Board Meeting Notes 10/20/15

— Re: Work Study Board Positions: We want to go through OCS on this one instead of the WSA, as right now it seems that the WSA resolution doesn’t make so much sense for us, in terms of sustainability/organization. Ethan H. will go talk to Alex Garcia sometime soon to get the details on the resolution that passed. Erin will casually bring this up / test the waters on this with her boss at OCS in the coming week or so. We will also continue to talk about this as a board in our next meeting (including Ben M) and see where we can go with this.

— Re: Budget: Hooray! We got $8,000 extra this year for various station upgrades. Ethan H. and Tess will talk more nitty-gritty about this with Ben M next week.

— Program:

It is printed and in and it looks great! *to be sent out soon*

Hannah will send out an email regarding fall-break programming coverage.

— T-shirts: We might reprint the “not for babies anymore” design for this run, or explore LB’s possible design. To be decided for sure at next week’s meeting, as we want to get this printed asap.

— Pledge Drive: Board promos due for next week. We want to have them for the upcoming staff meeting.

— Everyone sign up and listen to your assigned Public Affairs shows via Zazie’s google spreadsheet for next meeting, so that we can have a discussion about station policy based off of our listening.

— Personnel Issue: Ben M., Tess, Ethan O., and Ethan H. will make a decision on this in the coming week or so. Right now evidence is being reviewed and discussed. This will probably lead to some review/reconsideration of our station policy by the board, at some point in the future.