Board Meeting Notes 11/3/15

— Board duties – is anyone checking the account? We all need to do this more.

— All staff meeting, follow up – attendance was pretty light. Ethan O. will send out emails to folks that are in danger of losing their good standing (and must come to our december meeting)

— Budget update – awesome that we got $8K more, this year. Tess shared the budget document with the board.

— Training: Rest of board should stay posted for help needed on tips + tricks / administering practical exams.

— T-shirt design – Lee has decided on brown on orange. Ben M has spoken to Joe M re printing. Should be worked out soon.

— Sticker? – Final vote: Black on white

— Homecoming?  Ben G. will send an email to staff members, encouraging them to take their folks down to the station.

— Music directors – start thinking about purchasing…. What’s in the budget? What do we need? Reach out to Sub MDs and staff for suggestions! Also: What other MDs are needed?

— Public affairs – Tess will send out a when2meet, for a separate meeting about our code/our listenings.

— Personnel – CA vs VN – Tess, Ethan, and Ben M. will stay posted on this front. Ben M and Ethan have both followed up this week.

— New/modify Disclaimer?  Change of language – maybe break into 2 clear and separate parts? One for views expressed and another for language? The views expressed are not intended to represent… “, rather than “by no means reflect” → to be talked about at our “public affairs/mission meeting)

— Studio reservation system: Really need this upgrade to happen. Have hardware – need system. Google cal seems most accessible for starters. Any takers to set that up where Ben M left it off? Ben G will help with this starting next week.

— Pledge drive: began (yesterday) Monday 11/1 –  Goal is $20K .

All staff email instructions to go out ASAP

Website, FB and Pledge forms updated (on and offline)

Reminder, DJs should start playing promos.  2 per show for starters. will Increase frequency and advise.

Need press release ASAP from Ben G.

Mailing will go out by the end of this week or early next week and include, pledge letter by Ben M, Pledge form, and program guide.

Email campaign to follow. All list, then specific campaigns to past donors, alumni, guests and ticket/promo winners.

FB – really need to make those daily FB posts for the drive!!  Think creative!

We should be sending out holiday post cards (with new staff pic) by 11-19 for Thanksgiving break. These will include a pitch from Ethan thanking folks for donations and reminding others we still need them.

— New promos: Contest? Ethan and Erin won 🙂