First of December Board Meeting (Notes)

Roth 75th ann. meeting ideas
– Post on their Blog
– Big picture issue, what we’re doing, working with olin
– mentioning the documentary—seed money, connect with the film dept.
– capitol campaign—extra contribution, the amount hasn’t changed in 10years
– reasonable goals with university help
– working with UR etc
– what does he think

New round of promos to build up momentum
– new promos from the board
– full participation means chocolate from mary
– shifting gear to being more urgent tone—NEED vs APPRECIATE
things to focus on
– new t-shirt for 35 and other stuff
– support fav program
– if you got the mail, please do you part

Staff meeting
– mary will email staff
– invited trainees to come to the meeting for the service hour
– requiring new DJs/inviting
– service hour for doing you reading week/finals or some required
– end of term schedule/sign-up period for break
– remind students of the policy
– 75th anniversary after the staff meeting

– make a ballot—nate will make the ballot
– whose running?
— nate will double check mary’s list

Pledge stuff
—t-shirts are coming (hopefully soon)
—do not forget to mention the WEBSITE
—next stage is outreach through digital methods
—staff packets will be ready for sunday (hopefully) personal letter from mary, graphical element
—825 bucks about 1/13th of the way there

testing, Practical test – tips n tricks for proctors (thanks Pingami)
changing the plans/timing of the schedule

worked out sort of
give some away on homegrown
figuring out how many we have left

Rec fair 3/30, 05/03, or not at all?
– nothing in april available
– march 30th sounds great!
– week to prepare after spring break!

Station service hour day? Possible?
– is there a need, hour wise and items of work to-do
– covering airtime over break is a great opportunity
– save the day for the spring
– send out reminders
– not our job

VIRGIL will be design the 75th anniversary logo

– ethan?

Winter break preparations
—Twitter feed fixing’s
—Streamrewind calendar!
—Break coverage