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BBC World News
Daily News from the British Broadcasting Corporation

The Gospel Explosion with Derrick Jackson
Playing Gospel music from all backgrounds including reggae, african,contemporary,soul and much more. Interviews, Prayer Request, Bible Trivia and Inspirational talk

Weekend Edition from NPR
World news plus special segments, including puzzles and special interviews.

The Gospel Express with Pastor Marichal Monts
A WESU tradition! Tune in each Sunday morning for hand clapping, foot stomping gospel music that will lift your soul and elevate your spirit to new heights.

The Cosmic Eye with Commander Aleon
Dedicated to Lightworkers worldwide with Ashtar Command news, messages from off-planet, spaceship reports and ambient meditation music.

Big Trucks and Heavy Equipment with Rosco on the Radio
The Sunday morning wake up show for the late night folks. Hip-hop, jungle, calling heads out, truck talk.

The Smorgasboard with Hygge Li and Maneki Neko
A colossal mix of electronic infused with the spices of dance.

The Synthesis with Brett Klapper and DJ Reta G
Catchy, relaxing, funkadelic, and absolutely sweet-sounding selections from the many offshoots of electronic music.

Friends with Ross and Rachel

Skraps with Alec Eisenstein and Ashby Karonina
Picking up where Buford Parks left off, Skraps is a show about us, the world around us, and that weird, citrusy film between us and the world.

The Wax Museum Show with Jim ‘The Curator’ Santa Barbara
The Wax Museum Show with Jim 'The Curator' Santa Barbara features popular and rare vocal group harmony (Doo-Wop) recordings from the 50's and the early 60's as well as new recordings by vintage artists and new artists that sing in the traditional vocal group style. Jim is a veteran of 50 years of record collecting and 40 years of broadcasting. He has interviewed many artists on his shows over the years including Fred Parris of the Five Satins and Terry Johnson of the Flamingos.

Beyond Broadway with Nina
Not your grandma's show tunes. The hits, the misses, and everything in between.

The International Music Hour with Eloise
Contemporary and classic music from around the world.

Message From The East with DJ Yam
The popular music and culture of East Asia, with social context, conversation, and commentary.

Work and Play List with Stacey Zackin
A medley of Tunes and Talk on a weekly theme that Inspires and Informs.

Sound Maze with Hibiki Mizuno All Things Japanese, from traditional court music to the latest electropop hits.

DEAD AIR with Uncle John
Grateful Dead and related... Featuring live recordings, deep studio cuts, rare unreleased material, interviews and more.

The Psychedelicatessen with Rick
A mind trip through the musical vaults of NYC, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Rio and beyond. FM Radio the way it used to be.

Alive And Amplified with Adrien
Let’s get abrasive shall we? Psych/Death/Prog/Avant/Sludge/Kraut/Jazz/Hardcore/Awesome

Possible Musics with Daniel Nass
Sounds for lucid dreamers.

Fishbus Radio with Ethan James
Each week, Fishbus Radio showcases a different musical artist and presents the history of their career, told through their music. You'll get to hear them from the first songs they recorded to the most recent, as well as recorded interviews and songs that influenced them.

Watts: the Big Idea with DJ Koji Tonic and DJ Salinger
An exploration of consciousness and other philosophical musings against the backdrop of both historical and contemporary ambient music. Most segments consist of recorded lectures by zen-buddhist master Alan Watts layered upon inspirational and psychedelic compositions. Expand your mind!

BB Gun with The Metric Avenger
Join us once every fortnight as your crazed host and whatever surprise guest he's roped in for this episode plunder the depths of B movie hell, uncovering the hilarious, the terrifying and sometimes even the brilliant along the way.

Difficult Listening Hour with DJs Yin and Yang Difficult Listening Hour presents avant-garde and experimental music alongside classic, structured pop. Trust us, it's not that difficult.

Whodunnit with DJ Muskie and DJ J.R.
Whodunnit is a show about songs other people wrote, and how they were reworked into something else. Covers, reimaginings, reinterpretations.

Blues After Midnight with DJ Sick Nelden Blues sounds great. But it sounds best on vinyl after midnight. Listen to DJ Sick Nelden as he takes you through the many stories and sub-cultures of the Blues.

Late Night Concert Series Featuring live recordings of concerts in their entirety from a wide range of musical genres.