Board Meeting Notes 10/28/15

Personnel Issue (CA + VN): voted on as a board and is moving forward with the agreed upon disciplinary action. Tess and Ethan H. will send out the decision later this week.
Pledge Drive: Promos due by our staff meeting this Sunday. They will be listened to and “compete” at next week’s meeting. Ben Goldberg will get things rolling this week in terms of online PR. Mailings will go out next week (work-study folks/trainees/service hours will help package). The drive officially begins this Monday November 2nd at 4 pm.
Public Affairs review and standardization: to be discussed further next week. Zazie will send the necessary email to BB. Otherwise, everyone listen to your assigned shows!
Training: Ethan O. will share trainee show ideas with us — please give feedback! Even if only for a few minutes!