Inaugural All-Staff Meeting of the 75th Year of WESU

  • Welcome back students and hello to new staff!
  • Thanks to CVs and anyone who held it down over break.
  • Spring program starts tomorrow – looks great – Tons of new shows – Thanks to HR!

    Updates reminders and notes 
  • (MB) New Staff – door code is ***** – this will change in coming weeks
  • (BM) Transition etiquette:  Whether you follow a live or automated show we all need to go out of our way to ensure smooth transitions.
  • For those up preceding and following automation: this means bring it up at the specified   time. Not when you feel like it.
  • For live transitions: On air DJs should end with a recorded song, playlist, or other buffer for incoming DJ. Incoming DJS should show up early but tread lightly and stay out of the way.
  • This is especially true for new weekday 6pm public affairs shows, where DJs before and after are used to 30 minutes of automation. I am trying to work with all for a smooth transition. Please connect with me if not already.
  • (MB) Everyone should also go out of their way to meet hosts of shows before and after as well as alt’ing partners. These are the people you should check with first for coverage if needed, staff list will be published soon

    Pledge Drive a Success! 
  • Thanks to all for the collective effort:
  • challenges included late start (need to get forms out for Thanksgiving)
  • and lack of 100% staff participation – New model depends on off air effort.
  • Spring Drive will be in April so folks who didn’t put their best effort forth will have another chance soon.
  • Premiums are starting to ship tomorrow and should be done by the end of the week.
  • Staff incentives will be presented at next meeting.

    IBS conference
  • March 7 – 9, 2014
  • New York City
  • check it out and let us know if you are interested in attending!

  • Spring 14 starts tomorrow – any questions or concerns should have been worked out already.
  • – Important to read all emails, especially program related…
  • – How to find new calendar specifying 1, 3, 5 and 2, 4-
  • – Reminder, staff are expected find their own coverage.
  • – Live is preferable for music shows. 1st, try DJs before and after you or alt’ing partner
  • – Automation is last resort.
  • – ALL program changes need to be approved by program director

  • Spinitron –  all shows are required to use spinitron to keep track of ALL songs played. We now want all staff to enter songs as they play to keep in compliance with the law and provide a better service to our growing internet and mobile audience.
  • Stream Rewind –  records all shows making them available to stream onlein for 2 weeks after broadcast. DJs can create accounts and DOWNLOAD their shows
  • Nate will follow up with an all staff email with info and directions for spinitron and streamrewind.

    Public Relations
  • Hartford Advocate Reader’s Poll Remind people to vote for us before polls close
  • WESU is in college radio and best radio categories, RD (placed in best Radio Personality last year and is listed in this category again, you can also write in any DJ .
  • Each Ballot has to include votes for 10 categories so be sure to fill them all. Suggestions include: Wesleyan University, Wesleyan’s Center For The Arts, Red Scroll Records, The Buttonwood Tree,  OddFellows playhouse, Green Street Arts Center, and many more.
  • Twitter schedule feed – Need help setting this up.
  • FB wall posts –  A few shows use the FB Wall to promote their shows, it would be great to see more of this so we get a better representation up there.
  • Social networking:  working on automated feeds so that all we can have a consistent message and presences across our Website, FB pages, and twitter as needed .

    Events (Izzy)
  • Spring Record fair is March 30th in Beckham Hall. Will keep staff posted on volunteer opportunities. Right now we are looking for vendors, and need a flyer designed.
  • 75th anniversary events. We’d like to pull together events that serve our most established audiences. IE: Indie/hipster, Oldies, Folk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music, and more.  We also hope to host some lectures and a gala event and perhaps a live radio event with alumni. Most of the events will be fundraisers but some will be free.  There will be plenty of opportunities to help.Other Board updates: from MD’s, Personnel, production or public affairs?
  • 75th Anniversary Update (Ben) It’s here!
  • In 2014 WESU is celebrating 75 years of Alternative music, public affairs, and community service.  
  • Our plans to celebrate this include: special on air programming, physical and online exhibits of cool WESU stuff, and a bunch of events.  (We hope everyone will participate)75th on air:  2 new shows: “75 years of” & “Welcome Back”
  • 75 years of: is a weekly show with monthly themes spotlighting 75 songs of a particular genre associated with our type of Radio: – kicked off in December with the theme of “Socially conscious music.” Thanks to BS for the concept and his organizing and hosting the first month.
  • February’s Theme is Music beyond the English language. BM will host the first episode. If interested in helping with this month, contact him.
  • March’s = Music by Female artist (including those that identify as Female)  to be hosted by MTB.
  • Submissions are still needed for March and you can find a link on our website.
  • We need everyone’s input for this to work.  We want out lists to be as inclusive as possible, otherwise what is the point?
  • “Welcome Back” is a new public affairs show produced by BM featuring, the voices, stories, and hopefully some archived audio from people who have passed through WESU over the years. The show will air on 2/4 alting Fridays in the afternoon.
  • Articles and Exhibits: in addition to concerts, lectures, dinners, and other events, several articles, exhibits, and seminars are in the works.  Special thanks to Leith Jonson, University Archivist and host of the Light Fandango, for his expertise and help as we pull this together. He’s already written an article and has secured a display in Olin Library for the final months of 2014. Leith is also working on securing a Wes seminar during reunion and commencement.  Physical and online exhibit ideas include displays of WESU historical photos, graphics, T-shirts, program guides and more.  We will need a lot of help with these so let us know.
  • 75th Capital Campaign The plan is to raise an additional $25-$50K in 2014 for station upgrades including backup power for the studios, new mixing consoles, new furniture, and hopefully some seef money t get film project going to document the history of WESU.
  • New Gear:   The Board has commissioned VT to design a 75 year logo that will be incorporated to our print and web presences as well as special thank you gifts/pledge incentives.
  • 75th committee Stick around after this meeting?
  • NEXT meeting is March 2nd
  • OTHER  staff announcements concerns or suggestions?**DONT INSTALL SOFTWARE ON THE COMPUTER**