Cover to Cover begins October 3rd

Music, espeically on the radio, is a strangely consumed art form. Rather than absorb a large work at once, we tend to listen to music in discrete, small blocks of songs rather than as a coherent whole. Imagine if we only looked at a 2 inch sqaure of the Mona Lisa or only read two random pages from Moby Dick!

Beginning on Sunday, October 3rd and running through Saturday, October 9th, WESU Middletown will be presenting our listeners with an opportunity to hear music as the artists intended – from start to finish, Cover to Cover. Musical programs in a variety of genres will be showcasing favorite albums. Tune in to the following programs to hear some rare, terrific albums:

Big Trucks and Heavy Equipment
Chocolate Cake

Life is a Killer with Johnny Analog

Byt3 Me
Cousin Eli’s Happy Banjo Hour
Acoustic Blender
Norse Code
Alive, Not Amplified

Choirs of the Eye
Laughterhouse Five

Jim’s Greasepit and Cocktail Lounge with (Death in) Jim

Gimme Indie Rock!

Caffe Italia

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