Board Meeting Minutes — 9/27/16

WESU Board Meeting — 9/27/16

Emmett to discuss Argus collaboration–possibly a DJ column? Once every other week

— Could incorporate Middletown community members as well to connect these two spaces together–starting after October break?

— What about interviews with DJs? Or music reviews?

— Emmett is going abroad next semester–having trouble finding someone to take over maybe?

— Could include summaries of the public affair shows

— We could announce this next semester


Record fair–Wyatt is taking over as new Event Director! Yay!

— Will introduce himself at the staff meeting this weekend

— Add info to Michelle’s poster and bring 100 here and spread it around town

— Helly and Adam will go to Cromwell record fair on Sunday and spread out posters!

— Reserve a table in Usdan

— PR from Beth on press releases, will put flyers up on the website

— Promos onto CDs with Lara


Bryan–sent out new policies about ticket giveaways

— Talked to the manager of La Boca about hosting fundraiser–waiting on response

— No word from other staff members about nonprofits/businesses


Disciplinary action on meter readings–there were a lot of missing meter readings

— Julia will send out a reminder email to the DJs involved


Training–starting on Thursday night! Thursday @ 7pm and Sunday @ 2pm at the station

– 65 people signed up total

– EA will help out


Babe–followed up with Sam about the app, maybe not super into it and will have to go to a new WesHack meeting

— Everyone should get a StreamRewind account

— Check out the Spinitron stuff, can bring it up at the staff meeting


Program director–we need to find a new one for the staff meeting on Sunday


Individual meetings–maybe like a 10 minute meeting with individuals happening this Friday potentially?

— 4-6pm. If it doesn’t work, then email Abby separately


Pledge drive–starting October 10th!

— Pledge drive promos due NEXT board meeting! By next Tuesday


T-shirt design by Cloie–the “becoming sentient” WESU radio alien

— Having this and a “classic” T-shirt design


Disciplinary action re: B–need to come to a verdict today

— Suspended for the rest of the season

— An all-staff sexual harassment training (let’s contact Debbie)

— Need to re-think policy

— Should we find a free course in the area? We should contact Debbie for this–Zazie will reach out to her