Board Meeting Notes 1/26/16

— Ben M – Thanks to everyone for the good vibes during unexpected temp disability.

— Update mission statement and history online – For Ben G.: let’s use Leith Johnson’s Wes Magazine article (he’s a-ok with that).

— Update disclaimer on board in studio so it is current (to-do during workday next Friday the 5th)

— Spring pledge dates – Sometime in April (TBD/to be discussed more).

— Spring record fair date – tentatively Sunday 4/17 (no home games on campus)

— Winter Pledge drive update: we surpassed our goal by just over $3K. Then our profanity delay died and we spent that money to get a new one. If we want to remain ahead of the game , for spring drive, we should consider asking the SBC to cover that expense. Our previous delay unit lasted over 10 years! That’s only $300/year!  (Tess and Ethan H. will get on this).

— Way behind in processing – Due to Ben M’s unexpected time off, he’s way behind. This is his main priority and he hopes to get receipts and premiums out before the end of next week. Will be depending on Work-study for help.  

— Upgrade updates: New Carpet – no specific dates yet but the carpet should arrive within 2 weeks. Work will likely begin before the end of February. It’s going to be a real challenge to shuffle everything around to meet the needs of the contractors. We will need many hands on deck (staff service hours)!  Plus there’s the additional challenge of being locked out of rooms for asbestos abatement. Met with Charles Henry (station engineer) on Monday and started to map out our plan. New mixer work starting Feb 22. All shows will need to work out of studio B until the work in the air studio is complete. Charles says 2 weeks (max) to get the new mixer and phone system together. It’s likely that he will be done much quicker.  (Computer and program work will be done during our work-day next Friday the 5th — Ethan H. and Tess will do some research in regards to Lynda and other teaching options, regarding new editing programs).

— Room scheduling system – this still needs doing!  Need to set up google calendar or other program to help manage studio reservations so we can move on from dry erase board (will be done work-day Friday 5th). Ben G. will show us the calendar he made at our next board meeting.

— WESU app: Simon will show us the current interface/tool at our next board meeting, for evaluation and moving forwards.

— Program – Looking great. Thanks to Hannah for getting it together and for staying on top of Spinitron schedule. Any lingering open air time that needs filling? Program design by Mat Puzzo? When to expect?

— Stream rewind calendar –  Like spinitron should have already been update. Simon, where are you? – Simon says he will be done by the end of the week.

— Tess, Ethan, and Zazie will meet and review the code of conduct, revising it with changes we agreed on last semester as well as re-centering/adding to the language in regards to our station ethics. We will have a report for the board next week, with plans of having final changes for our staff meeting in April. This will be an ongoing process this semester.

We will be having a Work-Day as a board (as many as can make it, definitely Ethan H. and Tess will be there) next Friday February 5th from 8 am through early afternoon, to work on station upgrades that need work.

— Mail loss? Ben M. will investigate, but there might not be much to do about it.

— Ending note: end of year is fast approaching – good time to think about how you to ensure you can reach the goals you set for yourself.