HYDRUS: Episode Four

In case you missed it last night, catch up on HYDRUS with their fourth episode!

Episode Four: “A day in the life of a cultist.”

Listen to last night’s episode right now on StreamRewind and make sure to tune in tonight for a new episode at 11:30PM EST.

HYDRUS: Episode Three

Don’t forget to tune into the all-new episode of HYDRUS at 11:30pm. HYDRUS is a WESU-exclusive radio play, and the mystery continues tonight.

Episode Three: “Following a second murder, Ava’s tensions with the Baron rise. Edwin must make a terrible choice, and everyone generally has a really bad day.”

Listen live at 88.1FM or stream online on our website or through iTunes below.

HYDRUS: Episode Two

In case you missed it last night, catch up on HYDRUS with their second episode!

Episode Two: “Following the murder, Captain Rosemary gives Ava a peculiar offer. Meanwhile, the Baron and Quiche try to prevent panic. The Hobnoskins go to the spa.”

Listen to last night’s episode right now on StreamRewind and make sure to tune in tonight for a new episode at 11:30PM EST.

HYDRUS: Episode One

Listen to the premiere of HYDRUS, a radio play set aboard a mysterious cruise ship, tonight at 11:30pm!

Episode One: “Ava, a travel blogger, struggles to fit in at a Hydrus dinner party. This soon becomes the least of her worries when a skeleton is found in a piranha tank.”

Listen live at 88.1FM or stream online on our website. And stay tuned tomorrow night for episode two!


Hydrus Poster 2-page-001

Listen to HYDRUS, a new WESU-original radio play. This murder mystery on a cruise ship will shock you, scare you, and make you laugh!

Make sure you don’t miss the first episode of this WESU event on March 13th at 11:30PM. Listen live at 88.1FM or streaming online at wesufm.org.

Board Meeting Notes 2/9/16

— Follow up: schedule reservation system to be worked on this week by Ethan, Ben. G.

— Mission statement is online.

— Need an update for website – Spring Program announcement? Ben G.?

— Display for ccp 2/26 poster board style: Tess and Ethan will make this.

— Program guide: update – Ethan and Hannah are almost done! To be sent to the printers by the end of the week.

— Carpet: Ben M meets with physical plant today – carpet start date is 2/22 – need to see if this makes sense to do at the same time Charles is working on studio upgrades. How to meet needs of producers? Tell them to work around us? (just a thought)

— Tech Dir. – Simon is out on medical leave. We will appoint someone in the interim. Ethan H. will email.

— Ben M ordered toner for board room pc.

— Stream Rewind calendar: Hannah please get Get BM a list of shows that need fixing per Simon’s email. To be fixed soon.

— New music purchasing happening during the board meeting — Erin and Nick are there now.

— Training: each board member should sign up for one thursday or sunday session — Ethan O. will send out a spreadsheet. Training will begin next week.

— Ariana will make a record fair flyer for the next board meeting and get to work on recruiting help (as well as a shadow/point person) for the event.

— Hannah R. and Ben M. will figure out the venmo situation and what sort of credit card info is needed/possible.

WESU 2016 Spring Program!


WESU is celebrating its 77th season providing alternative radio to the greater Connecticut area! WESU, one of the oldest college radio stations in the country, kicked off its new spring season this past week with exciting new and old shows, hosted and produced by over 100 dedicated community members and Wesleyan University students. This season, we are thrilled to host exciting events for the community, including the annual Spring Record Fair on the Wesleyan University campus in April!

We are also celebrating many exciting birthdays this year: “Caffe Italia,” which plays Italian music, news, and culture, is turning 10 this year, airing every Saturday from 7am-8am. Also, “The Vault,” featuring techno music with DJ Anton Banks, is turning 20 this year and is airing every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday night from 9:30-11pm. WESU is also featuring exciting talk and public affair shows for its spring season, welcoming new programming like “All About” with Isabel and Emily, which features a new guest every week discussing something they are passionate about, and saying goodbye to long-running shows like “Romancipation” with Dr. Love and DJ Smooth, who give advice on dating and love. We currently have more homemade shows than we have had in years, and they are getting more and more national recognition; WESU’s “For Women Over 40” with Cyma Shapiro, a contemporary lifestyle talk show, has recently been picked up for syndication across the country by Pacifica!

The spring season can be heard over the airwaves at 88.1FM or streamed online at https://wesufm.org/. You can also keep up to date on the station and our shows via Facebook (@WESUMiddletown) and Twitter (@WESUtunein). The entire WESU spring schedule can also be found online on our website and a print program guide will be distributed at select locations around the area and mailed to station donors in the coming weeks.

Thanks for listening and keeping the WESU community alive!

WESU Interest Meeting

LOGO_versions_emailHave you been listening to WESU fanatically? Have you been looking for ways to get involved with a community radio station? Look no further! Join WESU this season! We are hosting an interest meeting on Wesleyan University’s campus (PAC 002) this Thursday at 7pm where members of the WESU board can answer all of your burning questions (such as “When does training start?” and “Do you think radio can be used as a force for good as well as evil??”) Attendance at this meeting is not mandatory for completing training but if you are interested in getting involved with the station this semester try to make it!

If you can’t make it to this meeting, but are interested in training this season, shoot our Personnel Director an email at personnel@wesufm.org.