Staff Meeting 03-03-13

Happy March!

WESU is  No. 1 College Radio Station!
Homegrown is No. 2 Best Show, RD is No. 3 Best DJ
Email board (at) wesufm (dot) org if you want to come to the photo shoot on Wednesday at 5.

A note: try to keep all staff emails to a minimum, because we have an hourly quota
Email personnel if you can’t make staff meetings (personnel (at) wesufm (dot) org)

Silent Pledge Drive this April, completely through mailings.
Means we need to put together a more personal packet to mail out, we want everyone to put in a lot of effort. Meeting tomorrow at 4 to talk about it, or email AT or the Board.

Record Fair – Sunday April 7th
Good service hour opportunity. Email events (at) wesufm (dot) org about volunteering.

Board of Directors is mostly seniors so get thinking about running. Email or talk to the board to find out more about what the different positions entail. It is so much fun!

Still looking for someone to lead the initiative to build the new shelving plan. Anyone with carpentry experience please get in touch.

Training will be starting after Spring Break (finishes March 25th)
Looking for two people to help indoctrinate the youth in a good way, will cover all your service hours. Email personnel (at) wesufm (dot) org

If you are a student and want to keep doing your show over break, email BM. Also check out the sign up sheets if you’re going to be around and want extra air time.

VT has finished the program guide – it looks great!

Please vote on the poll about potentially changing the meeting time.

Proposed changes have been made to the Code of Conduct, AT will be sending them out soon. Please read and respond directly to AT with thoughts.

DO NOT CURSE ON AIR. There have been incidents of people playing songs with indecent language. This could cost us our license. Please pay attention to what you’re playing.

Stepkids concert went really well, thanks for coming out. The livestreaming was a successful experiment.
Next concert is Zammuto on March 30th, hopefully at Eclectic, we will confirm the venue later this week. Snowblink will be opening.
After that, Boldy James and Gifted H on April 12th.
April 30th, we will be cosponsoring a lecture with a Grateful Dead expert.
Keep spreading the word about our shows!

Might drop our TuneIn sponsorship if we can find money elsewhere so that we can continue to keep the shows free. Waiting to here back from the CFA.

On Wednesday, at 4:30pm Mickey will be hosting a meeting for people interested in learning how to work on concerts in any capacity. Email events (at) wesufm (dot) org.

Our new website is live! Amazing job by DN. If you have any comments, send them to DN.

Some board members went to IBS (Inter-Collegiate Broadcasting System) was this weekend.

WESU’s College Radio panel was accepted to Megapolis. They are only covering Avery’s ticket, but if anyone wants to buy a ticket themselves, they can also be on the panel. It’s in New York this year, contact AT if interested.