Board Meeting Note 11/5/2013

License application update from BM, EEP, and ownership reports filed w FCC per Legal Counsel
We filed early, awaiting word from the lawyers!

Hard nips Concert (Izzy)
1) Security update
Applied for money, awaiting results, need board members to help staff the event
2) Promos (Hanna)
3) Poster on website/Facebook and Wesleying next week (DP)
4) Flyering campus (trainees? Izzy/Eliza reach out)

Mid-Wes (Mary)
– Do we want them to table the event for us?
– No thank you, but why not something else
– Is it as simple as it sounds??????
– Is it a waste of their time?
– Answer is no

WesDEF program (Ben?)
– happening next week on Wednesday, 11/9 at 5:30pm in 41 Wyllys, room 112. Any delegates?
– Mary might go
– we have something to offer as a service to the town

IBS East coast 1 day (Botson) conference is Nov 16.
Anyone want to go rep? (Virgil)

Training (Eliza/Hannah updates)
It’s been going well, thanks everyone!!!
Planning for Proctoring the Practical Exam
Problem with getting service hours, tell them to come in—their is plenty to do!

Any discipline issues/no-shows?
Absences from staff meeting are being assessed

1) Disciplinary follow-up….how’d it go?
– well its going well
– working on retraining
2) Anyone interested in replacing EKM?

MB will post/email staff about the elections to clarify details 

75th anniversary
Notes from the meeting will be published
LISTSERV is coming
it went well

WESU T-shirt contest
feedback will be sent back


Pledge promos contest:
1) Review and pick a winner
2) Ben gives a production demo