Love from Canada & London in this week’s WESU Top 30

1 Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
2 Paul Kelly Spring And Fall
3 Robyn Hitchcock Love From London
4 Laura Cortese Into the Dark
5 Melissa Greener Transistor Corazon

6 The Civil Wars The One That Got Away
7 David Francey So Say We All
8 Alexander Starr No Hype Just Hope
9 Emily Bear Diversity
10 Jeremy Pelt Water and Earth

11 Must Die Water Temple [Single]
12 Syndaesia Break A Leg
13 Le1f Fly Zone
14 Hannalee Morchella
15 David Ford Charge






16 The Bevis Frond White Numbers
17 Noisitron You
18 Talib Kweli Prisoner of Conscious
19 Burning Bridget Cleary Pressed for Time
20 David Bowie The Next Day

21 Airhead For Years
22 Buddy Mondlock The Memory Wall
23 Lou DeAdder Riding a Bicycle
24 Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge Twelve Reasons To Die
25 Putnam Smith kitchen, love

26 Ugly Heroes Ugly Heroes
27 Tantrum Desire Guided Rhythm [Single]
28 Todd Rundgren State
29 Ari & Mia Land on Shore
30 Gensu Dean & Planet Asia Abrasions

WESU TOP 30 for the week of June 7, 2013

1 RUTH MOODY These Wilder Things
2 ROBYN HITCHCOCK Love From London
3 PETER HOLMES Nice Try, The Devil
4 PUTNAM SMITH kitchen, love


biig star
6 BIG STAR Nothing Can Hurt Me
8 TOMMY KEENE & R. WALT VINCENT Nowhere’s Near [single]
10 MOORS & MCCUMBER Against the Grain


11 THE BEVIS FROND White Numbers
12 DELLA MAE This World Oft Can Be Rounder
14 PHARIS AND JASON ROMERO Long Gone Out West Blues
15 TOI She’s My heart

16 MILK CARTON KIDS The Ash & Clay
17 CHRIS VALLILLO The Last Day Of Winter
18 BUDDY MONDLOCK The Memory Wall Sparking Gap
19 GUY VILLARI Unchained Meldoy


22 GENE ESS Fractal Attraction
24 DAVID FORD Charge


26 DEERHUNTER Monomania
27 THOM CHACON Thom Chacon
28 DAVID BOWIE The Next Day

New Chart, Same James Blake, This Time with Annotations

1    JAMES BLAKE    Overgrown    Republic

2    ADRIAN YOUNGE    Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics    Wax Poetics The classic 70s Philly soul group (you might remember their iconic “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” single from the Jackie Brown soundtrack) return and sound as beautiful as ever on this collaboration with producer Adrian Younge. Younge, who previously scored the Black Dynamite soundtrack, is also an entertainment law professor, and he’s been killing it lately. He just followed up this Delfonics collab with an impressive Ennio Morricone-style concept album team-up with Ghostface Killah called Twelve Reasons to Die.
3    AUTRE NE VEUT    Anxiety    Software

4    THEE OH SEES    Floating Coffin    Castle Face  Thee Oh Sees follow up the man-dog cover art (which fun-hating Pitchfork put on their Worst Cover Art list) on last year’s Putrifiers II with strawberries, eyeballs and teeth.

5    DEERHUNTER    Monomania    4AD
6    STEEL WHEELS    No More Rain
7    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS    Push The Sky Away    Bad Seed
8    FLAMING LIPS    The Terror    Warner Brothers
9    JJ GREY AND MOFRO    This River    Alligator

10    KURT VILE    Wakin On A Pretty Daze    Matador  Kurt sounds a lot happier than on the sleepy, melancholy Smoke Rings for My Halo. He’s such a dad (see this adorable video of his daughter dancing to his excellent single “Never Run Away”) but that doesn’t make this album toned down or boring. In fact, this is his most confident, epic full-blown rock & roll record. And “Wakin on a Pretty Day” is so good that after nine and a half minutes I wish it would keep going.
11    WAVVES    Afraid Of Heights    Warner Brothers

12    CRIME AND THE CITY SOLUTION    American Twilight    Mute Check out WESU DJ and Wesleying maestro Zach Schonfeld’s review of this one here.

13    BALLAKE SISSOKO    At Peace    Six Degrees Previously covered this one here.
14    SHOVELS AND ROPE    Johnny 99 B/w Bad As Me [7-Inch]    Third Man
15    CAVEMAN    Caveman    Fat Possum
16    STROKES    Comedown Machine    RCA
17    VAMPIRE WEEKEND    “Diane Young” [Single]    XL
18    RON SEXSMITH    Forever Endeavour    Cooking Vinyl

19    CANNIBAL OX    Gotham The legendary Def Jux group returns sans El-P (who’s at work on what’s going to be a very very cool collaboration with Killer Mike called Run the Jewels).

20    POND    “Giant Tortoise” [Single] Pond, who share three members with Tame Impala and a likeminded psychedelic sound, return with new material after their promising and excellently-titled debut from last year, Beard, Wives, Denim.
21    SUUNS    Images Du Futur    Secretly Canadian

22    RAEKWON    Lost Jewlry [EP]    Ice H2O  We wrote about this one here.
23    DEVENDRA BANHART    Mala    Nonesuch
24    JAMES HUNTER SIX    Minute By Minute    Concord

25    OTIS TAYLOR    My World Is Gone    Telarc A blues album that prominently features Native American guitarist Mato Nanji and reflects on the troubled history of indigenous people in this country. A welcome suprise.
26    PARENTHETICAL GIRLS    Privilege (Abridged)    Marriage-Slender Means Society
27    CHVRCHES    Recover [EP]    Glassnote

28    RED BARAAT    Shruggy Ji    Sinj A unique mixture of DC-based go-go music and the British/Punjab genre of Bhangra.
29    COLLEEN GREEN    Sock It To Me    Hardly Art
30    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE    The 20/20 Experience    RCA

The Return of the WESU Chart

1    JAMES BLAKE    Overgrown    Republic
2    AUTRE NE VEUT    Anxiety    Software
3    ADRIAN YOUNGE    Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics    Wax Poetics
4    KURT VILE    Wakin On A Pretty Daze    Matador
5    JJ GREY AND MOFRO    This River    Alligator
6    DEERHUNTER    Monomania    4AD

7    THEE OH SEES    Floating Coffin    Castle Face
8    FLAMING LIPS    The Terror
9    YOUTH LAGOON    Wondrous Bughouse    Fat Possum
10    RHYE    Woman    Republic

11    TYLER, THE CREATOR    Wolf    Odd Future
12    BESNARD LAKES    Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO    Jagjaguwar
13    GOLD PANDA    Trust    Ghostly International
14    DUCKTAILS    The Flower Lane    Domino
15    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE    The 20/20 Experience
16    COLLEEN GREEN    Sock It To Me    Hardly Art

17    RED BARAAT    Shruggy Ji    Sinj
18    CHVRCHES    Recover [EP]    Glassnote
19    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS    Push The Sky Away    Bad Seed
20    PARENTHETICAL GIRLS    Privilege (Abridged)    Marriage-Slender Means Society

21    OTIS TAYLOR    My World Is Gone    Telarc
22    JAMES HUNTER SIX    Minute By Minute    Concord
23    DEVENDRA BANHART    Mala    Nonesuch
24    RAEKWON    Lost Jewlry [EP]    Ice H2O
25    SUUNS    Images Du Futur    Secretly Canadian

26    RON SEXSMITH    Forever Endeavour    Cooking Vinyl
27    VAMPIRE WEEKEND    “Diane Young” [Single]    XL
28    STROKES    Comedown Machine    RCA
29    CAVEMAN    Caveman    Fat Possum
30    BALLAKE SISSOKO    At Peace    Six Degrees

On the Spot with DJ Quandry


DJ Quandry, aka Eriq Robinson, is a sophomore at Wesleyan University. We’ve decided to profile him somewhat arbitrarily, but also because he’s a rad dude. This is our first of what we hope will be a monthly feature, “On the Spot,” where we spring on unsuspecting WESU DJs and interview them.

I caught up with DJ Quandry at our a cappella rehearsal.


WESU: Surprise! You’ve just been put ON THE SPOT. So, what’s your show called?

DJ Quandry: Okay. My show’s called “Shelf Life.”

W: What’s the format?

Q: It’s an electronic music show. I find random albums off the shelf and play ‘em.

W: Groovy. When is your show?

Q: Every second and fourth Wednesday, 11pm – 12:30am.

W: When did you join WESU?

Q: I joined freshman year – first semester I went through training, second semester I had my first show: “Flight 881 with Captain Q.” It was a world music show, where I went to a different country every week. You know: “Flight 881. Buckle up!”

Then I moved to “Shelf Life,” and that’s probably going to be the format I stick with for the rest of my time at WESU.

W: What music have you recently come across doing “Shelf Life?”

Q: Peace Orchestra, which is pretty trippy. One of my friends told me about Four Tet – and KH, who is also Four Tet – and a track called something like “Play that song that you always play… that I like…” – or something – it’s really cool.

W: Do you get calls on your show?

Q: This one time. I was playing Purity Ring, and this dude called in, and he just kept going on and on about how he loves the show, and how he loves WESU – he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise – and he was so into Purity Ring, and he said, “That was so deep, and I was so into it, and I’m just at the gas station getting some s***, and that song was so deep, and I love you guys.” And I said “thanks,” and then he said, “Alright, I gotta go.” I was like, “Whoa.”

W: Were you involved with radio before WESU?

Q: No, but… I’ve always listened to a bunch of podcasts: This American Life, Radiolab, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, most of the Death Squad podcasts. And that vamped up story one…like Prairie Home Companion. The Truth! That’s what I’m thinking of. They’ll be at that conference you’re going to.

W: Megapolis?

Q: Yeah.

W: I’m not going to that. They gave us like one ticket.

Q: Cool.

W: Have you ever had to hit the dump button?

Q: No, because I have control over what I say. And I don’t see why people use it – or why people don’t use it.

W: Good answer. So what’s your favorite part about being a DJ?

Q: The way my show’s set up, I’m constantly listening to new music that I haven’t heard before. So it would be this new method of music discovery – especially because it’s bringing things that aren’t to anyone’s attention.

W: We get some weird music sent to us, don’t we?

Q: Yeah. This one time I put on a record – ‘cause I was feeling cool. So I was like, “yo, let me put on this thing from the experimental section,” ‘cause I thought it was going to be a weirder version of electronic. But it’s not; it’s totally its own beast. So this record featured a bunch of girls, one of whom was saying repeatedly, “No. Not again. No…” and it went on for fourteen minutes, and saying some really messed up stuff – it was possibly the same girl doing different voices – and seven minutes in I stopped it, because I was getting freaked out, and I didn’t want to freak my listeners out.

I’ve played some really bad songs, but that’s part of the process. And I enjoy it.

W: And you get to discover some good stuff, too. Right? Like Purity Ring; I assume you discovered them?

Q: Yes, I dubbed them “Purity Ring” … in a weird English ceremony. No, usually on Shelf Life I do feature one artist. So if things suddenly start going down the tube… like, last show I said, “I don’t know what to do anymore…BJÖRK.”

W: Have you ever hosted anyone on your show?

Q: Only interns. I love interns – fun to talk to, shoot the breeze with. I’m usually in there solo dolo, but otherwise it’s fun to have a second body. But I don’t normally want to relinquish any of my control.

W: So you wouldn’t want to co-host a show?

Q: Oh, dear God, no. It has to be all mine.

W: What would be your ideal time slot?

Q: The one I have right now is a real catch. If I could, I would have it from 11pm to 1am.

W: Why’s that?

Q: Well, when my show was an hour, it didn’t feel too quick, but when it’s an hour and a half, then around song 10 is when I really start getting into the rhythm of exploring everything. So it would give me more time to know where I’m going.

I don’t want to lose minutes. “Oh, I wish I hadn’t played this horrorporn from the experimental shelf.” That was a bummer.

W:  Thanks for this! Quick, nearly last question: What do you like best about WESU?

Q: The fact that it is freeform radio. I didn’t even know that was a thing, and now that I know that’s a thing, I notice when other stations are not the thing. Also, I love the fact that we play uncensored music after 10pm. Most other stations are kind of boring…they’re not taking any risks. And my thing is…not taking risks, exactly, but…

W: Kind of a risk, no?

Q: But it’s not like I risk losing tons of listeners.

W: Yeah, but you could lose our license if you keep playing horrorporn.

Q: I don’t think I’m going to dig into the experimental section anymore.

W: Any last words?

Q: Dude. WESU. All that’s left.

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New Chart: WESU Pisses Its Jeans for Pissed Jeans

1    PISSED JEANS    Honeys    Sub Pop
2    YOUTH LAGOON    “Dropla” [Single]    Fat Possum



5    DAWN MCCARTHY AND BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY    What The Brothers Sang    Drag City
6    VERONICA FALLS    Waiting For Something To Happen    Slumberland
7    BIG BOI    Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors    Island Def Jam
8    FLYING LOTUS    Until The Quiet Comes    Warp


10    HOW TO DRESS WELL    Total Loss    Acephale
11    THEESATISFACTION    THEESatisfaction Loves Erykah Badu
12    JOHNNY MARR    The Messenger
13    STEPKIDS    Sweet Salvation    Stones Throw
14    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS    Push The Sky Away    Bad Seed
15    FRANK OCEAN    Channel Orange    Def Jam


16    GIBBY HAYNES    Paul’s Not Home [7-Inch]    Third Man
17    ENDLESS BOOGIE    Long Island    No Quarter
18    DOLDRUMS    Lesser Evil    Arbutus
19    LOCAL NATIVES    Hummingbird    Frenchkiss




20    ANDREW BIRD    Hands Of Glory    Mom And Pop
21    KENDRICK LAMAR    Good Kid, M.A.A.d City    Top Dawg-Interscope
22    STARLITO    Funerals And Court Dates
23    FIDLAR    FIDLAR    Mom And Pop
24    RICHARD THOMPSON    Electric    New West
25    BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW    Cobra Juicy    Rad Cult


26    ATOMS FOR PEACE    Amok    XL
27    ISSUE    “I Am ISSUE” (The Best of Issue)
28    LOOP 2.4.3    American Dreamland    Music Starts From Silence
29    FOXYGEN    We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic    Jagjaguwar
30    CHRISTOPHER OWENS    Lysandre    Fat Possum

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True Story: Aaron Neville Tops Our Chart

1    AARON NEVILLE    My True Story    Blue Note
2    FLYING LOTUS    Until The Quiet Comes    Warp
3    MY BLOODY VALENTINE    MBV    Self-Released
4    DANIEL ROMANO    Come Cry With Me    Normaltown
5    TIM MAIA    World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia    Luaka Bop

6    THAO AND THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN    We The Common    Ribbon
7    MIDNIGHT MAGIC    Walking The Midnight Streets    Midnight Sun Sound
8    EX-COPS    True Hallucinations    Other Music
9    GRIZZLY BEAR    Shields    Warp
10    PETRA HADEN    Petra Goes To The Movies    Anti

12    PSYCHIC ILLS    One Track Mind    Sacred Bones
13    TAME IMPALA    Lonerism    Modular
14    PERE UBU    Lady From Shanghai    Fire

15    PISSED JEANS    Honeys    Sub Pop
16    STARLITO    Funerals And Court Dates   
17    YO LA TENGO    Fade    Matador
18    LOST ANIMAL    Ex-Tropical    Hardly Art
19    OF MONTREAL    Daughter Of Cloud    Polyvinyl

20    O PRESIDENTE    Clube De Futebol   
21    JACCO GARDNER    Cabinet Of Curiosities    Trouble In Mind
22    KILLERS    Battle Born   

24    TORO Y MOI    Anything In Return    Carpark
25    ALT-J    An Awesome Wave    Canvasback
26    ADAM ANT    The Essential Adam Ant   
27    DIRTY PROJECTORS    About To Die    Domino
28    BARBARAS    2006-2008    Goner

29    STEPKIDS    Sweet Salvation    Stones Throw
30    SIDEWALK DAVE    Hard On Romance    Telegraph

MD Picks: Far Out, Faraway

Big week for psych-pop and desert-rock. We hope you enjoy these releases as much as we do:
Jacco Gardner – Cabinet of Curiosities

For a 24-year-old Dutchman, Jacco Gardner sounds like he learned a lot from the 1960’s American scene. Cabinet of Curiosities is by turns lush and stark, and Gardner makes full use of his multi-instrumental talents. The lyrics are opaque and point up the meandering, ethereal nature of the album: on “Chameleon,” he explains, “I want to float away, but all these clouds just look the same.” He doesn’t tell us much about himself, but the music is compelling all the same. We like “Puppets Dangling” and “Clear the Air.”

Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

Rado and France, two guys who get up on stage in their pajamas and yell “Digital!” and “Analog!” at each other, make psychedelic pop that is infectious and, for the most part, seriously catchy. Foxygen made waves with their Take the Kids Off Broadway EP, and Ambassadors is getting the recognition it deserves. France on the album, its reception, and Foxygen’s M.O.: “‘It just sounds like some ’60s bullshit and looks like Wes Anderson.’ But that’s the point. We’re trying to bring a little fun, a little color.” Bring it on, guys! We love “No Destruction,” “San Francisco,” and “Shuggie.”

Lost Animal – Ex Tropical

Jarrod Quarrell, aka Lost Animal, is an Australian who spent a lot of time growing up in Papua New Guinea. Perhaps that explains his album title, or perhaps it helps explain all the musical influences Quarrell stirs into the cauldron of Ex Tropical: calypso, dub, funk, disco — and then there’s lounge, trip-hop, and just about anything else you can name. Lost Animal’s singing is both “sleazy and sincere,” to quote one reviewer, and I would also add “hypnotic” to the mix. For a good challenge, try listening to “Buai Raskol” and not loving the marimba. A big thank you to Hardly Art for releasing this album worldwide! We love “Say No to Thugs,” “Buai Raskol,” and “Don’t Litter.”

Library of Sands – Side to Side EP 3

Library of Sands’ Side to Side EP 3 comes from a man named Naynay Shineywater. What do we know about him? Apparently, he has lived in a tent for 19 years, and he is an activist for preserving deserts, forests, and Native American cultural sites. We’re down with the anti-corporate message, as well as the fuzzy desert sounds that “N. Shineywater” offers. Side note: this is the latest in a string of tape cassettes we are receiving at the station. What’s with that? Not complaining, though. We like “Crown of CreatIIIon” (heads up: this song is 23 minutes long).

Mixtapes of the Week: Psychedelic Hip-Hop & Rap Auteurs

A week ago I said Mixtapes of the Month should become a regular feature here. Well just this last week, a whole slew of outstanding mixtapes have shown up for your listening pleasure. One that I was excited for, Pusha T‘s Wrath of Caine does not make the cut here. A sizable step backward from the work he’s been doing over the past couple years, that tape sounds like the work of a man past his prime who’s both bewildered and bitter over weak production. Let’s hope he’s got some fire left in him for the album he’s set to release later this year.

Click on the link below to see the mixtapes from this week that I did like:

THEESatisfaction is made up of female MCs/singers Stasia Irons & Catherine Harris-White. The group is based in Seattle and closely associated with the like-minded trippy experimental hip-hop group Shabazz Palaces. THEESatisfaction released an excellent debut LP last year, awE naturalE. This mixtape, a tribute to the great soul enchantress Erykah Badu is short, clocking in at just under 18 minutes and much of it is purely instrumental. However, there isn’t a single note here that will cause you discomfort if you are a fan of laid-back psychedelic soul/hip-hop. The two stand-out tracks, “I Knowoulove(me)” and the Chappelle’s Show-referencing “Game BLOUSES” hit the highs of awE naturalE. Overall, a very rewarding listen and an encouraging continuation of these ladies’ young career.
Recommended Tracks: “I Knowoulove(me)”, “Game BLOUSES”
The UnderachieversIndigoism
This mixtape made my list of albums I was most excited for in 2013 and it lives up to my high expectations for it. The Brooklyn group, made up of Ak and Issa Dash are signed to Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder label, so they’ve got one big name behind them, but there are no features on here and no big-name producers. Flying Lotus heard of the band the same way I did: from a friend of his, who showed him the video for “Gold Soul Theory.” And he was as blown away by that video as I was (“Within the first 20 seconds I was pretty sure I was going to try to sign them.”) This is something new and different for hip-hop, despite the fact that the group shares ties with other groups on both coasts. They’re featured in the trailer for an upcoming film on underground hip-hop in New York along with Angel Haze and Mykki Blanco. They shout out Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era and A$AP on “Land of Lords.”And they’ve opened for Kendrick Lamar, whose Black Hippy squad are about the closest West Coast equivalent to The Underachievers. Like THEESatisfaction, The Underachievers make psychedelic hip-hop, but they’ve also got some serious fire-power to them. This is a mixtape that wants to enlighten you or at the very least take you on a ride with some living gods for the next hour.
Recommended Tracks: “Revelations”, “My Prism”, “Gold Soul Theory”, “Potion Number 25”, “The Mahdi.”
Curren$yNew Jet City
Curren$y is nothing if not prolific and consistent. This tape is packed with features: up-and-comers (Trinidad James and French Montana), veterans (Jadakiss, Rick Ross, Juicy J, Styles P and Juvenile) and close associates (Wiz Khalifa, Young Roddy and Trademark). It’s got production from Harry Fraud, Statik Selektah and Lex Luther. It’s also got one of his best covers: a beautiful old-school crime film background with trolley cars and well-positioned lamp posts. Now, this is far from Curren$y’s strongest work, but just when the tape hits a lull (yes the song that features both Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa is the lull of which I speak), in rolls a trademark laid-back smoked-out track (“Sixteen Switches Part Two”), followed by a feature from the always entertaining Juicy J, then an excellent smooth soul sample on “Living for the City.” Young Roddy, who shows up on two tracks, has made some surprisingly great improvements of late. Curren$y appears to be grooming him into a protege, and he makes the biggest impression on a song with both his mentor and Styles P on it (“Drive”).
Recommended Tracks: “Sixteen Switches Part Two”, “Three 60 ft. Juicy J”, “Living for the City”, “Drive ft. Young Roddy & Styles P”
Lil BPink Flame
Like Curren$y, Lil B is also prolific and consistent. Both are auteurs of rap with unique and immediately recognizable styles and content. And while Curren$y’s latest mixtape has its own classic-looking cover art, Pink Flame‘s is one of the best covers I have ever seen. The tape gets off to a good start with “Pink Flame (Intro)” on which Lil B shouts out Morocco and Syria. Then “Eat” starts off with an ice cream truck sample before Lil B raps quite bluntly about his sex life, compares himself to Scottie Pippen, and tells us that he is ugly, has a speech impediment and is “a motherfucking gangster” over a slowed down funk/orchestral track. Joey Bada$$, why would you ever beef with Lil B on Twitter? Lil B includes “I’m The Bada$$” here, but that’s really an opportunity to hear his semi-stream of consciousness rap over a nice orchestral soul sample more than it is a dis track. He keeps things topical with “Ban the Weapons,” a rather dark flute-sampling slice of Lil B-style positivity. Thank you Based God!
Recommended Tracks: “Eat”, “Ban the Weapons”, “I’m The Bada$$”, “Up To Bat”

New Chart: WESU Goes Electric

1    RICHARD THOMPSON    Electric   
2    O PRESIDENTE    Clube de Futebol   
3    ADAM ANT    Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter   
4    DUM DUM GIRLS    End Of Daze    SUB POP
5    YO LA TENGO    Fade    Matador

6    YEASAYER    Fragrant World    Secretly Canadian
7    KENDRICK LAMAR    Good Kid In A M.A.A.d City    Aftermath-Top Dawg-Interscope
8    LUST FOR YOUTH    Growing Seeds    Sacred Bones
9    TILLY AND THE WALL    Love Riot Remixes    Team Love
10    NIKI AND THE DOVE    Instinct    SUB POP

11    MIGUEL    Kaleidoscope Dream   
12    BRIAN ENO    Lux    Warp
13    FRANK OCEAN    Channel Orange    Def Jam
14    DUCKTAILS    The Flower Lane    Domino
15    FOXYGEN    We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace And Magic    Jagjaguwar

16    TORO Y MOI    Anything In Return    Carpark
17    CHRISTOPHER OWENS    Lysandre    Fat Possum
18    A$AP ROCKY    LongLiveA$AP    RCA
19    MY BLOODY VALENTINE    m b v   
20    THE UNDERACHIEVERS    Indigoism   

21    STARLITO    Funerals & Court Dates   
22    FIDLAR    Fidlar    Mom And Pop
23    JOSE JAMES    No Beginning No End    Blue Note
24    BALLAKE SISSOKO    At Peace    Six Degrees
25    GROWLERS    Hung At Heart    Everloving

26    UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA    II    Jagjaguwar
27    CAT POWER    Sun    Matador
28    CODY CHESNUTT    Landing On A Hundred    Vibration Vineyard
29    BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW    Cobra Juicy    Rad Cult
30    CLINIC    Free Reign    Domino