December Staff Meeting

Welcome all – especially new staff

Another round of training is complete – Thanks to all who lent a hand in training

Final meeting of 2013 next one will not be until February 2nd 2014
 Since that’s also super bowl Sunday we have traditionally started that meeting at 2pm

Election of Board of new Personnel and Public Affairs Directors:
Major thanks to Both Eliza and Danielle who will be going abroad to study next year.

  • ·         Daniel – Did a ton of work to bring our Public File up to date. He inherited a giant back log of work from predecessor.
  • ·         EKM:  Did an incredible job with training managing duties and MYRP.

Election – candidates spoke and questions before voting

Program stuff

Free Speech Radio News – is trying to regroup and we will keep the spot warm for them through winter break.  Thanks to all who volunteered to cover the spot as we considered our options.

Winter Break

  • Last day students are required to do live shows is tonight ( ? )
  • Students are encouraged to do their shows if possible
  • We will award service hours for covering yours and as always other’s spots.
  • Sing-ups coming tomorrow!
  • Check in o the bulletin

Spring Season

  • Applications will be released in the next week, after the majority of new staff have completed training and have been added to staff list.
  • Start date will be revealed shortly thereafter. 

Pledge drive 

Goal is $13K – 
up a little from last year helping us to kick off our 75th cap campaign to raise at least $25,000 above regular budget in 2014 (2 fiscal yrs).

Review – Kinder Gentler – Not Silent

  • Doesn’t mean we aren’t asking people to donate over the airwaves…
  • We still need to encourage over the air but via demanding call now – operator standing by model… 
  • November allowed us to ease into the drive and get the ball rolling through subtle and docile on air pitches and a few mentions via social networking.

This month is when we really need to bring it home so our approach and tone should be more deliberate.

  • Please play promos or talk about pledge drive at least once per 30 minutes through end of drive. This ensures all our listeners know.
  • More promos and a cheat sheet coming to the studio.

Follow  up with:

  • Email blasts to Alumni, past donors, tix winners, and studio guests, plus Face book. 
  • Packets and personal pitches
  • Internet and social networking pitches

By this past Friday 5pm we were just under $2,000 or nearly 15% of the way.

I am confident this will work if everyone participates:

  • We need to deliver a consistent message to our listeners through promos and our own live pitches.
  • We need to reach out to people we know support our efforts directly (off air in our own lives) and ask for their support.
  • ·Your Personal campaign to your radio people should include

Packets  – please into potential (ideally new) donors  hands

  • ·         Personal pitch/outreach to your stakeholders (friends, family, professors past radio guests, listeners, etc) You can do this via Email, online social networking  or just making an announcement at a church, club, or other social gathering.
  • ·         Be Creative!!  We encourage you to explore ideas on and off air. Consider Special premiums, contests and tactics! Please check with Ben M about anything out of the norm.

WESU depends on listener support. This is a fact

Message to staff:  If you like being a part of this:  We need you to help us develop listener support.

Message for listeners:  If you listen to us – We need you to donate.  


— It ends when its done! Or its done the 31st—our line in the snow.
— Can we please update the staff list in studio—yes!

On to: 75th Anniversary

Roth meeting went well, he is on our side!

Exhibits in olin ru working

Working with Bryan’s idea!
—75 songs per month, themed, like queer, socially conscious, artist’s who’ve performed on our airwaves
—Opening up for suggestion

Respond to Daniel/KC about public affairs and WESU
—further emails to come

Community involvement—mary is working on reaching out!, let mary know your suggestions, beyond middletown is helpful (within our reach)

Ben is producing a show for twice monthly profiles of WESU history