Board Meeting Notes 10/13/15

—  Quick reminder to make sure board and tech rooms are locked when you leave.  Tech room was open today. Board room was open one morning last week.

— Budget process – Tess and Ethan are meeting with an SBC member this saturday for a station tour and discussion of the budget. We will have answer by next Tuesday’s board meeting.

Studio B: We will put the new computers in there (Ben M and Simon will work on this), even if the carpet is not put in there beforehand.

— Training: we need to further incorporate WESU guidelines into our training process (and, with that, our application process). This will be a goal in coming months. Bryan’s got us covered on Sundays with Ethan O. And Ethan O., Ethan H., and Ben G. got the rest of it covered.

— Pledge drive theme = under the radar. whales + endangered animals + jellyfish + space, oh my! (Interpreted). Promos due at next week’s meeting!

— FA 15 Programs: are printed and will be delivered tonight or tomorrow am.

Program mailing – pledge form in advance to begin pledge season. Ben M will work on this with the work study folks…

CMJ: this weekend, yay!

— Music directors: BMI reporting – Ethan Hill and Ben M will help MDs with this process over the next week or so

— Record fair promotions: wesleying, fb event posts, last round of invitations and flyers. Staffing: we are all set. Ariana will find someone to set up the DJ booth. Arianna should verify with Bulaong that an IMS person will be there for setting up DJ booth audio feed. Ben M will arrive between 8-9 to set up signage on corner streets and get vendor tables setup.

— Personnel – CA vs VN – oy! Tess, Ethan, Ethan, + Ben M will deal with this in coming weeks and keep ya’ll posted.

— Program: Thursday at 4pm (RVR) and Weds at 5pm (nick) — Hannah will send out an email to the staff about this.

— Board hours apologies: go to, not Ben M.

— What’s up with the public affairs concerns?  Listening will happen over the next week, Zazie will send out a google doc with our respective listening assignments.

— DJ B has missed 2-3 shows since accepting the Monday night spot. She thinks she’s alternating, but she is not. Hannah will talk to her and keep us posted.