Board Meeting 11/12/15

Board Meeting Notes 11/10/15

— Board duties – just another reminder….we must check during our board hours!

— Training: stay posted for practical exam scheduling, to come soon.

— Public affairs: continued board discussion session on guidelines and disclaimers is set for this Sunday 5:30 pm-6:30 pm, location TBA, probably usdan

— Personnel – CA vs VN – both have confirmed receipt of the resolution. Viso is trying to get back on track. CA has been quiet since his initial reaction on Friday.

Station Upgrades: Tess and Ethan will update computers and software by the end of the semester.

— Pledge drive: woohoo – we passed the ¼ mark! Mailing is being assembled. Will start hitting the streets tomorrow. First email blast has happened. Still need: press release ASAP (to go to Middletown eye, Middletown patch, wes community blog, wesleying), from Ben M. Lara will send staff update reminding DJs to play at least 2 pledge promos per show for this week. Starting Monday, we will Increase frequency to 4 spots per hour and advise. Big email blast happened last Friday, now we need specific Email campaigns to past donors, alumni, guests, staff and ticket/promo winners (Ethan’s letter to come next week). FB – really need to make those daily FB posts for the drive!!  Think creative! We should be sending out holiday post cards (with new staff pic) by 11-19 for Thanksgiving break. These will include a pitch from Ethan thanking folks for donations and reminding others we still need them. Maybe a T-shirt or bumper sticker table later in the semester?

Program: Maybe put a note in the application about conflicts/commitments, letting work-study students know that we will do our best to accommodate scheduling as needed.