Board Notes 10/8

WESU Board of Director’s Agenda for 10/8/13

Dowload FSN

Board Party recap


75th Anniversary Meeting Recap (MB)


-BS idea: 75 years of …. public affairs

…. alternative music

…. community involvement (or “community outreach”)

*public affairs shows highlight the importance of free form in terms of their show content

*alternative radio: Top 75 lists of different genres/types from staff member/polls of public

*community involvement: 5 minute spotlight on community non-profits (one per week)

-LJ: Olin exhibit plus online exhibit; talk at WESeminar; article in Wesleyan magazine; rewriting updated history

article in Wesleyan magazine and other ideas?

LJ is killing it!

each public affairs show highlighting importance of free form radio in 30 or 60 minute format; highlight something we have free form radio to be thankful for

top 75 songs in x category? something to think about; highlight or play through someone’s show

community non-profit spotlight; mary will start reaching out to non-profits

BS is planning a campaign in his mind; does his proposal make sense? ben says no. but meeting with bryan clarified this.

big concerts? at crowell? could raise money? 

DP: a dance-a-thon? with djs? at the jump and jive? restaurant deals? mary will send out doodle for next task force meeting

-BM: fundraising concerts; gala?: start documentary

fundraising concerts at crowell? using 75th as opportunity to start a $$ campaign?


Training (EKM)


-have people to train with you? How was Sunday’s meeting?

62 people came! more than at the staff meeting

trainings will begin this thursday! yay!

EKM needs people to train with her; would be great to have somebody training with her and hannah each time; want to have 1/2 in studio, 1/2 in main room for some sessions

issues with having someone in the studio at 7pm? what about athletes? need to reserve studio B to avoid production conflicts etc; need to coordinate with argus news radio (aaron has a concussion!)


-can’t type into it!!

-people should sign up


-update the list of shows that are hosting interns


Personnel Issues
-BD missed meeting because he was out of town

-others….who gave excuses?? (K, A, ?)
DM called “has to work”, MB emailed, SZ was on air.

-anything else? MK meeting yesterday?

MK – need to let program director know; she lied and said that she asked HB to cover her but this did not happen!

replacement policy: need to pre-record a show if you can’t find a replacement? need to make sure there is a real consequence

consequence should be consideration for the following semester?

just b/c pre-record exists, doesn’t mean she is there to use that at her discretion

MB motion: 2 extra service hours, pre-record an evergreen show, and has to attend record fair; motion passes!

CGO: will be gone this weekend; did not show up to meeting; does hosting count as service hours, she asked (yes, it does); she needs to make her alternating weeks calendar 

Stream Rewind Issues (DP, MB)

Now Playing/on air confusion?

-some old shows are still on streamrewind; how to remove? ben will contact andrew

-NB: look in tech director’s manual and get to the bottom of it? need to connect new shows with their dj account

-DP: change the alternating schedule for his show;

??? just got static IP today from verizon via ITS now we can migrate streamrewind to new Verizon internet.

Email updates (NB)
-thank you!

-how does it work?

Program – guide ready?

VT – mary will e-mail him; the guide is overdue

PLEDGE DRIVE DATES we need them.

-second monday following thanksgiving break; our break ends on 12/2; staff meeting on 12/8; pledge drive on 12/9? dates decided on: 12/9-12/15; even though university housing would close

how to deal with students’ exams schedule: will be decided during november meeting; use model for spring pledge drive? give out packets and encouraging the use of social networking? need to re-brand? silent pledge drive? dates become less of an issue if we shift the model of the drive

should phone in be spring model given the 75th? 

BM will go back with the drawing board for this; rick says “sounds good”; will mean a whole slew of new pledge pitches


well underway! thanks DP! 3 people did it for service hours

absence/automation policy revisted – clear up in code for training manual


-can update staff list on wall in studio (HB)

-updated google staff doc thanks to EKM

-can get a service hour from recorded evergreen shows

– also need to make sure the “note on automation” revised



*attend 75 % of shows, must email staff

*don’t follow procedure in finding a host

*there’s a procedure for dealing with people who abandon their show

*establishing a mandatory amount of time out of show

*added to DJ contract


(DP): Twitter action? How’s it going?
CCP Guest Blogging about Record Fair….

Fall Events? (Izzy) 

Hard Nips confirmed? Money? Security (so it can be open to the public)?

Izzy will deal with contacting town and gown committee 

-Updates on coprograming Earth House show Oct. 23?

Waiting on response from sam long

Record Fair? (Izzy)  

Needs? Staffing (Friday night loading Lee’s Van?)– DJ schedule?

need a car for the strike down at 4pm on saturday

all is going smoothly otherwise – yay!

need djs; a vinyl only event; djs ben, BD, JS, SZ. what about lLB? JD? EO?

need to hear back from SALD funding

need another round of flyering – MK?

DP – need to get a wesleying post for thursday?

izzy already did a facebook hype up!

middletown eye and the middletown patch (izzy did the patch)

-Funding? Flyering? Need to do downtown again – heard they are were removed from kiosks (USE SMALL FLYERS)
Other promotions?  Wesleying, FB

Homecoming/open house? Food from RD

RD will donate! thanks rob!

CMJ (EH/RG) – all set. DW was confirmed today.




Argus News Radio  (DP): H on board? A at training?

H hasn’t responded yet; dan will follow up

HB talked to H, and she seemed into it

A will be trained as full staff member by the spring