!!! – 11/07/16 at The Ballroom at The Outer Space

WESU Middletown, Manic Productions, and The Outer Space / The Ballroom want to get our listeners to where the fresh and tasty beats go wild! !!! (Chkchkchk) is coming to The Ballroom on Monday, November 7th.

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REEL BIG FISH ‘TURN THE RADIO OFF’ 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR – 11/13/16 at College Street Music Hall

WESU Middletown, Manic Productions, and College Street Music Hall are joining up again to send our listeners to another great concert! Reel Big Fish and their Turn the Radio Off’ 20th’s Anniversary Tour is coming to College Street Music Hall on Sunday, November 13th, 216 with guests MASKED INTRUDER and Stacked Like Pancakes.

There are two ways to win!  First, you can tune in live to Undercover on Thursday, October 27th at 10:00 PM.

Second, you can participate in our online giveaway below!

And while you’re here, consider donating to WESU Middletown and showing your support for one of the nation’s oldest continually broadcasting, non-commercial radio stations!

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Board Meeting Notes — 10/26/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/26/16

Parent’s Weekend:

  • Beth figured out coffee + FB event (coffee from RD)
  • Wyatt making a poster to send out
  • Still looking for people at 3pm! Board members sign up
  • We should have T-shirts by then too–yay! We are doing it with Sandbox Arts
  • Lara will make some buttons on Friday (button party, come one come all)
  • We are on the online schedule
  • Make sure we have a strong social media presence–we are inviting the trainees
  • We need to send out an all-staff email about this (Wyatt or Beth will do this)

Dinner Fundraiser:

  • Lara will make some promos
  • Going great! Bryan will keep working on outreach

Sexual Harassment Policy:

  • Reviewing policy that Zazie and Ben drafted
  • Julia will go over this at training this week
  • Will email to DC to look over–Ben M and CL also going to meet with DC
  • Must add discrimination clause


  • It’s been going good!
  • November 13th will be Tips & Tricks, sending out email soon


  • People are not emailing Hadley about coverage so we don’t know who to contact when things go wrong on air! We need to speak to the staff about this at the next meeting
  • Many people are consistently late to their shows


  • Spinitron playlists aren’t really showing up
  • Events Director email still isn’t working (ask Ben M about it)

Staff Apathy:

  • Do we need another work study student?
  • Staff meeting turnout is pretty awful
  • Pledge drive is going very slowly–more staff members need to be involved with this
  • Email to go out to all staff from Abby

Pledge Drive Concert:

  • Really doesn’t seem likely for this semester–we should do this to coincidence with the spring pledge drive
  • Can brainstorm people to bring from outside Wesleyan

Board Meeting Notes — 10/18/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/18/16
Sexual Harassment Case/Policy:

  • Final vote on when to let B reapply to the station
  • Meeting with Debbie C. upon returning
  • If there are any more conflicts, ban him permanently
  • Board vote (8 “Y,” 0 “N”)
  • Zazie, Ben, Beth, and Abby are meeting tomorrow at 12pm to discuss sexual harassment policy–will send out early this week in time for training next Thursday–the written examination for training will include this new policy

Full Staff Training:

  • All staff training in November–should we change this and give people more warning?
  • Do we want to say that all DJs must go through a training in order to have a show?
  • We are holding off until next semester for this

Meeting Next Week:

  • Due to fall break, meeting next week on Wednesday at 5pm

Pledge Drive:

  • More people need to fill out the spreadsheet! How do we get this to happen?
  • Any amount is fine!
  • Emailing people individually? Bryan will do a mail merge to email people–Abby will draft the email to send out
  • Ben M has a mailing ready to go out
  • Ben G and Abby will write a letter to the alumni (will figure it out on Thursday during board hours)

Beth/Parents Weekend:

  • Open house for parents weekend to get some more donations!
  • We need coffee and board members–let’s ask Rob DeRosa for coffee (Beth will do that)
  • Lara will set up a “record your promo” station
  • Beth will make a sign-up sheet
  • Will sell T-shirts and stickers
  • WESU wheel of fortune in Studio X but it needs some work
  • Wyatt will also get the ball rolling

Fundraising Dinner:

  • December 7th at La Boca
  • Posted tickets on Wesleyan’s Box Office!

Pledge Concert:

  • Beth, Helly, and Wyatt will meet for a potential concert–approaching Wesleyan bands (potentially Chef?)
  • Will report back at next week’s meeting!

Ticket Giveaways:

  • Needing to find more people who want to do ticket giveaways–how do we get more people involved?
  • Board members will take some of these tickets
  • Bryan writing an easy how-to for giving away tickets: it’s easy and fun!

Pledge Drive Social Media:

  • Need to make a FB event page for the pledge drive
  • New interesting posts for pledge drive


  • Do we want to see a printed version of it as a test? Then we can start tabling at Usdan


  • Issue with spinitron calendar on the website (Upfront Soul is from 12-2am on Thursday nights, but right now there’s just a hole)
  • Also Babe will update DJ links and show descriptions
  • Emails are working again! Huzzah!
  • No updates on the app yet–the developer is really not into it (Babe will post in WesAdmits and reach out to a friend)


  • Blog has not been updated in almost two weeks! Start posting things, including even just the charts
  • Been contacted by one trainee to start charting


  • Rotating pledge promos mid-week
  • Zazie had a pre-recording issue this week while Lara was off-campus so she couldn’t help. Maybe put together a problem solving document for situations like this?

Young Thug Ticket Giveaway

WESU Middletown, AEG Live NYC, and College Street Music Hall want to get you tickets to see Young Thug with 21 Savage! Young Thug is performing on Thursday, November 10th at the always excellent College Street Music Hall, and WESU Middletown has tickets for our lucky listeners. For your chance to win, tune in live to Fresh Produce this Wednesday, October 26th at 11:00 PM!

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Win tickets to see Great Good Fine OK with Dreamers and Mission Zero!

WESU Middletown, The Outer Space at the Ballroom, and Manic Productions are teaming up to get you free tickets to see great live music!

Great Good Fine OK will be performing with the Dreamers and Mission Zero on Tuesday, November 1st at The Ballroom at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT.  Want a chance to win free tickets?  Easy as pie!  Just visit us on Facebook and LIKE the post below!

Board Meeting — 10/11/16

WESU Board Meeting — 10/11/16

Renaissance Fair:

— Totally going this Saturday. Let’s find cars

— Must find a theme for us to dress up as

Record fair:

— Successful! So many thanks to Wyatt!

— Would be good to have more staff involvement

— Diverse representations of DJs, perhaps non-WESU? DJ Battle? Campus band? Let us pursue that for next semester

— More gimmicks all the time!

Board meeting time:

— Keeping it Tuesdays at 5pm


— Send Lara the pledge promos!

— Abby, Babe, Helly

— Swap promos out every 10-12 days

Pledge drive:

— Julia, send trainees his way

— We have already raised over $3500 going into the drive

— Ways to get people more involved in the pledge drive?

— Goal-setting spreadsheet could be helpful. Ben G. will make this

— Tabling in Usdan with T-shirts–way to double check the color of the shirts before they are printed?

— Concert or on-campus event? Could it be a partnership or closed-campus event–targeting students specifically. Beth will get started on this!

— Looking into putting money into WesCards: Beth

— Lara starting to name things at the station

— What about an open house? What about parents weekend? Yes, let us have that! We don’t need a ton of food on that. Can we get on the brochure? On Saturday of parent weekend. Beth is emailing

Ben’s notes:

-BM updated online pledge system with new items  and got a very brief web post up.
-BM also finalized T-shirt Graphic.
-BM will get Tally’s going on website and FB page.
-BM is working on getting pledge letter and mailing together
-Let’s make a google spreadsheet for pledge goal setting? It could be set to have a running tally so that every goal entered will be reflected in the remaining balance. This would help  DJs A) actually come up with a goal and B) see how the potential impact of that goal towards our total $20K goal.
What are other folks doing to help make the pledge drive a success? Board pledge goal? Pledge tally contest?


— Updated staff list


— Working on budget–if anyone has anything we think we should have, let Ben G know!

Sexual harassment policy:

— Zazie and I talked to Debbie

— Training with harassment one-pager to lay out expectations (using Wesleyan policy as a background)

— Training for Nov/Dec staff meetings–moving forward with this

— For B, must talk to Debbie before returning–anything else he would need to do? WIll vote on this next week


— Press release should be written for the pledge drive!

December 7th fundraising Dinner at Laboca:

– Great work, Bryan! For payment, can we just ask folks to send checks and or use our current online system. We can instruct them to enter “Laboca” in the other gift section of our online pledge form. Not sure what other options will be possible within university finance system.

WESU Fundraising Dinner, Wednesday, December 7th, 6:00 PM!

The two most commonly asked questions we get here at WESU Middletown, 88.1 FM are:

“How can I support free form, community radio?”


“What’s for dinner?”

Fear not, our dearest listeners, for we’ve finally got a singular answer for both questions!  La Boca Mexican Restaurant in Middletown, CT is hosting a fundraising dinner for WESU on Wednesday, December 7th at 6:00 PM!

Dinner tickets will be $25 and will net you a delicious buffet of freshly cooked Mexican food while contributing to one of the nation’s oldest continually broadcasting radio stations!

Tickets are now onsale through this link! img_6100