Staff Meeting Notes 05-05-13

AT says, awesome year, everyone!

Summer Show Applications out 5/6, due 5/13, program most likely starting 5/20

Students responsible for finding their own replacements for shows during finals week. Please avoid emailing the whole staff listserv, this uses up our email quota.

Pledge drive is still happening, just quietly. Please take 2 packets to personally give to people who will donate, use your powers of persuasion!
Ben is here!
Ben: New pledge drive strategy has been challenging. Two ads in the Hartford Advocate, designed by VT. We still need pitching on air, even though there are no phone banks, this pledge drive is different but not less intense, everyone needs to be personally involved in getting people to donate. If you do want to get together a phone bank, Ben will help you organize that if you need training. Ideally recruit one or two people to answer the phone. Check out donation policies if you work for a largish employer, consider donating yourself! Spam your email contacts. NB, if you’re using incentives, be very clear about what you are actually offering.

Only fully fledged staffers may vote.
Two minute timed speeches, since so many people are running. If you are running for multiple positions, you may make one speech for all, or multiple speeches. If you want to be a write-in, you won’t be able to speak.
Ballots distributed.
Speeches given.
One write in for music director.
Questions from the staff – two questions for each position.

Leave ballots on the way out, ice cream awaits!
Check your packet, make sure everything is in there before you leave.

Congrats to our graduating seniors on the board and in the staff! And thanks to all who are moving on.
Awards! – Prize is a t-shirt!

Most Service Hours – Psychedelic Rick! Bryan S! Bill D!
Anniversaries – 3 staff members with 5 years!, 4 staff members with 15!
Best Promo – Leif with “Lucy”, runner-up to trainee E L
Most New Releases – BR

Thanks everyone, great year!