Hi all!!

It is a very exciting week for us at WESU because we have finally gone…


Yes, that’s right. There will be a folder on the computer in Studio A with all of our new digital adds labeled “New Music from MD’s”. Please check these out and play them on your shows! Also, let us know if you have any trouble accessing them or if you can think of ways to make playing them easier for all DJs 🙂

This week’s top 3 adds are:

1. Björk – Utopia

2. Miya Folick – Give It To Me

3. Death of Lovers – The Acrobat

Give them a lil listen!

Your MDs xx

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Hello everyone!!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and everyone has enjoyed a nice feast, we are back and listening to all the new music that has been sent to the station.

If you are still in a turkey slump, check out our top three picks of the week to get ~revitalized~ and ~rejuvenated~ !

1. Pollens – Mister Manufacture

2. The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field

3. Hess Is More – 80 Years

Enjoy 🙂

Your MDs xx

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Hi all!!

Wanted to let you know about some ~exciting~ new albums we got in this week:

1. Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights

2. Fever Ray – Plunge

3. Ora Cogan – Crickets

If you have a chance check these out and play them on your shows!

Your MDs x


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Hi everyone!!

It was fall break last week but we are back in the office listening to everything that was sent in over the past fourteen days. Thank you so much to the wonderful person who finally sent in MASSEDUCTION. We are so happy :’)

Here are the five best things that have come into WESU:

1. St. Vincent – MASSEDUCTION

2. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice

3. Torres – Three Futures

4. King Krule – The Ooz

The Zombies – Odessey & Oracle

Check these all out!!

Your MDs x

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Hello :)

Hello WESU staff and listeners!!

We are Helly & Ruth your music directors this year. One of our main goals is to revamp the music director’s blog that has been obsolete for quite some time. So here we are!!!

We wanted to kick things off with our three favorite albums from this week:

1. Beck – Colours

2. Kauf – Regrowth

3. Roz and the Rice Cakes – Devotion

Check these out! We will be posting on Mondays with updates so stay tuned.

your MDs x

PS: If anyone reading this distributes the new St. Vincent album send our way ASAP 😉

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