Vintage WESU Photos from Wesleyan Archives

Thanks Leith Johnson, Wesleyan University Archivist for making these photos available!

We do not have dates for the following images. Do you? Email with any info you may have!

One thought on “Vintage WESU Photos from Wesleyan Archives

  1. I was a DJ for a couple of years during what seem to be the missing Charlie Ziff years (late 1960’s to 1970). Fantastic psycho-audio tropic years. I had a modest show, the Roadrunner Extravaganza (intro and exit theme: Jr Walker and the All Stars brass-infused “I’m a Roadrunner, Baby.”) I was also a live concert programmer on the then so-called Social Committee (1966-70), invoked with producing clod concerts from Big Brother and the Holding Company and Otis Reddiing to the famous or infamous Grateful Dead (with Hog Farm) concert in the spring of 1970 ,that culminated in a late night student vote to have Wesleyan join the National Student Strike.

    And that’s the Roadrunner update. Thanks for continuing the good work.

    David R White
    Distinguished Alumnus, Class of 1970

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