– Do we need to verify the security issues…
– Go back to Alissa, but talk about wether it is worth it
– Or is it okay to just not open it to the public… and learn for the future
# Board approves Izzy’s hard nips poster
# Board does not approve LiveNation/MGMT ticket give away posts on Facebook/Twitter, tells them to look into underwriting
MYRP (playing out of a box)
– a potentially unauthorized guest was on the show
– the show wasn’t going along great, the show was pretty unprofessional
– it was ZG’s first time on their own
– MYRP needs to be more strict on guest, more strict on rules in general, pedagogy!
– What are the issues:
—Content screening process
——adult approval/clean bin
—disciplinary issue
——ZG, MB meet with ZG to review the protocol
——Or EKM can talk with ZG, listen to the show again
——BM would sit down with ZG and guest and EKM
– Show did have high points,
Homecoming schedule
11-2pm on Friday
Izzy in charge of food getting with Rob, 11-12
Eliza, 12-1pm
Mary, 1-2pm
Anyone who can, please help clean up!
– Beautiful but wrong
– Eliza will email
Recycling policy
– Something to talk about later
– DP will spearhead
IBS presentation?
Title: The Rad in Radio*
– Founding Member
– Conference in March, in NYC at hotel Pennsylvania
– Much more homegrown
– Ben thinks we would make a good presenter, because we are cool
– We have a lot to offer, and we should think about giving presentations
– Talk to Ben, soon!
* Not a joke…
Staff meeting agenda
– Spring elections for Public Affairs and Personnel
– Tips and Tricks
– Calendar update
– Reveal the T-Shirt submissions
– Acknowledge Lee and Nina
– Announce Hard Nips
Submitted design is great, will take a look and Virgil will give notes, finalize super soon, before we start pitching
– Blogging soon, was a lot of fun!
– Thanks for going!
– Took its toll on RG (get better)
December Staff Meeting
December 8th
BMI Reporting
EH will do the emailing of the spreadsheets
Pledge Drive starting on Sunday/Monday
Not kicking off—subtly moving into a 1.5 month long drive
Beginning with a mailing next week
promo challenge 
Monday, having promos ready to go
— Board members need promo, look for mary’s script/email/”Kindler gentler”—donate online, mail in checks to “WESU Radio” to our 45 board st second floor address
Witty Brainstorm for Pledge Drive
Talk to Hanna about making it if you have questions about making your promo
Staff Member incentives for making promos, raising money get rewards!
Pledge Drive Goal: 12,999? 13? 14? 15? 8000K?
Board votes: 13K is the goal this fall
Does not have much to offer