Board Meeting Notes 11/17/15

— Observatory – oral history project – Ben M. has this one covered for now, we’ll see how it progresses.

— Automation music new playlist 8 hrs of music: Erin and Nick are on it (will consult Ethan H.)

— Pledge packets – distribute! 500 pledge packets went into mail!

— Training: Tips and tricks this weekend, Tess will moderate and Ethan H. will help administer test. Guests still being secured.

— Put up WESU 75th video on fb (Ben G.?)

— Press release ready to go Wesleying, Argus, ad in Argus? M-town eye, Wesleyan blog, patch. Ben G.? Update?

— Reminder: Leaving music in board room (new and old) is a problem.

— Alumni email pitch from Prez and VP — Tess and Ethan will write and send to the board for approval this weekend!

— Barnes and Noble follow up? Ethan H. will email her with our response. At the moment, doesn’t really make sense for us to proceed further with this.

— Holiday Post card – need language from Ethan as well as handwritten “image” for back side. Update?

— T-shirts will be in before the end of the week. T shirt table for the week after break? for $15?

— Board T-shirts per Ethan H. He will talk to Joe and Pete and give us further info.

— Bumper stickers have been ordered –will be shipped on or before 12/1

— Saturday programming (D) – filled by Hannah.

— AOA – profanity last episode: stronger warning/change in policy. next time if it happens, they will need a live watchdog of sorts among themselves.

— DJ Northern lights no show on 11/9? Hannah is filling the slot alternating with DJ B.

— Mission – public affairs talk…: to be continued this sunday evening 6-7:30 pm, usdan 110

— Evergreen web posts – DJ / show profiles w pics…. Oooh! Ben G.?